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Rare earth elements are a group of seventeenchemical elements that occur together in the periodic table. The group consists of yttrium, scandium, and fifteen lanthanide elements (lanthanum, cerium, thulium, ytterbium, praseodymium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, holmium, erbium, and lutetium). 


Inorganic pigments are particulate solids, which are suspended in water-based or solvent-based solutions. Inorganic pigments are generally derived from minerals and metals, and are further bifurcated into: natural and synthetic on the basis of origin. Inorganic pigments are employed as intermediates or additives in various end-user industries such as paints & coatings, automotive, building & construction, cosmetic & personal care, printing inks, and polymer processing.


Specialty paper includes both coated as well as uncoated paper formulated and produced to meet the precise packaging, labeling,and printing requirements of customers with varied and specific paper needs. Specialty paper comprises two primary product lines – technical paper and packaging paper. Technical paper consists of face paper, thermal transfer, release liners,and direct thermal base paperfor use in self-adhesive labels.


Emulsion polymers are molecules with high molecular weight that are dispersed in water, and can be used either in solid or liquidform. Emulsion polymerization is a free radical process used to manufacture various commercially vital polymers. It includes emulsification of one or more monomers in a continuous aqueous phase and its stabilization by a surfactant.


Wood and laminateforms an important part of the building and construction industry. Wood is obtained from the forestry companies and government entities that are regulating forestry lands.Laminates are manufactured from the thermosetting resins that are cured with the help of chemicals such as acetaldehyde.


Specialty coating is a type of coating which meets the basic definition of a primer, topcoat, or self-priming coat.Besides, it also delivers additional performance as per specific applications. The added benefitsof specialty coatings include temperature or fire resistance, substrate compatibility, antireflection, temporary protection or marking, sealing, adhesively joining the products, or enhanced corrosion protection, and others.


Diacetone acrylamide (DAAM) is a vinyl functional monomer that possesses appropriate solubility, having reactivity ratio capable comonomers for forming copolymers and polymers. Carbonyl groups of diacetone acrylamide readily link with major amines such as adipic dihydrazide. The reaction proceeds quickly due to which it is non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly.


Acetaldehyde, an organic compound,is one of the most important aldehydes produced and consumed globally for different industrial applications. Acetaldehyde occurs naturally and is also produced on a large scale commercially in various parts of the world. Natural sources of the compound include bread, coffee, fruits, and plants. Acetaldehyde is primarily used in the production of chemical compounds such as peracetic acid, pentaerythritol, acetate esters, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, 1,3-butylene glycol, and pyridine.


Millions of households across Europe and the U.S. have at least one pet dog or a cat. The commercial pet food industry has expanded its reach across the globe. It offersvarioustypes of pet foods.Thus,packaging of pet food has become increasingly important for companies looking to capture brand loyalty and market share. 


Resilient flooring, a blend of natural and synthetic materials, is used as a primary replacement for conventional hardwood flooring. It combines the properties of esthetic flooring. Resilient flooring offers high strength properties owing to combination of polymer materials used in the manufacturing process. Resilient flooring can be segmented into four types - vinyl, rubber, cork, and linoleum - based on raw materials used in the manufacturing process.


Dimethyl sulfate is also known as sulphuric acid dimethyl ester and commonly abbreviated as DMS. Dimethyl sulfate is a colorless oily liquid and it is soluble in aromatic solvents, water, and alcohol. It is a diester of sulfuric acid and methanol, and a strong methylating agent. It is a useful chemical for the manufacturing of a variety of household and industrial chemicals. 


A hearing aid is an electronic device designed to amplify sounds, particularly speech for people with hearing impairments and loss in hearing abilities. A hearing aid consist of a microphone, a loudspeaker, an amplifier and a battery. The microphone picks up the sound, which is made louder with the help of an amplifier so the wearer can hear things more clearly. 


Increasing prevalence of cardiac diseases, coronary artery diseases, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases are the key factors that are anticipated to fuel the market growth. Antisense and RNAi technologies helps in understanding the mechanism of genes related to turning on and off in cells.RNAi is a gene silencing process in which RNA molecules inhibit the expression of molecule by destructing mRNA. 


