Global Supercapacitor Market: Snapshot

Owing to the vast advancements witnessed in supercapacitors in terms of extended lifetimes, improved power- and energy-densities, and increased efficiencies in the past few years, the use of supercapacitors has been extended across a wide set of energy harvesting and storage systems. In contrast to conventional rechargeable batteries, which need to be replaced frequently thus posing significant threat to the environment on account of the presence of non-biodegradable elements, supercapacitors are much more ecological as well as economical on a broader perspective.

As the adoption of supercapacitors as an efficient and ideal alternative to conventional batteries increases, the global supercapacitors market is likely to present significant competition to a number of battery markets in the near future. According to Transparency Market Research, the global supercapacitors market will register an impressive 22.3% CAGR from 2015 to 2023, rising to a revenue opportunity of US$7.37 bn by 2023 from a valuation of US$1.21 bn in 2014.


Hand-held Electronic Devices to Present Excellent Growth Potential

Of the key applications of supercapacitors, including across areas such as solar and wind power, industrial, transportation, and electronic devices/consumer electronics, the market is expected to acquire a large share in its overall revenue owing to the demand served by the electronic devices industry. The segment is expected to expand at an excellent 22.8% CAGR over the report’s forecast period, surpassing the growth pace of other applications.

This can be attributed chiefly to the massive rise in use of supercapacitors in a variety of hand-held devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and cameras. The trend is expected to remain strong over the next few years, with the steadily rising uptake of hand-held electronic devices globally remaining one of the key factors driving the global supercapacitors market in the near future. From a revenue perspective, the use of supercapacitors in the field of handheld electronics is expected to create a revenue opportunity of US$2.67 bn for the global supercapacitors market by 2023.

Asia Pacific Market to Remain Most Lucrative Regional Market

From a geographical perspective, the market for supercapacitors in North America is expected to witness expansion at a sluggish pace over the forecast period owing as the regional market is mature and lacks new growth opportunities. In 2014, the North America market accounted for the dominant 38% of the overall supercapacitors market. While the region, despite displaying sluggish growth avenues, will continue to acquire a sizeable share in the global market, thanks to the presence of some of the world’s leading supercapacitor manufacturers, the market in Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as the most lucrative regional market over the forecast period.

The Asia Pacific market is expected to register a CAGR of 23.2% over the forecast, surpassing the potential growth pace of other regional markets. The region will benefit from the rising use of supercapacitors in the region’s exponentially expanding electronics industry. The high concentration of some of the most influential companies operating in the supercapacitors industry also extend promising growth prospects to the regional market.

Some of the leading companies operating in the highly competitive and rapidly expanding vendor landscape of the global supercapacitor market are LS Mtron, Nesscap CO. LTD., Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation, Ioxus, Inc, and Supreme Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

Global Supercapacitor Market: Overview

The market study analyzes the supercapacitor market on a global level, and provides estimates in terms of revenue (US$ bn) for the six-year forecast period from 2017 to 2023. The in-depath analysis of the supercapacitor market presented in this report can be leveraged by market stockholders to formulate business strategies.

The objective of this study is to present all-important information of developments in the supercapacitor market between 2017 and 2023. This involved examining vital market indicators, growth trends, technological advancements, and competitive structure. Market indicators such as drivers and restraints that impact the growth of the industry over the 2017-2023 forecast period have been analyzed. Moreover, it examines growth opportunities in the supercapacitor market in the upcoming years.

Global Supercapacitor Market: Report Highlights

The report presents answers to some vital questions for better understanding of supercapacitor market. The research report provides a detailed analysis of the supercapacitor market based on product, type, application, and geography. Key segments within each criteria have been examined and insights into their growth behavior through 2023 provided as well. Revenue and market size estimates of key segments within each category for the period between 2017 and 2023 provided as well.

In addition, the report provides insights on market attractiveness, which includes examining key segments within each category based on their growth rate and market share. Included in the study is an analysis of macroeconomic factors influencing and inhibiting the growth of supercapacitor market. Moreover, Porter’s five forces analysis have been provided in the report for better insights on market competition. The report will help manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to understand future trends based on past and current trends.

Global Supercapacitor Market: Research Methodology

The research report is an excellent example of elaborate primary and secondary research phase. Top-down and bottom-up approach have been employed to examine the growth behavior of key segment under each category. Economic downturns, political disturbances, and environmental uncertainties have not been considered in the making of the report. Strategic alliances, partnerships, and collaborations between industry players have been duly considered in the making of the report.

The primary research phase accounts for the bulk of research effort. Primary research phase involved reaching out to industry experts and opinion leaders through e-mail, face to face interviews, and telephonic interviews. Analysts conducted interviews and carried out e-mail communication on an ongoing basis to endorse data and analysis. Industry stakeholders typically reached out in the primary research phase include CEOs, VPs, market intelligence managers, marketing/product managers, and national sales managers. Purchasing managers, distributors, technical personnel, and resellers are some other industry stockholders reached out in the primary research phase. Key opinion leaders specializing in different areas corresponding to different industry verticals were also reached out in the primary research phase.

In the concluding section, the report analyzes the supercapacitor market from a competitive stance. Key players operating in the supercapacitor market are identified and are profiled for business attributes. An analysis of strengths, weakness, threat, and opportunities of key players through 2023 is provided as well.