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Single Dose Radiotherapy Services Market

Single Dose Radiotherapy Services Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021-2031

Single Dose Radiotherapy Services Market: Contours

Single dose radiotherapy (SDRT) services have evolved in scope in oncology to meet the needs of new image-guided radiotherapy. The single dose radiotherapy (SDRT) services market has galloped over the years on the back of preceding leaps in cancer treatment. New novel techniques have emerged that will enable surgeons to successfully ablate tumors resistant to fractionated radiotherapy. The benefits of SDRT in precisely targeting tumors in 3D, with remarkably high tumor ablation percentage has earned it a special place and being therefore adopted by the healthcare industry. The growing preference over conventional fractionated radiotherapy can be ascribed to the demand for disruptive tumour ablation technique that can work in majority of human tumors. Ultra-high dose SDRT have shown demonstrable benefits over conventional tumor ablation therapy in a few randomized clinical trials, propelling demand for SDRT services.

The SDRT services market has progressed on the back of continuous technological developments in the instrumentation used in delivering radiotherapy. Rapid advances have been made in expanding understanding of radiobiology in general, which have considerably shaped the evolution contours of the SDRT services market. 

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Single Dose Radiotherapy Services Market: Drivers, Current Prospects, and Emerging Avenues

A large percentage of tumor care in localized primary diseases is done with radiotherapy. According to a finding in an article by the NCBI, not less than 66% of cancer treatment regimens in Western countries use radiotherapy notably used for  uncomplicated locoregional tumors. The value chain of players in the market has evolved considerably over the decades on back of ceaseless advancements in 3D conformal radiation treatments in human tumor treatment. Adoption of state-of-the-art instrumentation cancer radiotherapy and access to DNA-sequencing and RNA-sequencing data for precisely profiling protein expression have been significant clinical developments, propelling growth of the SDRT services market.

Growing demand for SDRT in breast cancer treatment is a key trend bolstering the prospects in the SDRT services market. Noticeably, intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) has boosted the clinical efficacy of SDRT. The search for mechanism-driven targets has led to new radio-oncogenomic and radiation-immunotherapeutic approaches that evolved in response to the tumor heterogeneity. Translation of these from lab to clinics has conferred vast lucrative gains to players in the SDRT services market.

Competitive Scenario Shaping Investment Avenues in Single Dose Radiotherapy Services Market

The era of personalized therapies in oncology has opened up some incredible avenues for market players to reap competitive gains. Strides in the targeted chemotherapy have brought radiation oncologists seeking next-gen therapies that harnesses novel approaches in radiobiology. Players in the SDRT services market thus are eyeing new revenue streams in personalized cancer therapy.

Standardization of protocols for conducting experiments with animals in various countries have also favored the expansion of avenue for innovations in the SDRT services market. Thus, a few prominent organizations researching on novel radiotherapy approaches have grown their R&D spending on SDRT mouse models aimed at prostate cancers and breast cancer.

Some of the key players in the single dose radiotherapy (SDRT) market are IsoRay Medical, ViewRay, Elekta, Accuray, and Ion Beam Applications.

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Single Dose Radiotherapy Services Market: Regional Growth Avenues

North America has been highly attractive region for companies in the global SDRT services market. Massive studies and clinical trials have been done to bring novel therapies from bench to bedside. Substantial R&D spending on personalised cancer therapies and wide uptake of state-of-the art instrumentation used for delivery of radiotherapies are key underpinnings for the rapid expansion on lucrative avenues in the regional market. A number of multidisciplinary research has been done by the academia in the U.S., fueling growth prospects in the North America SDRT market.

Single Dose Radiotherapy Services Market

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