Global Focused Ion Beam Market: Snapshot

The global focused ion beam market is likely to display expeditious growth rate in the years ahead. Focused ion beam systems initially used in the microelectronics sector are increasingly finding diverse applications. Material science and medical science are newer fields exhibiting an explosion of demand for focused ion beam systems.

Extensive use of focused ion beam to understand reasons of failure of equipment in embedded and semiconductor industries is a key factor boosting the focused ion beam market.

On the downside, high cost factor of focused ion beam has severely hampered the rate of adoption of these system for fault detection. The high cost factor is inhibiting the penetration of FIB in developing economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America. Considering a host of positive factors, the global focused ion beam market is likely to clock a CAGR of 7.1% between 2017 and 2024.


Gallium Ion Source Segment to Remain Lucrative

The global market for focused ion beam is segmented in terms of ion source, application, and geography. Depending upon ion source, gallium, gold, iridium, and others are the segments into which the global focused ion beam market is divided. Among them, gallium is the most attractive segment due to its favorable physical properties. Moreover, gallium ions are sufficiently heavy for the purpose of ion milling and possess favorable electrical and mechanical properties.

Iridium segment exhibits the second-leading demand in the focused ion beam market. The segment is anticipated to hold 16.9% share of the overall market through 2024.

In terms of application, sample preparation, others, and nanofabrication are the segments into which the focused ion beam market is divided. The segment of sample preparation finds the leading demand thereby holding the leading share vis-à-vis revenue in the global focused ion beam market. Sample preparation segment is predicted to be valued at US$328.3 million by 2024.

Nanofabrication follows sample preparation in the global focused ion beam market. This is because focused ion beam technology is increasingly becoming popular for the fabrication of nano scale structures for different applications. Focused ion beam technology complements the entire nanofabrication process by serving to provide various masking techniques or direct patterning.

Others application segment of focused ion beam market includes biological science. Over the last decade, focused ion beam technology is increasingly finding application in biological sciences.

High Concentration of Semiconductors Manufacturers to Make Asia Pacific Significant

On the basis of geography, this market has been classified into North America, Rest of the World, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Of them, powered by the U.S., North America holds prominence in the global focused ion beam market. This is because of extensive use of focused ion beam in the semiconductors industry. Rising application of focused ion beam in research and astronomy is further boosting the growth of North America focused ion beam market. Furthermore, technological advancements have expanded applications of focused ion beam such as in material science and biological science.

Europe is a key market for focused ion beam. The growth of this market is largely driven by high penetration of focused ion beam based microscopes in material sciences. Rising adoption of focused ion beam in ion beam lithography is also serving to propel the Europe focused ion beam market.

Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is anticipated to emerge as a significant market on the back of high concentration of semiconductors manufacturers in emerging economies of the region.

Some companies in the focused ion beam market are Hitachi High Technologies Corp., Fibics Incorporated, Carl Zeiss AG, FEI, Evans Analytical Group, and JEOL Ltd.

Global Focused Ion Beam Market: Overview

Transparency Market Research (TMR) presents a 7-year forecast of the global focused ion beam market for the 2017-2024 forecast timeframe. For the study, 2016 has been considered as the base year, while 2015 values have been provided for historic information. Market size estimations are presented in (US$ Mn) unless explicitly mentioned. Analysts employed industry-best analytical tools and adhered to proven research methodologies in the making of the report.

The objective of the report is to offer valuable insights on vital market dynamics in the focused ion beam market. This includes drivers, challenges, trends, and opportunities that will influence the focused ion beam market through 2024. Technological advances and product development have also been looked into in this report. The focused ion beam market has been broadly segmented depending upon on source, application, and region in this report.

The executive summary section provides the crux of the analysis presented in this report. It begins with an outline of definitions, conventions, and notations that are pertinent with respect to electronics and semiconductors sector. Industry policies and industry statutes are appended at the end of this section.

The analysis of key segments under various category is a highlight of this report. It includes market share and revenue estimations of each segment over the forecast period between 2017 and 2024.

Extensive Research Methodologies Lead to Valuable Insights

The report involved an elaborate research phase, with the primary research phase comprising the majority of research efforts. Industry experts reached out in the primary research phase include but is not limited to CEOs, VPs, product experts, manufacturers, and distributors. The secondary research phase involved data collection from an array of sources followed by data scrutiny. Secondary sources reached out include company websites, government websites, external and internal proprietary databases, investor presentations, financial reports, annual reports, broker reports, and SEC filings. Some other sources reached out in the secondary research phase for data collection include industry publications, science journals, statistical databases, news articles, government documents, procedure registries, press releases, technical literature, and webcasts specific to companies operating in the market.

The making of the report involved multi-dimensional approach to assess the embryonic growth in regional markets. This helps for insights into key growth trends in key regional markets for focused ion beam.

In-depth Competitive Analysis help Gauge Market Attractiveness

The report comprises a section dedicated to the competitive landscape. It mentions key players operating in the focused ion beam market along with detailed competitive profile of each of them. Business outlook, competitive strategy, financials, product portfolio, recent developments are some of the attributes based on which vendors in the focused ion beam market are profiled in this report. A detailed analysis of indices of strengths, weakness, threat, and opportunities of each player in the focused ion beam market over the forecast period is a highlight of the report.