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Security printing includes printing of banknotes, product authentication, postage stamps, identity cards, stock certificates and passports. Companies, government organizations and institutes protect their valuable documents such as coupons, prescription pads and transcripts with by incorporating few features of the security printing in order to reduce the cost.


Recently, there has been rising interest in mannose-binding lectin (MBL) that is chiefly a liver-derived collagen like serum protein. This is partially due to its central role as a recognition molecule in the complement system. In addition, it has also created interest because of the potential clinical implications of genetically determined differences in MBL oligomerization and serum level between individuals.


Wood activated carbon refers to wood which has been activated by chemicals or steam in order to form a porous microstructure capable of adsorbing water contaminants. Wood based carbon is therefore a natural means of treating water in order to make it potable. Residential and industrial wastewater is treated with wood activated carbon as a primary method of water purification.


Enamel is a materials system that dries in air into a hard, glossy coating. These can be solvent borne or water borne depending upon the formulation requirements. Water based enamels utilize water as the solvent medium. Enamel is typically used as a coating for external environments due to their enhanced wear resistance, glazing, corrosion protection and thermal protection with little change in dimensions.


Silicone enamel is a silicone resin finish paint based on a combination of silicone resin and pigments. Silicone enamel is mainly used to coat aluminized steel pipes. It has excellent heat resistance, adhesion to steel surface and weathering resistance. Silicones are widely used in the coating industries as materials to protect and preserve but mainly for aesthetics.


An air source heat pump is a system which transfers heat from outside to within a building envelope or vice versa. With an increasing focus on utilizing renewable energy systems for both heating and cooling ones home, the demand for air source heat pumps is likely to increase significantly within the forecast period.


As the population is increasing government is making new policies for renewable energy and also for environmental pollution control and technology is also improving side by side. Biomass is a renewable energy source which gives heat on burning solid fuels as wood-logs, pallets, chips and others forms such as animal and food wastes and high energy crops.


Gasoline industry has grown robustly in the five years, though this growth is mostly regarded to recovered losses since the recession. In the upcoming years, petroleum prices are expected to increase as the global economy gains demand for fuel worldwide. Gasoline futures are exchange-traded contracts that are standardized in nature. 


Wind energy is considered to be one of the cleanest sources of energy for power generation. With the shift in focus of world leaders today toward conservation of environment and attempts towards maintaining descent level of climatic change it has become crucial that the energy extraction from clean sources is given more importance and wind energy is one such source. 


Infrastructure solutions help business organizations in smoothly and efficiently executing their business operations. These solutions integrate various departments such as manufacturing, finance, human resources and other valuable assets of the company thereby maximizing the throughput of the business.


Personal Identity Management (PIM) refers to the rules, standards and algorithms by which individuals and any organization controls share and use confidential information with other individuals and organizations. As the people are increasingly leaving their digital footmarks across various media and channels, the companies are able to leverage this data to as a part of their marketing strategy (for targeted marketing) or for verification and monitoring applications.


The galley is the on-board kitchen on a water-borne or air-borne vessel, used for cooking food and storage of various food materials. Due to the limited size available on a vessel, the galley in various ships and aircrafts needs to be compact and efficient for optimum utilization of available space. Furthermore, considering the heavy nature of the ships and turbulence experienced during the voyage, the galley in such vessels needs to be robust and rigid. 


Autologous stem cell and non-stem cell based therapies is a significant therapeutic intervention that makes use of an individual’s cells which are then cultured and reintroduced into the donor patient’s body. As the stem or non-stem cells come from one’s own blood or bone marrow, it is referred to as autologous therapy.


Cleanroom is an enclosed area or space which has controlled environment in terms of airborne particulates, microbes, contaminants of dust, pollutants, and chemical vapors. Cleanroom also provide regulation of environment in terms of temperature, humidity and pressure. Cleanroom are used in many industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and hardware etc.


The human microbiome also known as microbiota is composed of population of microbes such as fungi, bacteria and archaea. These microbes reside on the surface or in the deep layers of skin in oral mucosa, the saliva, gastrointestinal tracts and in the conjunctiva. At present, extensive research is being conducted to discover the importance of these micro-organisms in maintaining immune systems and contributing to digestion of food.


The medical oxygen concentrators have been one of the most notable breakthrough developments in the long-term oxygen therapy support. An oxygen concentrator is an electrically operated medical device used to provide purified or concentrated oxygen to a patient seeking oxygen therapy. These devices work on principle of pumping air into the device which then separates oxygen and deliver it to patients in a continuous manner.


