Automotive & Transport

Artificial Intelligence to set Exciting Trends in Automotive and Transport Sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powering a transformation in the automotive and transport industry paving way for the integration of advanced navigation systems and parking sensors with automotive technology.

Driving the development of autonomous vehicles, AI has taken the automotive industry by storm.  So much so, autonomous vehicles are looked upon to be initially a game-changer for individuals and organizations akin to the horse-and-carriage revamp witnessed in the early 20th century. Futuristic as they are, autonomous vehicles will upgrade the world. It is the next big thing making strides especially for infotainment, human-machine interface and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in automotive.

Economic growth worldwide is pushing the automotive and transport industry to new heights. The new-age consumer is willfully spending on technology-laden luxury vehicles that include hybrid and electric vehicles. Consumers today expect a near-flying experience from their vehicles while driving at high speeds on freeways and highways. The interiors of automobiles are not compromised either. Consumers today look for vehicles to be replete with tech gadgets such as hi-tech navigation systems, IoT-enabled parking sensors, high speed Internet connectivity, automatic lights, windscreen wipers, and infotainment systems before they make an automobile purchase.

However, against the backdrop of technological and mechanical advancements, the automotive and transport sector faces an uphill task to keep the well-tested fundamental fabric of automotive intact. Other than this, the automotive and transport sector is subject to stringent regulations that automakers need to adhere to while making strides with technology.

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