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Ammonium Persulfate Market

Ammonium Persulfate Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Ammonium Persulfate Market

Diammonium peroxodisulphate, or ammonium persulfate, refers to a white crystalline salt. Aqueous solution comprising ammonium sulphate and sulfuric acid is used as a starting feedstock in the commercial production of ammonium persulfate in an electrolytic cell. The Ammonium persulfate-containing electrolyte is then taken from the electrolytic cell and vacuum crystallised to produce a solid ammonium persulfate product that is very pure and hard. Because of its very high purity, ammonium persulfate is secure, easy to manage, and comes with excellent storage stability. Because of its hygroscopic nature, ammonium persulfate can clog, especially in humid environments. These benefits are estimated to widen scope of the global ammonium persulfate market in the years to come.

A resist or mask, such as copper, is laminated to a base over the surface of a metal sheet during the manufacture of printed electrical circuits. The partly masked copper film is treated with an etchant; the exposed copper region is dissolved, while the resist-covered copper area survives to form the required circuit. Ammonium persulfate act as an excellent etchant because it is comfortable to manage, is non - corrosive to some materials, and produces no fumes. Because of its metallic toxicity, the wasted ammonium persulfate on the copper resist is treated to eliminate dissolved copper before being discarded. There has been an increasing demand for the product from the cosmetic industry, which is likely to add to the development of the global ammonium persulfate market in near future.

Ammonium Persulfate also known as Diammonium Peroxodisulphate, is a white crystalline salt. Ammonium Persulfate is produced commercially in an electrolytic cell using aqueous solution containing ammonium sulfate and sulfuric acid as a starting raw material. The electrolyte containing Ammonium Persulfate is then removed from the electrolytic cell and is concentrated and dried by vacuum crystallization to obtain a final, highly pure, solid Ammonium Persulfate product. Ammonium Persulfate is safe, easy to handle, and exhibits outstanding storage stability due to its extreme high purity. Ammonium Persulfate can form clumps, particularly in humid atmosphere, due to its hygroscopic nature.

Based on purity, the Global Ammonium Persulfate market can be segmented into Ammonium Persulfate with purity < 99.0% and Ammonium Persulfate with purity ≥ 99.0%. In terms of application, the Ammonium Persulfate market can be segmented into chemical, electronics, petroleum, and others. The chemical application segment holds a prominent share of the global Ammonium Persulfate market, followed by electronics. The electronics application segment is witnessing an increase in demand for highly pure Ammonium Persulfate with purity ≥99.0%. The excellent oxidizing property of highly pure Ammonium Persulfate, with purity ≥99.0% makes it an industrially important compound and is widely utilized as a polymerization initiator for various polymers. Moreover, it is also employed as an etchant and cleaner in manufacturing of printed wiring board, as a booster in the stimulation of oil &gas wells, and hair bleaching formulations in cosmetics. Ammonium Persulfate is utilized to polymerize acrylamide to polyacrylamide in water. It has also been observed to be slightly irritating to the human skin at higher concentrations. Therefore, the usage of Ammonium Persulfate is regulated in developed countries such as the U.S., it is approved as a bleaching agent for food starch at <0.075%; as an industrial starch modifier at <0.3%, and as an alkaline starch reactant at <0.6%; in adhesives. It is also used as a component of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous, fatty and dry foods; and in cellophane films.

During the production of printed electrical circuits, a resist or mask, e.g. copper, is laminated to a base over the surface of a metal film. An etchant is used to treat this partially masked copper film; the uncovered copper area is dissolved, while the covered copper area by the resist remains to become the desired circuit. Here, Ammonium Persulfate is utilized as an ideal etchant, as it does not generate fumes, is easy to work with, and is noncorrosive to certain materials. The spent Ammonium Persulfate on the copper resist is treated to remove dissolved copper due to its metallic toxicity, and Ammonium Persulfate is then disposed of. However, Ammonium Persulfate cannot be recovered after treatment, making it impossible to be commercially used.

The Ammonium Persulfate market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand at a rapid CAGR due to the expansion of chemical and electronic industries in this region. In terms of market share, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be followed by Europe, North America, and Middle East & Africa. In Asia Pacific, China is projected to dominate the market due to its dominant position in the electronics sector, which demands higher usage of Ammonium Persulfate. Regulations play an important role in the Ammonium Persulfate market in developed regions, where the property of Ammonium Persulfate causing irritation to the human skin and the respiratory track of occupationally exposed individuals, for e.g. hairdressers who are exposed to bleaching formulations containing Ammonium Persulfate, is a major area of concern.

Key players operating in the global Ammonium Persulfate market include FMC Corporation, United Initiators GmbH, Asahi Denka Kogyo K.K., Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, INC, RheinPerChemie GmbH, Fujian ZhanHua Chemical Co., Ltd., Hebei Yatai Electrochemistry Co., Ltd., Ak-Kim, Huaxing Chemicals, Hebei Jiheng Group Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Baohua Technologies Co Ltd. 

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