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Manufacturers May Profit from Packaging of COVID-19 Vaccines

Since pharmaceutical companies have entered the competition to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines, there has been an unprecedented demand for sterile vials. Manufacturers in the sterile vials market are taking advantage of this opportunity and are working at break-neck speeds to maintain robust supply chains. Stevanato Group - a provider of integrated containment and delivery solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry, has amped up its production of sterile vials for COVID-19 vaccines.

Since an increasing number of patients and individuals has been stocking medical supplies, owing to uncertainty during coronavirus curfews and lockdowns, manufacturers in the sterile vials market have been able to stay afloat during the peak pandemic period. Such manufacturers are anticipated to stay in the business during Q2 and Q3 of FY2021 due to reported COVID-19 infection in individuals amidst the gap between first and second dose of a vaccine.

sterile vials market segmentation

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Hybrid Packaging Solutions Help Meet Global Demand for COVID-19 Sterile Vials

While pharmaceutical companies are highly focused on coronavirus vaccine development, they are also considering primary packaging alternatives to fill, store, and distribute billions of vaccine doses worldwide. However, pharma companies are facing a global shortage of borosilicate glass due to unexpected and unprecedented demand for sterile vials. On the other hand, ordinary plastics increase risk of compromising drug efficacy and stability. Hence, companies in the sterile vials market are increasing their research in hybrid packaging solutions involving SiO2 (Silica) Materials Science that combines glass and plastic without their respective drawbacks.

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Companies Collaborate with Highest Quality Machine Suppliers to Achieve Vial Sterility

The sterile vials market is predicted to expand at a favorable CAGR of ~8% during the assessment period. Manufacturers are collaborating with the highest quality machine suppliers to achieve vial sterility until the filling area, avoid contamination, and match filling technology standards. SGD Pharma is gaining popularity for supplying sterile vials produced and controlled in severe conditions to guarantee patient safety and protect the physical integrity of the vials.

Companies in the sterile vials market are increasing the availability of high quality sterile and depyrogenated molded glass vials that are gaining prominence in the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry. ISO complaint standard finish neck and strong packaging in vials is being preferred to withstand extreme conditions encountered during the lyophilization process.

Multi-layer Extrusion Blow Molding Technology in Vials Offers Robust Moisture Barrier

Innovative pharmaceutical packaging solutions for oral liquids pertaining to human health and sterile injectables for animal health are translating into revenue opportunities for companies in the sterile vials market. Honeywell International Inc. - the U.S. publicly traded multinational conglomerate, has announced its Aclar Edge pharmaceutical packaging solution made using their proprietary multi-layer extrusion blow molding technology. Manufacturers are taking cues from such innovations to adopt technologies that improve user safety during handling and administration.

Novel sterile vials and bottles help to preserve the shelf life of oral liquids and sterile injectables for a large variety of challenging applications. Manufacturers in the sterile vials market are bolstering their output capacities in containers that perform robust moisture barrier and enhanced oxygen barrier as compared to polymeric containers.

Leak-proof Cryopreservation Vials Comply with Contaminant-free Workflows

Companies in the sterile vials market are expanding their revenue streams in cryopreservation tubes. Maxxline® is being highly publicized as a high-quality Danish brand, delivering exceptional sterile cryovials to provide contamination-free sample collection systems. Companies are increasing efforts to provide sterility assurance for each cryopreservation tube in order to adhere with contaminant-free workflows.

Manufacturers in the sterile vials market are producing cryopreservation vials and packaging, which is free from detectable heavy metal contamination. In order to boost their credibility in the competitive market landscape, manufacturers are conducting quality checks against cytotoxic substances and any detectable RNases/DNases. As such, there is a growing demand for leak-proof sterile cryopreservation vials of external thread designs that reduce the risk of contamination without adding bulk to the cryopreservation tube.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

The ever-evolving nature of COVID-19 strains and reported infection in individuals amidst the gap between first and second dose of vaccine is anticipated to generate continued revenue flow, owing to the demand for sterile vials. The sterile vials market offers a value projection of US$ 12 Bn by 2031. However, breakage, cracks, and delamination are longstanding problems in lyophilization glass vials that result in an increasing number of product recalls. Hence, companies should collaborate with the highest quality machine suppliers to drive improvements in new and strong materials that protect the physical integrity of vials and prevent contamination.