Autoclave is a device that sterilizes instruments using steam under pressure. Autoclaves are widely used commercially as well as in-house across the world. These are the metallic cylindrical vessels that provide physical method of sterilization of the equipment. Autoclaves works by inactivating or killing transmissible agents (such as bacteria, viruses and fungi) by means of steam, heat and pressure to sterilize equipment.


Microbes are the most primitive organisms to live on earth. Their evolution has been fundamental to the growth of all life on the planet. Microbes therefore have an innate ability to adapt quickly to any natural or manmade obstacles in the form of chemicals, temperature or pressure. This adaptive nature is very critical and often undesirable while maintaining complete sterile or hygiene environment.


Cleanroom refers to a scientific research or manufacturing unit with highly controlled environment. Cleanrooms have extremely low level of environmental contaminants such as dust, aerosol particles, airborne microbes, chemical vapors and other industrial pollutants. 


Bluetooth Smart is a revolutionary concept in the entire mobile connectivity industry. The central idea behind this technology is that it connects Bluetooth enabled devices to interact with each other. Moreover, power efficiency is one of the major factors driving the adoption of Bluetooth Smart technology over the traditional Bluetooth technology.


A carbon and energy software market is a market for buying and selling software tools for carbon and energy analysis in terms of consumption metrics, emission reduction options, and optimized consumption with cost cuts. An example of Energy software technology- DOE-2, which calculates energy performance and life-cycle operation cost on hourly basis. 


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE) is the most chronic clinical condition and there diagnosis methods are expected to be time-efficient and precise detection. As in case of acute PE, medication preventing thrombosis also carries a bleeding risk which might cause further complications. Hence, to prevent this diagnostics plays a major role in clinical evaluation, diagnostic imaging and D-dimer testing.


Irradiation apparatus means any apparatus that is capable of producing ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation propagated in the form of gamma rays, x-rays, alpha and beta particles, high speed neutron, elections and others. These irradiation apparatus includes x-ray instruments, electron beam welders that are used for medical, dental, veterinary, podiatric diagnosis and research purposes.


The Legionella is a rod shaped and gram-negative bacteria that can cause pneumonia (Legionnaires disease) or flu like illness (Pontiac fever). The disease caused by Legionella bacteria is termed as Legionellosis. A Legionella bacterium is a fastidious microorganism and it require special growth requirements for its survival, which include Iron presence, temperature above 68° F, L cysteine and biofilm.


Measles also referred to as morbilli or rubeola is an infection caused by virus known as paramyxovirus which belongs to genus morbillivirus. Measles is an infection of immune system, respiratory system and skin. It is a highly contagious respiratory disease, typically occurring due to more than 90% of the household contacts and more than 50% contact in the day care centers or school.


Aeromonads is genus comprising of gram negative bacteria. These are non spore forming, rod shaped bacteria and require anaerobic environment for growth. Aeromonads bacteria are widely distributed in fresh water bodies and marine water environment. These can grow at large range of temperatures, and causes wide spectrum of infectious diseases in warm and cold blooded animals such as fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and humans as well.


Electronics is the branch of physics that deals with designing of circuits having transistors, microchips and other components inbuilt. Electronic equipment use semiconductor components to carry out electron control and are run on electric power. Some of this equipment is used to create signals and capture responses.


Aerostat, a large envelope of lightweight polyurethane-coated tedlar fabric filled with non-flammable helium, can rise up to an altitude of 4600m while being tethered by a single cable. The aerostat consists of four major components namely, hull, airborne power generator, windscreen and radar platform, rigging and tether.


Barcodes are machine-readable data codes which are used to store information that can be retrieved by specially designed scanners. Barcodes can be created using different barcoding techniques, known as symbologies, categorized into linear and 2D matrix. Laser and inkjet printers can be used to print linear barcode however a thermal barcode printer is required for printing 2D matrix barcodes.


Polyurethane floor enamel is manufactured to prolong the life of ceramics tiles. Polyurethane floor enamel is ideal for use on above grade wood and concrete floors & porches. Polyurethane floor enamel performs in a variety of areas, such as porches, stairs and boat decks. Polyurethane floor enamel features excellent resistance to oils, abrasion and washing with superior scuff resistance.
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