Demand for electric motors is increasing due to its rising usage across different industries. They are capable of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. Rise in demand and installation of electric motors in energy, power, metals, mining, water, marine and waste water, and pulp and paper industries is driving the growth of motor starter control panel. These industries are reliant on the wide usage of machines, which need constant power supply. Electric motor starter control panel provide individual machines which provide easy control features at the each point of the operation.

Energy efficiency legislations on motor-driven systems by several governments and increased focus on the industrial sector are anticipated to boost the motor starter control panel market. Rising industrialization across the globe is propelling the demand for electric motors as well as the automation methods at various industries. Therefore, there is a demand for large energy-efficient motors equipped with starter controls in order to minimizing the operational cost. There has been a rapid adoption of motors operated with control panel. Most operations in end-user industries such as water treatment plants and water supplies involve pumps and motors, which are likely to require efficient and low power starting methods.

A motor starter control panel contains a motor circuit protector, which provides fast, accurate, fault clearing that is estimated to minimize damage to the motor and control apparatus and protect branch circuit conductors. Generally, different panels are used for isolation disconnects, over current protection, motor controller, overload protection, separate control voltage circuit, control operators, and pilot lights. Some of the common features of a control panel include starting of motor in forward and reverse direction. One type of panel is the soft starter panel, which includes a starter controller, disconnect or breaker, control power transformers, and auxiliary devices. The other type control panel used in variable frequency drives protect and limit the inrush current, speed control and monitor the motor variables.

The motor starter control panel is fitted with essential relays that are also utilized to protect other electrical equipment from getting damaged due to short circuit and overloading. Moreover, the enclosures of motor starter control panels are fabricated out of sheet metal. They can be of open type, semi-enclosed, or totally enclosed type. A motor starter control panel indicates parameters such as voltage, currency, frequency & power factor. It can also regulate the power supply with help of the switches/circuit breakers when placed together with the control panel.

Based on application, the motor starter control panel market is segregated into textile, automobile manufacturing, sugar mills, cement manufacturing, mining, electric drives, and others.

In terms of region, the motor starter control panel market has been segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is estimated to be a dominant region, followed by North America and Europe during the forecast period. The motor starter control panel market in emerging economies such as China and India is anticipated to expand, due to its rising demand in medium and large factories coupled by the increase in rural electrification and industrialization.

Inclination toward cleaner energy in the power generation sector is expected to boost the low-voltage motors market in the U.S., particularly for solar and wind projects. Furthermore, stringent regulations regarding motor efficiency and retrofitting of aging equipment are factors that are likely to increase the demand for motor starter control panels during the forecast period.

Major players operating in the global motor starter control panel market are Sintex Plastics Technology, Eaton Corporation, GRM Panels Pvt. Ltd., SE-MAR Electric Company, Honeywell, C&S Electric Company, and Mex Switchgear Pvt. Ltd.

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