Sterile Vials Market: Overview

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest report on the global sterile vials market for the historical period 20172019 and forecast period 20212031, strong growth of biologics and combination drug/device products across the globe, increase in global geriatric population, and rise in awareness among consumers about infections are projected  to propel the global sterile vials market during the forecast period
  • According to the report, the global sterile vials market was valued over US$ 4.6 Bn in 2020 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of ~8% from 2021 to 2031

High Adoption of Glass Vials Compared to Alternative Containers: Key Driver

  • Drug and pharmaceutical manufacturers need to maintain the required quality of sensitive medicines while storing and supplying. Drugs and medicines come in contact with storage containers made of aluminum and other vessels that impart some amount of flavor into the drugs, which degrades the quality. However, glass vials are non-reactive with the drug stored in them. Moreover, these glass vials are dust-resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, features such as longer shelf life and contamination-free storage increase the popularity of glass vials.
  • Rise in inclination of various end users, such as biopharmaceutical companies, CMOs, and clinical labs, toward glass vials boosts the growth of the global sterile vials market. Moreover, glass vials are easily recyclable, and glass is considered eco-friendly material, which propels its popularity. This shift in focus of end users from conventional containers and vials to glass vials propels the global sterile vials market.

Capital Investment by Leading Manufacturers in Pharmaceutical Packaging Sector Boosts Market Growth

  • Rapid expansion of the global healthcare industry fuels the growth of the global sterile vials market. Increase in demand for pharmaceutical products across the world is expected to create significant opportunities for pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers during the forecast period. Leading manufacturers invest in sterile vials to consolidate their position in the global market.
    • For instance, in June 2020, Corning, Inc. received US$ 204 Mn in funding to expand domestic manufacturing capacity of Corning Valor Glass vials to support the vaccination and treatment of billions of patients under White House’s Operation Warp Speed Initiative
    • Consistent capital investment by prominent sterile vials manufacturers to expand global business provides various opportunities in the global sterile vials market. Furthermore, various initiatives by governments to improve health care facilities in underdeveloped regions augments the global sterile vials market.

Presence of Counterfeit Products to Hamper Global Market

  • Products supplied in the counterfeit market directly and indirectly affect the revenue of the pharmaceuticals as well as associated markets. Supply of counterfeit pharmaceutical products that imitate authentic drugs result in loss of capital invested in packaging, design trademarks, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • The global sterile vials market suffers loss of business and market opportunities due to the presence of counterfeit pharmaceutical products. Packaging design and solutions are the most probable target factors, wherein counterfeiters try to imitate authentic products.
  • Manufacturers who design and produce packaging solutions, which are easier to imitate, are affected by counterfeiting activities in Western Europe. Counterfeiting through packaging is primarily targeted through secondary packaging formats. Manufacturers who fail to incorporate tamper evident and anti-counterfeit mechanisms into their secondary packaging solution give way to counterfeiters to duplicate authentic products.
  • Hence, counterfeit products in the global sterile vials market affect the revenue of the market segments. These factors are likely to hamper the growth of the global sterile vials market during the forecast period.

Sterile Vials Market: Competition Landscape

  • This report profiles major players in the global sterile vials market based on various attributes such as company overview, financial overview, product portfolio, business strategies, and recent developments
  • Leading players operating in the global sterile vials market are
    • Adelphi Healthcare Packaging
    • APG Europe
    • Bormioli Pharma S.p.a.
    • Corning Incorporated
    • Dalton Pharma Services
    • DWK Life Sciences GmbH
    • Gerresheimer AG
    • Nipro Corporation
    • O.Berk Company
    • Pacific Vial
    • Piramal Glass (Piramal Enterprises Ltd.)
    • Schott AG
    • SDG Pharma
    • Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co. Ltd.
    • SiO2 Materials Science
    • Stevanato Group
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
    • West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Sterile Vials Market: Key Developments

