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Energy & Mining Market Research Reports

Energy & Mining Research

The shale revolution in North America has proven to be a game-changer for the global energy industry in more ways than one. Besides other impacts, this has caused oil trade to swing westward from its traditional markets in the Middle East. However, with oil prices falling sharply over the recent past, companies are required to be more responsive to the exceptionally dynamic scenario in the oil and gas industry. Climate changes have necessitated a clear set of actions from large energy firms.
Alternative energy is seeing an unprecedented upsurge and efforts are afoot to expand the current share of alternative energy in the global energy matrix. However, this will only very marginally impact the current reliance on fossil fuels. Growth markets are already on course to increasing coal production in anticipation of emerging energy needs. The mining industry, on the other hand, is grappling with the sliding prices of metals such as gold, silver, coal, and copper. In recent years, investors have stayed away from the mining industry and this will remain unchanged till an upswing in the market occurs.

Energy & Mining Market Research Reports

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