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Virus Testing Tools Fuel Demand for Bubble Sensors to Increase Reliability of COVID-19 Research

With the onset of coronavirus (COVID-19), air bubble detectors are in high demand for use in virus testing tools. The unprecedented demand for vaccines and drugs that treat coronavirus is skyrocketing. Hence, experimental chemists, medical scientists, and biologists are increasingly adopting air bubble detectors to measure the presence of any small molecules within their solutions. This trend has helped to introduce a number of different medical hypothesis. Thus, companies in the air bubble detectors market are capitalizing on this trend by increasing the availability of devices to deploy high accuracy measurement in equipment and analytical instruments.

The novel coronavirus has fueled the demand for vaccines and medicinal drugs in order to make individuals immune to the infection. Hence, companies in the air bubble detectors market are increasing their production capabilities, since various fluids flow through medical equipment and analytical instruments.

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Demand for Modular Design Air Bubble Detectors for Non-invasive Measurement of Liquids

Non-invasive air bubble detectors are acquiring popularity, owing to their compliance with safety mandates. Hence, companies in the air bubble detectors market are increasing their production capabilities to innovate in devices that meet high safety requirements. For instance, SONOTEC— an electronics manufacturer in Germany, announced the launch of non-invasive SONOCHECK air bubble detectors that are specially designed to meet high safety requirements in medical applications. Novel air bubble sensors are eliminating the need for external electronic board, owing the introduction of built-in electronics in devices.

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Companies in the air bubble detectors market are broadening their revenue streams by offering optional software with the device for parameterization and testing. The detection of gas bubbles in flexible plastic tubes filled with liquids such as blood, plasma, or water is fueling the demand for air bubble sensors. Manufacturers are increasing their R&D efforts to innovate in compact designs that meet high hygiene applications.

Non-invasive Air Pressure Detection Deploys Advantages in Applications for Hard Body Disposable Sets

The demand for air bubble detectors is surging, as healthcare practitioners are increasingly using these devices in combination with infusion pumps, dialysis equipment, and other fluid management applications. CeramTec— a manufacturer and developer of advanced ceramic components, is increasing its production capabilities in air bubble detectors with its in-line sensors that offer non-invasive detection of gas bubbles and pressure changes in flexible tubing applications. The trend of non-invasive air bubble detection is driving the air bubble detectors market.

Apart from soft flexible tubing, companies in the air bubble detectors market are developing devices that can be used even in hard body disposable sets and containers. Safety critical sensors are witnessing increased demand due to uncertainties associated with air content and air pressure in tubing filled with liquids. Apart from offering air bubble detectors in a standardized format, manufacturers are increasing efforts to customize designs to meet specific needs of OEMs.

Temperature-compensated Ultrasonic Sensors Overcome Limitations of Changing Temperatures

Companies in the air bubble detectors market are focusing on the intelligent ultrasonic transmission technology for innovating devices. However, issues with sensing accuracy are encountered with changes in temperature. Hence, companies in the air bubble detectors market are increasing the availability of temperature-compensated ultrasonic sensors to overcome challenges associated with changing temperatures.

Air bubble detectors are maturing in sophistication and are being combined with multi-sensor modules. The trend of miniaturization and digitalization is growing prominence in the market for air bubble detectors. Manufacturers are increasing their research spending in developing low-to-no power options in air bubble sensors. The novel concept of self-generate power in detectors is creating value-grab opportunities for manufacturers.

The trend of at-home medical diagnosis for elderly patients and children is fueling innovation in sensors. Manufacturers are developing wearables and sensor-tagged medications that monitor airflow, air pressure, and other variables that could be potentially fatal for patients. Automated alerts via the telemedicine model is helping improve patient outcomes.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

Air bubble sensors are being increasingly used with virus testing tools to increase the reliability of COVID-19 research. However, in several cases, the air bubbles in these testing tools are too tiny for efficient detection. Hence, companies in the air bubble detectors market should increase the availability of custom-made sensors to meet specific requirements of medical scientists and biologists.

Detectors with single channel designs are being highly preferred where the sensor performs cyclical self-tests. This has encouraged the demand for fail-safe architectures in self-test routines. Manufacturers are deploying dedicated design teams that innovate in customized detectors that meet specific requirements of OEMs.

Air Bubble Detectors Market: Overview

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest report on the global air bubble detectors market for the historical period 2018–2019 and forecast period 2020–2030, the global air bubble detectors market is driven by increase in incidence of acute kidney injury, which in turn boosts demand for hemodialysis machine
  • According to the report, the global air bubble detectors market was valued at ~US$ 90 Mn in 2019 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of ~9% from 2020 to 2030

Increase in Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury: Key Driver

  • Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a severe inflammation and damage of the kidneys, which can sometimes result in complete kidney failure. Depending on the severity of kidney failure, the mortality rate ranges from 7% to as high as 80%, with an average mortality rate of approximately 35%.
  • Rise in the number of acute kidney injury patients boosts the growth of the global air bubble detectors market, as a dialysis machine is needed to check the air bubble during the procedure to avoid the development of air embolism

