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Our Market Research Services

Syndicated Research
TMR's syndicated research reports offer ready, data-driven answers to several industry-level questions. Our syndicated reports assess the impact of market variations across verticals such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, technology, media, food, energy, mining, consumer goods, and electronics. From venture capitalists to investors to academic institutions, TMR's syndicated market reports provide a highly detailed yet integrated solution to clients worldwide.
Custom Research
TMR's customized research services address clients' problem statements in markets and sectors where ready-made solutions aren't enough. Our customized research combines surveys, interviews, primary and secondary research, and competitive intelligence to offer a total solution. TMR's customized research draws on a vast network of intelligence from government agencies, industry associations, manufacturers, distributors, and end-users to equip clients with specific information.
Consulting Services
"Think Global, Act Local" aptly describes TMR's consulting services. Our expert research analysts and consultants deliver critical decision-making tools to evaluate a business' profitability, cost, revenue, and overall operational performance. With TMR's insightful intelligence, clients can formulate marketing and business strategies to acquire a competitive edge.
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