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Gallium Nitride (GaN) has a wide band gap and owing to its advanced features such as high breakdown voltage, high switching frequencies, enhanced power efficiency, high conduction and thermal stability, GaN is largely being preferred for numerous applications. These characteristics have enabled GaN power semiconductors to penetrate into various high power applications such as inverters for home appliances, inverters for trains, broadband wireless networks systems, power converter circuits, turbines, industrial and heavy electrical systems, and electric and hybrid vehicles. 

GaN technology is set to replace the silicon technology because of its superior characteristics and increasing applications as compared to silicon. The properties of GaN allow its discretes such as FETs, HEMTs, Schottky diodes and other advanced power devices to operate at higher voltages efficiently. GaN industrial devices market is expected to progress in the coming years, with the penetration in the medium voltage power electronics market. The majority of the revenue in GaN industrial devices market is coming from the ICT sector because of increasing replacements of Si based devices with GaN. In addition, various RF devices used for communication applications are all being transformed to GaN based technology from Si technology.

GaN industrial devices are widely used in industrial systems, power distribution systems, turbines, heavy electrical systems, heavy machinery, electro-mechanical computing systems and advanced industrial control systems. In addition, new power applications (clean-tech) such as Smart Grid Power Systems, High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), Wind Turbines, Solar Power Systems and Wind Power Systems. GaN’s low sensitivity to ionizing radiation and better stability allows its use in satellites, solar cell arrays, and high end power equipments in military and aerospace sector. GaN industrial devices also find application in automobile sector; in the manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicles. 

The global GaN HEMT market by application is classified into wireless phone infrastructure: base stations (BTS), WiMAX/LTE, V-SAT, CATV, defense, satellite and others. By revenue, wireless phone infrastructure: base stations (BTS) segment held the largest share in 2014 and accounted for 26.0% of the market. The major reason is attributed to increasing utilization of GaN HEMTs in cellular base stations and other wireless systems.

By types, the global GaN industrial devices market is bifurcated into two segments: opto electronics and power devices. By revenue, opto electronics was the largest contributor to the market in 2014. The major reason is attributed to due increasing demand for light emitting and laser diodes in automotive, transportation, consumer electronics and medical sectors

By application, the global GaN industrial devices market is subdivided into three sub-segments: light emitting diodes (LEDs), radio frequency (RF), and power devices. LED segment held the largest market share, both in terms of volume and value in 2014 The major reason is attributed to wide implementation of GaN based LED devices in liquid crystal displays, traffic signal lamps, and vehicle lamps among others. Moreover, with advancement of the GaN technology, high brightness blue LEDs are being developed by single phase growth of GaN and InGaN, conductivity control of p-type GaN along with epitaxial layer structures of LEDs and laser diodes. Recently, bulk GaN based substrate based LED devices, including non-polar and semi-polar LEDs, were developed. These are also known as second generation LEDs, as they offer different performance characteristics. Such devices are able to perform at high current densities with high efficiency.

The global GaN industrial devices market is classified into four broad regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and RoW. In terms of value, North America held the largest share in 2014, and accounted for approximately 31% of the global market. This is mainly due to wide usage of GaN based devices for high frequency satellite communications coupled with increasing utilization of high performance GaN based transistors in military and defense applications in this region. The penetration of GaN based industrial devices in North America is further bolstered by rising demand for LEDs in mobile tablets, computers, laptops, televisions and gaming devices among others.

Major market participants profiled in this report include Fujitsu Limited (Japan), GaN Systems Inc (Canada), Freescale Semiconductors Incorporated (U.S.), International Rectifier Corporation (U.S.), and RF Micro Devices Inc. (U.S.), Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (U.S.), NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Netherlands), Renesas Electronics Corporation (Japan), Toshiba Corporation (Japan), Texas Instruments Inc. (U.S.), International Quantum Epitaxy (U.K.), Nichia Corporation (Japan) and Cree Inc., (U.S.).

Gallium Nitrade (GaN) Industrial Devices Market facing High Demand from Military and Aerospace Sector

The GaN Nitrate industrial devices market is witnessing huge demand from the automobile sector on account of the rising production of electric vehicles. The increasing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles is attributed to the rising inclination towards environment protection and conservation. Gallium Nitride devices are replaced by traditionally used transistors and are used in datacenters, consumer electronics, industrial motors, and transportation sector for switching the supply of power.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) has a wide band hole and inferable from its high level highlights like high breakdown voltage, high exchanging frequencies, improved force productivity, high conduction and warm dependability, GaN is generally being liked for various applications. These qualities have empowered GaN power semiconductors to enter into different high force applications like inverters for home machines, inverters for trains, broadband remote organizations frameworks, power converter circuits, turbines, modern and hefty electrical frameworks, and electric and half breed vehicles.

