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Stucco is a traditional Portland cement plaster and has been in use since long as a time-tested exterior finish. The main ingredients in the stucco plaster are Portland cement based materials along with sand. These materials are then mixed with water to form a paste or a plaster which is then applied to the exterior of buildings. It is the desirable properties of the Portland cement, which is the preferred modern building material used for the construction of highways, buildings and skyscrapers, which imparts durability and toughness to the stucco plaster. Stucco plaster can be used on either flat or curved surfaces, inside or outside of any building. Stucco plaster is extremely popular since it imparts a great surface finish, has a relatively low cost and requires less amount of maintenance. The other desirable properties of stucco are that in its hardened state, such kind of plaster is hand, resistant to fire, strong and retains the color given to it. Another important property of stucco plaster is that since it is breathable or is able to transfer moisture, water that enters the plastered surface doesn’t become trapped. Due to it, the plaster becomes resistant to fungus and rot and can be used in all kinds of climate, wet, hot, dry or cold. It is because of such favorable factors that market for stucco is growing steadily all over the world, and especially in the North America region.

global stucco market

The Transparency Market Research report on the global stucco market forecasts that the global stucco market will touch a valuation of nearly US$ 15,600 Mn in 2026 and exhibit a moderate CAGR during the period of assessment.

North America Market Set to Dominate the Global Stucco Market in Terms of Revenue

The market in North America is set to dominate the global stucco market in terms of value and this trend is projected to sustain itself throughout the period of assessment. North America stucco market is the most attractive market, growing at a robust CAGR during the assessment period.

Traditional Three-Coat Stucco Product Type Segment to Touch a Value of Nearly US$ 4,150 Mn in 2026

As per the assessment of Transparency Market Research, the traditional three-coat stucco product type segment is expected to reach a valuation of nearly 4,150 Mn by the end of 2026. This represents a sluggish CAGR during the forecast period of 2017-2026. The traditional three-coat stucco product type segment was expected to account for nearly one-third of the revenue share of the product type category by the end of the year 2017 and is expected to lose market share by the end of the year 2026.

Insulated Siding Segment to Exhibit a CAGR of 5.8% During the Assessment Period

As per the forecast of Transparency Market Research, the insulated siding segment is slated to touch a valuation of nearly US$ 10,000 Mn in the year 2026. This represents a CAGR of 5.8% during the period of assessment form 2017 till the year 2026. The insulated siding segment is expected to gain market share by the end of the year 2026. The insulated siding segment was expected to account for nearly two-third of the revenue share of the insulation type category by the year 2017.

Competition Tracking

The report also profiles the companies that are expected to remain active in the expansion of global stucco market through 2026, which include Parex Inc., Merlex Stucco, LaHabra Stucco, BASF SE, CertainTeed Corporation, Arcat Inc., California Stucco Products Corporation, Integrated Stucco Inc., Omega Products and E. I. du Pont.

Booming Construction Sector to Propel Growth across Stucco Market

The stucco market is expected to gain considerable growth across the assessment period of 2017-2026. The rising urbanization and the growing disposable income may serve as good growth generators for the stucco market. The booming construction industry is also expected to bring tremendous growth opportunities. The escalating demand for stucco across the residential and commercial segments will lay a red carpet of growth.

  • Stucco, also known as Portland cement plaster is an affordable and strong material widely used for constructing buildings. This material is applied wet to the surface and hardens after drying. Stucco is applied mainly to the inside and outside surfaces of the buildings. This material is useful for giving a modern finish to the buildings. The properties attached to stucco such as durability will serve as prominent growth generators.
  • Stucco is also energy efficient and fire-resistant. In addition, the process of stucco application is less and ensures speedy completion. Thus, all these factors prove to be robust growth generators for the stucco market. The use of stucco as a decorative coating for the ceiling and walls will further add extra stars of growth. The growing inclination of a large number of people toward renovating their homes will accelerate the growth prospects.
  • The novel coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc around the globe. The repercussions of the pandemic are grave on a large number of sectors and businesses. The imposition of lockdown coupled with the strict border restrictions by numerous countries had a negative effect on the stucco market. Furthermore, the construction sector also experienced a decline in growth. This factor added to the woes of the stucco market.
  • Many countries relaxed some restrictions to improve the trailing economy. Construction activities also began as the relaxations were announced. These aspects will help in the growth of the stucco market to a great extent.

Stucco Market: Introduction

Transparency Market Research presents yet another comprehensive and an insightful report titled global stucco market. In this report, the market for stucco is covered in detail and explores all the factors that are the reason for the sustained growth of the stucco market.

Report Structure

The report is divided into four distinct sections. The first part of the report consists of the executive summary and the introduction. The executive summary gives a cursory look at the global stucco market and gives the pertinent market numbers that are most important, that includes the historical CAGR growth from 2012 till 2016 and the forecasted CAGR from the year 2017 till the end of the forecast period in 2026. The most important segment and region pertaining to the stucco market is also given in the executive summary. In the introduction part, stucco plaster is defined clearly so that the report audiences are clear about the scope of this market and the introduction to the stucco plaster and its applications are given. The introduction part also contains the market taxonomy of the global stucco market. Besides, the introduction part also contains the global stucco market dynamics which consist of the various drivers, restraints and trends operating the in this market. In addition to this, the introduction part also contains the supply chain analysis, cost structure analysis, pricing analysis and raw material sourcing strategy and analysis to give a 360 degree view of the global stucco market. At the end of the introduction part, a list of distributors and key participants market presence (Intensity Map) by region is also given.

The second part of the report consists of the global stucco market analysis and forecast by product type, insulation type, application, construction activity and by region. This section of the report contains important market numbers in the form of year-on-year growth comparison, market share comparison and revenue comparison. The third part of the report contains the regional stucco market analysis and forecast, which is further broken down into country level forecasts. The regions are selected as per the market taxonomy.

Competition Landscape

The last part of the report consists of the competition landscape, where leading market players operating in the global stucco market are profiled individually. This information is in the form of company overview, product overview, key financials and key developments pertaining to that particular company. The competition landscape section also contains the SWOT analysis of the featured companies, which gives the report audiences information about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats that the leading companies operating in the global stucco market are facing. This competition landscape is a valuable part of the report as it contains all the necessary information to study the leading companies operating in the global stucco market in detail and find how they implement their strategies and vision to stay at top in this highly competitive market. This type of information is invaluable for the new entrants in the global stucco market as they can learn quite a bit from the leading companies operating in this market. Also, the information provided in the competition landscape is also valuable for the established companies in the global stucco market as they come to know about their competitors and the strategies they have adopted to stay at the pole position in this cut- throat market.

Research Methodology

Overall market size has been analysed through historical data, primary responses, and public domain data. Revenue of companies in the stucco market has been benchmarked to ascertain the market size for the base year. Macroeconomic indicators such as GDP and industry growth have been considered to forecast the market size over the forecast period. The historical growth trend of end-use industries, market participants’ performance, as well as the present macro-economic outlook has been taken into consideration for estimating the overall market trend forecast. This data is then validated using the triangulation method and is extensively scrutinised using advanced tools to garner quantitative and qualitative insights into the global stucco market. 


Market Taxonomy


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • APEJ
  • MEA

 Product Type

  • Traditional Three-Coat Stucco
  • Newer One-Coat Stucco
  • Exterior Insulating and Finish Systems

Insulation Type

  • Insulated Siding
  • Non-Insulated Siding


  • Residential Buildings
  • Non-residential Buildings

Construction Activity

  • New Construction
  • Renovation

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