  • Key players in the global sterile vials market are engaged in regulatory approvals, launch of new products, and acquisition & collaborative agreements with other companies. These strategies are likely to fuel the growth of the global sterile vials market. Few expansion strategies adopted by players operating in the global sterile vials market are:
    • In January 2021, Gerresheimer opened a second production plant in Kosamba (Gujarat) to strengthen the production capacity for Triveni plastic containers, which has significant demand across the world
    • In October 2020, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. announced FDA 510(k) clearance and the launch of New Vial2Bag Advanced 20mm Admixture Device. The Vial2Bag Advanced 20mm Admixture Device enables reconstitution and transfer of a drug between a vial and an IV bag. The innovative needle-free and easy-to-use device is ideal for immediate use and can optimize pharmacy cleanroom time, while assisting in standardizing admixture systems to maximize the efficiency of point-of-care nursing.
    • In September 2020, DWK Life Sciences announced the closing of the acquisition of Müller + Müller. Müller + Müller is a Germany-based manufacturer of primary packaging materials made of tubular glass for the pharmaceutical industry. Despite being part of the DWK Life Sciences group, Müller + Müller will continue to serve its customers under the same name and management.
    • In May 2020, Corning Incorporated and Pfizer, Inc. announced the execution of a long-term purchase and supply agreement for Corning Valor Glass. The multiyear agreement provides for the supply of Valor Glass vials to a portion of currently marketed Pfizer drug products, pending regulatory approval.
    • In October 2019, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drug administration, and the international technology group Schott, a leading primary packaging solutions provider announced partnership to combine the SCHOTT iQ platform with West's Ready Pack system. The collaboration will initially launch by combining West components and SCHOTT's adaptiQ high-quality RTU glass vials and will expand to include other convenient, ready-to-use combinations of West and SCHOTT products, to be available on a small-quantity basis.
    • In July 2018, Gerresheimer acquired Sensile Medical to extend its business model in the direction of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for drug delivery platforms
  • The report on the global sterile vials market discussed individual strategies, followed by company profiles of service providers of sterile vials. The competition landscape section has been included in the report to provide readers with a dashboard view and a company market share analysis of key players operating in the global sterile vials market.

Sterile Vials Market – Scope of the Report

TMR’s report on the global sterile vials market studies the past as well as the current growth trends and opportunities to gain valuable insights of the indicators for the market during the forecast period from 2021 to 2031. The report provides the overall revenue of the global sterile vials market for the period 2017–2031, considering 2020 as the base year and 2031 as the forecast year. The report also provides the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global sterile vials market for the forecast period of 2021–2031.

The report has been prepared after an extensive research. Primary research involved bulk of the research efforts, wherein analysts carried out interviews with industry leaders and opinion makers. Secondary research involved referring to key players’ product literature, annual reports, press releases, and relevant documents to understand the sterile vials market.

Secondary research also included Internet sources, statistical data from government agencies, websites, and trade associations. Analysts employed a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches to study various phenomena in the global sterile vials market.

The report includes an elaborate executive summary, along with a snapshot of the growth behavior of various segments in the scope of the study. Moreover, the report sheds light on the changing competitive dynamics in the sterile vials market. These indices serve as valuable tools for existing market players as well as for entities interested in participating in the global sterile vials market.

The report delves into the competitive landscape of the global sterile vials market. Key players operating in the sterile vials market have been identified and each one of these has been profiled for distinguishing business attributes. Company overview, financial standings, recent developments, and SWOT are some of the attributes of players in the sterile vials market profiled in this report.

Key Questions Answered in Sterile Vials Market Report

  • How does the development of sterile vials provide scope of growth of the global sterile vials market?
  • How alliances and partnerships between players are widening the scope of new line of technologies for sterile vials?
  • What are the revenue share projections of key segments under various criteria in the sterile vials market during the forecast period?
  • Which segment is likely to register leading revenue until the end of the forecast period in 2031?

Sterile Vials Market – Research Objectives and Research Approach

The comprehensive report on the global sterile vials market begins with an overview of the market, followed by the scope and objectives of this study. The report also provides detailed explanation of the objectives behind this study and healthcare compliances laid down by accredited agencies in the purview of line of procedure for sterile vials.

For reading comprehensibility, the report is compiled in a chapter-wise layout, with each section further divided into smaller ones. The entire report comprises an exhaustive collection of graphs and tables that are appropriately interspersed in the entire compilation. Pictorial representation of actual and projected values of key segments is visually appealing to readers. This also allows comparison of the market shares of key segments in the past and at the end of the forecast period.

The report analyzes the sterile vials market in terms of product, volume, material, end user, and region. Key segments under each criteria are studied at length, and the market share for each of these at the end of 2031 has been provided. Such valuable insights enable market stakeholders in making informed business decisions for investment in the global sterile vials market.

Sterile Vials Market – Segmentation

  • Sterile Empty Vial
    • Sterile Evacuated Vial
    • Sterile Nitrogen Filled Vial
    • Sterile Air Filled Vial
  • Sterile Liquid Filled Vial
    • Sterile Saline Filled Vial
    • Sterile Media Filled Vial
    • Sterile Water Filled Vial
  • Individual Sterilized Components (ISCs)
  • <2ml
  • 2 ml to 5 ml
  • 5 ml to 10 ml
  • 10 ml to 20 ml
  • >20ml
  • Glass
  • Plastic
End User
  • Clinical Labs
  • Compounding Labs
  • Biopharmaceutical Companies
  • CMOs
  • Others
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

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