GaN's low affectability to ionizing radiation and better dependability permits its utilization in satellites, sun oriented cell exhibits, and very good quality force types of gear in military and aviation area. GaN modern gadgets additionally discover application in auto area; in the assembling of crossover and electric vehicles. The blooming economy in non-industrial nations and the advancement of cutting edge mixture electric vehicles and electric vehicles hold massive freedoms for the improvement of the GaN modern gadgets market. In any case, significant expense of unadulterated gallium nitride is foreseen to limit its development in the coming years.

Geographically, the global GaN industrial devices market was dominated by North America and is likely to continue dominance in the coming years as well. This is attributed to the increasing adoption of GaN transistors by the military and defense sector. In addition, the rising use of LEDs in consumer electronics such as desktops, gaming PCs, tablets, television sets, and others are likely to create lucrative growth opportunities for the market in the coming years.


The report provides a strategic analysis of the global GaN industrial devices market. The global GaN industrial devices market has been segmented on the basis of types, applications and geography. Furthermore, GaN HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) has been bifurcated on the basis of their application areas. The cross sectional analysis of global GaN industrial devices market across the five major geographical segments has also been covered under the purview of this report. Increasing application of GaN based industrial devices in various areas such as automotive, defense, information and communication technology, military, aerospace and power distribution systems is primarily driving the growth of the market. GaN is being widely implemented in radio frequency (RF) devices, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and power electronics, owing to its ability to operate at high frequency, power density and high temperature.


Moreover, increasing demand from defense sector for enhanced battlefield performance has consequently accelerated the demand for GaN industrial devices. The major application of GaN in military is its usage in HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor), which is essential for high frequency operations. Another factor fuelling the growth of the global GaN industrial devices market is the introduction of advanced technology and large scale production of GaN. Due to rapid improvement in GaN technology, many companies are coming up with new innovative products that are cost-effective and have better design and performance. The conjoint effect of all these drivers and trends is thus set to bolster the growth of the global GaN industrial devices market during the forecast period from 2015-2021.


GaN has found a strong foothold in various applications of power electronics such as security systems, cruise control, inverters, auxiliary power, battery management and voltage converters, due to the rapid development in material processing technologies. Gallium nitride promises to revolutionize the electronics industry and serve as an attractive replacement for silicon devices for applications in the field of electro-mobility and photovoltaic. Developments in improving the breakdown voltage of GaN based devices are indicating the future for the next generation hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). However, the production cost of pure Gallium nitride is significantly higher compared to silicon carbide, which has been a dominant semiconductor material for high voltage power electronics for a decade. This could be one of the major challenges in the commercialization of pure GaN based devices.


The competitive profiling of the key players in the market and their market share across the five geographic segments namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America have been covered under the scope of the report. Moreover, the different business strategies that have been adopted by the leading players have been covered in this report. The market attractiveness analysis and supply chain analysis have been included in the report in order to provide an insight into the market dynamics.


An exhaustive analysis of the market dynamics namely, the market drivers, restraints and opportunities has been also included under the purview of the report. Market dynamics are the factors that impact the growth of the market and thus help to understand the current trends in the market. Thus, the report provides a detailed analysis of the global GaN industrial devices market and also offers the forecast from 2015 to 2021. 


Some of the key players in the GaN industrial devices market are, Fujitsu Limited (Tokyo, Japan), GaN Systems Inc (Canada, US), Freescale Semiconductor Inc (Texas, US), Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (California, US), International Rectifier (California, US), NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Netherlands), Renesas Electronics Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), Texas Instruments Inc. (Texas, US), International Quantum Epitaxy plc (United Kingdom), Nichia Corporation (Tokushima, Japan), Cree Inc (North Carolina, US) and RF Micro Devices (North Carolina, US) among others.


The global GaN industrial devices market has been segmented into:


GaN HEMT market, by Application

  • WiMAX/LTE market
  • Wireless phone infrastructure: Base stations (BTS) market
  • CATV market
  • V-SAT market
  • Satellite market
  • Defense market
  • Others

GaN industrial devices market, by Types:

  • Power devices
    • Schottky diode
    • Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFETs)
    • High electron mobility transistors (HEMTs)
    • Others (rectifiers, other advanced transistor types)
  • Opto electronics
    • Light-emitting diodes
    • Laser diodes

GaN industrial devices market, by Application

  • Radio frequency (RF)
  • Light-emitting diodes (LED)
  • Power device

GaN industrial devices market, by geography: The market is broadly segmented on the basis of geography into:

  • North America
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Others)
  • Europe

    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
    • France
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific

    • APEJ

      • China
      • India
      • Rest of APEJ
    • Japan
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Others
  • Latin America

    • Brazil
    • Others

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