An expression vector is also called an expression construct and is usually a plasmid derivative designed for protein expression in cells.Protein expression refers to the technique in which proteins are regulated, modified and synthesized in living organisms or cells.For use in biotechnology products and proteinproduction,expression vectors are the basic tools. For example, insulin is used in diabetes. 


Usage of large quantities of water in various industries results in a huge amount of wastewater. As per government regulation, wastewater should be treated before discharging it into water streams. Stringent environmental regulations coupled with increased quantity of wastewater is driving the global effluent treatment plants market during the forecast period.


District heating and cooling (DHC) systems produce hot water, steam, hot/cold air and chilled water at a central plant. It is then transported through underground tubes and pipes to individual buildings within a specific district. This process is very energy efficient and reliable. District heating and cooling is also considered as a flexible technology as it can make use of various kinds of fuel sources.


Growing energy demand of developed as well as developing regions is a serious cause of concern worldwide. The conventional energy sources such as oil, natural gas and petroleum products will deplete sooner or later. This has led to initiatives of conservation of energy resources and discovery of new alternate energy sources.


Coal’s role is under debate as resource poor nations such as China, Japan and India, cannot lower consumption rates despite liberation of greenhouse kgas emissions. New emission regulations imposed on coal-fired power plants have forced plant operators to look towards cleaner and more efficient technologies.


Rising carbon dioxide emissions have become foremost concern for the entire world.Erratic fluctuations in the earth’s atmosphere coupled with irreversible climate change has called for a change in the global energy mix. With Europe’s new policy based initiatives until 2020 directed towards curbing hazardous emissions and minimizing dependence on conventional fuels, there is a continuous search for new and more viable forms of renewable energy. 


The coal production has been increasing from the past few decades and is expected to grow in the future. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts the growth of coal consumption by 3.9% in 2014 as compared to 2013. The majority of the coal reserves of the world are located at a greater depth to be mined using the traditional technologies.


With depleting reserves of crude oil and our dependence on foreign countries for import of crude oil is increasing. It is important to start using clean, inexpensive and abundantly available natural gas as a fuel in vehicles. Natural gas vehicles are good for our environment as well as for our economy.


Butyric acid is a carboxylic acid, also known as butanoic acid, with its esters and salts known as butanoates and butyrates. It exhibits an unpleasant smell, having an acrid taste and is usually found in the milk of farm animals such as buffalo, sheep and goat.


Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) also known as hypromellose is a hydrocolloid and derivative of cellulose. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is viscoelastic, inert polymer majorly used as ophthalmic lubricant. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is also used as an excipient in pharmaceutical industry. 


Margarine is used as a substitute of butter, but the taste and properties varies a lot. Butter consists of water, proteins and butterfat whereas margarine is made up of refined vegetables oil, at times animal fat. Butter and margarine are used for baking and cooking or as spreads in a variety of dishes to improve its taste.


Dairy alternative beverages are commonly referred as plant based milk that is processed through seeds, cereals and nuts.. These are low on cholesterol and have low fat content. Dairy alternative beverages are mainly consumed by dairy or lactose intolerant, vegans and consumers with milk allergies. 


Drones are unmanned aerial vehicle, primarily used to do tasks which involve high risk of human life. Commercial drones are extensively used in law enforcement search, surveillance and rescue, high altitude imaging, emergency response, forest fire monitoring, humanitarian aid, flood mapping, product delivery, photography and film industry, petroleum spill monitoring and internet connectivity.


Ecotourism involves visiting fragile and undisturbed places on earth which is not yet affected by human invasion. It is a small scale alternative to mass scale tourism. The market is growing due to the rising awareness of global warming across the world.


Dialysis refers to the process of cleaning the blood in case of kidney failure or improper functioning of kidneys. There are two types of dialysis; hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis involves pumping out of the blood to an artificial kidney system and is returned back to the body with the help of tubing accessories. 


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of ten patients is actually injured while receiving hospital care in developed countries. The WHO also states that increasing burden of additional hospital admissions, hospital acquired infections (HAIs), litigation costs, medical expenses and disability have cost some of the developed countries between USD 6 billion to USD 29 billion in a year.


Next generation sequencing (NGS) also known as high-throughput sequencing enables scientists to sequence and assemble billions of short DNA reads. The advent of next generation sequencing technologies has brought significant changes in the sequencing process by providing high throughput, speed, flexibility and reduced sequencing cost over thousand folds. 
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