Changing perspectives and ideas about machines around the world have generated soaring demand for sensors. Our domain experts forecast forecast that the senor industry will grow by banking on opportunities presented by the advancement of internet of things (IoT). Increasing adoption of smart grids across the globe will raise the demand for factory automation sensors in the coming years. We anticipate the automobile sector will play a crucial role in accelerating this industry’s growth due to the implementation of regulatory standards for commercial and passenger vehicles, especially in emerging regions, such as Asia Pacific.

Elevators and Escalators Market (Service Type - Maintenance & Repair, Refurbishing, New Equipment; Application - Residential, Commercial, Industrial) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2026 Featured

Dec, 2017 | 170 pages

The global elevators and escalators market is expected to witness significant demand attributed to growing need for convenient and speedy traveling to different levels of the building. As traveling to different levels of the building continues to remain a significant challenge for the patients of arthritis, constructors are increasingly installing travolators or flat moving walkways for the customers.

Optical Position Sensors Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2012 - 2023

Feb, 2016 | 118 pages

Optical position sensors are used to measure the position of a light or an object in one dimension, two dimensions or multiple axes as per the user’s requirement. Furthermore, the market is expected to grow due to ongoing technological innovation which is leading to the development of smaller and efficient chipsets and modules with added functions. 

Image Sensors Market (Types - CCD Image Sensors, Linear Image Sensors, CMOS Image Sensors, NMOS Image Sensors, INGAAS Image Sensors, and X-ray Image Sensors; Applications - Portable Applications, Medical Applications, Toys and Astronomy, Machine Vision Systems, Document Scanning, and Automotive Applications) - The U.S. Industry Analysis Market Share, Trends and Forecast 2011 - 2017

Jun, 2012 | 59 pages

The use of image sensors spans across a large number of industries and consumer types. They find use from toys and children’s educational devices to the automotive industry and robotics. Image sensors primarily detect optical data and convey programmed information to wherever needed by converting the optical signal into an electric one. Image sensors are practically used in almost all electronic devices of today, including all key forms of consumer electronics. They are also used in high level fields within complex systems in the industries of defense and aerospace.