Recall of Products Hampers Company Image and Brand: Restraints

  • Drug and fluid delivery systems have witnessed significant technological developments in the past few years. However, in some cases, the sensors in the fluid delivery systems show error due to the fault in the system and as a result are unable to detect bubble. Hence, product recalls from the market are likely to restrain the global market.
  • In 2017, BD recalled pumps due to faulty air detection sensor. Such instances of product recall are likely to hamper sales of this type of air bubble detection sensors in the market, which in turn dents the image of the company and product

Air Bubble Detectors Market: Competition Landscape

  • This report profiles major players in the global air bubble detectors market based on various attributes such as company overview, financial overview, product portfolio, business strategies, and recent developments
  • The global air bubble detectors market is fragmented, with the presence of a number of international as well as regional players
  • Leading players operating in the global air bubble detectors market include 
    • Moog, Inc
    • Introtek International
    • SONOTEC GmbH
    • TE Connectivity Ltd.
    • Piezo Technologies
    • CeramTec TopCo GmbH
    • Siansonic Technology Co., Ltd
    • Strain Measurement Devices
    • Biosonix (Biomerics LLC)

Air Bubble Detectors Market: Key Developments

  • Key players in the global air bubble detectors market are engaged in regulatory approvals, testing, launch of new products, and acquisition & collaborative agreements with other companies. These strategies are likely to fuel the growth of the global air bubble detectors market. A few expansion strategies adopted by players operating in the global air bubble detectors market are:
    • In October 2019, SONOTEC GmbH launched the SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro, a combined flow measurement and air bubble detection device for heart lung machine. SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro features a compact design, with small electronic footprint and the option for multipoint measurement.
  • Moreover, for extremely accurate bubble detection, companies such as Strain Measurement Devices regularly carry out bubble size testing. The company at its facilities can generate bubbles as small as 0.5 microliters for testing sensors.
  • The report on the global air bubble detectors market discusses individual strategies, followed by company profiles of manufacturers of air bubble detectors. The competition landscape section has been included in the report to provide readers with a dashboard view and a company market share analysis of key players operating in the global air bubble detectors market.

Air Bubble Detectors Market – Scope of the Report

TMR’s report on the global air bubble detectors market studies past as well as current growth trends and opportunities to gain valuable insights of these indicators of the market during the forecast period from 2020 to 2030. The report provides revenue of the global air bubble detectors market for the period 2018–2030, considering 2019 as the base year and 2030 as the forecast year. The report also provides the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the global air bubble detectors market during the forecast period.

The report has been prepared after an extensive primary and secondary research. Primary research involved bulk of research efforts, wherein analysts carried out interviews with industry leaders and opinion makers. Secondary research involved referring to key players’ Product type literature, annual reports, press releases, and relevant documents to understand the global air bubble detectors market.

Secondary research also included Internet sources, statistical data from government agencies, websites, company presentations, sales data, and trade associations. Analysts have employed a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches to study various phenomenon in the global air bubble detectors market.

The report includes an elaborate executive summary, along with a snapshot of the growth behavior of various segments included in the scope of the study. Furthermore, the report sheds light on the changing competitive dynamics in the global air bubble detectors market. These indices serve as valuable tools for existing market players as well as for entities interested in entering the global air bubble detectors market.

The report delves into the competitive landscape of the global air bubble detectors market. Key players operating in the global air bubble detectors market have been identified, and each one of these has been profiled for distinguishing business attributes. Company overview, financial standings, recent developments, and SWOT are some of the attributes of players in the global air bubble detectors market that have been profiled in this report.

Key Questions Answered in Air Bubble Detectors Market Report

  • What is the scope of growth of product type companies in the global air bubble detectors market?
  • What will be the Y-o-Y growth of the global air bubble detectors market between 2020 and 2030?
  • What is the influence of changing trends in new technology used in product type on the global air bubble detectors market?
  • Will North America continue to be the most profitable market for air bubble detector providers?
  • Which factors are anticipated to hamper the growth of the global air bubble detectors market during the forecast period?
  • Which are the leading companies in the global air bubble detectors market?

Research Methodology

A unique research methodology has been utilized by TMR to conduct comprehensive research on the growth of the global air bubble detectors market and arrive at conclusions on its growth prospects. This research methodology is a combination of primary and secondary research, which helps analysts warrant the accuracy and reliability of the drawn conclusions.

Secondary sources referred to by analysts during the production of the global air bubble detectors market report include statistics from company annual reports, SEC filings, company websites, investor presentations, regulatory databases, government publications, and industry white papers. Analysts have also interviewed senior managers, product type portfolio managers, and market intelligence managers, who contributed to the production of TMR’s study on the air bubble detectors market as primary research sources.

These primary and secondary research sources have provided exclusive information during interviews, which serves as a validation from the air bubble detectors market leaders. Access to an extensive internal repository and external proprietary databases enabled this report to address specific details and questions about the global air bubble detectors market with accuracy. The study also uses the top-down approach to assess the revenues for each segment and the bottom-up approach to counter-validate them. This has helped in reaching TMR’s estimates on future prospects of the global air bubble detectors market more reliably and accurately.

Air Bubble Detectors Market – Segmentation

Product Type

Fixed Detectors

Flexible Detectors


Ultrasonic Sensors

Capacitive Sensors


Dialysis & Transfusion

Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Infusion & Parenteral Infusion Pumps

Diagnostic Devices

Blood Processing Equipment


End User

Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Diagnostic Laboratories

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Industries


North America


Asia Pacific

Latin America

Middle East & Africa

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