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Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Most Popular Biomaterial for Medical, Nonmedical Uses

Polyvinylpyrrolidone is also known as povidone or PVP. It is popularly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a synthetic polymer vehicle for dispersing and suspending drugs. The PVP is used in a variety of pharmaceutical operations, including binder for tablets and capsules, film former for ophthalmic solutions, flavoring liquids and chewable tablets, and as an adhesive for transdermal systems. The PVP appears as a white to slightly off-white powder, and has the ability to dissolve in both water and oil solvents. The PVP is increasingly being used for biocompatibility, absence of toxicity, and high capacity to form interpolymer complexes. Thus, the PVP market is expected to grow due to the demand for PVP in designing materials for different applications as biomaterials for medical and nonmedical uses.

The PVP polymers are available in various viscosity categories, ranging from low to high molecular weight. This range, combined with solubility in aqueous and natural solvent systems coupled with its non-toxic feature gives PVP polymers great versatility across varied applications. The industrial applications of PVP polymers include adhesives to improve strength and toughness, to increase strength and as a coating resin in paper manufacturing, and to improve dye receptivity in synthetic fibers. PVP polymers are also widely employed in inks, imaging, lithography, detergents and soaps, textile, ceramic, electrical, and metallurgical industries, and as a polymerization additive. The various properties and multiple end-use applications of PVP are driving the global PVP market during the forecast period.

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Application of PVP Plays Important Role in Preventing COVID-19 Disease Transmission

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis that, by many predictions will have a profound and disastrous economic and social impact on the number of industries, businesses, and people. Apart from the immediate financial and market impact, the crisis has also caused structural and behavioral shifts, including people working more from home, increased investment in health and wellbeing, preference for online shopping, and reduced discretionary expenditure. At the outset, this pandemic gave PVP a major image makeover among consumers; there is now a widely held view that PVP products are more reliable and cleaner than non-recyclable solutions and at the forefront of the fight to contain the spread of the coronavirus.   

With a growing number of active COVID-19 cases, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are facing an unmatchable demand for water-soluble medicines. This has attracted several players to focus on increasing the production of the PVP to overcome the losses they faced at the start of the pandemic. In addition, the PVP-iodine nasal spray is proposed for avoiding or minimizing the cross-infection risk to the front-line doctors or workers. Furthermore, for opical nasal and oral solution, topical applications of PVP-I to attenuate the nosocomial transmission of COVID-19 surrounding head and neck and skull base oncology care are aiding in the increasing demand for the PVP.

The recent evidence has verified that 0.5% povidone-iodine (PVP-I) mouth rinse or gargle for 30 seconds can reduce the SARS-CoV-2 virus infectivity to below detectable levels. The PVP-I can even prevent SARS-CoV-2 attachment to oral and nasopharyngeal tissues, and lower the viral particles in the saliva and respiratory droplets. Thus, the use of PVP-I mouth rinse as a prophylactic measure has been advocated across the globe to reduce disease transmission. This has led to the expansion of the PVP market.

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Rise in PVP Use in Industrial Products Influencing Market Growth

The PVP is extensively used in a variety of industries. The unique physical and chemical properties of PVP, particularly its good solubility in both water and many organic solvents, makes it a perfect source for several applications. The PVP is gaining popularity across the world for its adhesive properties in pressure-sensitive and water-remoistenable product types, food packaging, metal adhesives, abrasives, sand core binder, and rubber to metal adhesives, and glue sticks. Moreover, in ceramics, PVP can be used as a binder in high-temperature fire-prepared products such as clay, pottery, porcelain, brick product, dispersant, and a viscosity modifier. Furthermore, for the manufacturing of glass and glass fibers, PVP is found most effective as a lubricant and coating agent. It also supports processing and helps to prevent the abrasion of glass. All these factors are contributing to the growth of the global PVP market.

The properties and application of PVP also vary in non-essential end users. The use of PVP for coating and inks is increasing in digital printing coating, ball-point inks, protective colloid and leveling agent for emulsion polymers/ coatings/ printing inks, pigment dispersant, water-colors for commercial art, temporary protective coatings, paper coatings, waxes, and polishes. Moreover, in the consumer electronics industry, PVP is widely used in the manufacturing of storage batteries, printed circuits, cathode ray tubes, binder for metal salts or amalgams in batteries, gold, nickel, copper, and zinc plating, a thickener for solar gel ponds and as an adhesive to prevent leakage of batteries. All these supporting properties of PVP in several industrial applications are expected to drive the global PVP market during the forecast period.

Surge in Hospital Infections Aid in Global Market Growth

The global PVP market is witnessing growth, owing to the increasing incidences of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) in developing countries. The HAIs are mostly caused due to lack of sanitization and growth in infection across the world. The use of disinfectants in hospitals can help reduce the risk of infections and limit the entry of bacteria in patients. The PVP-based disinfectants are efficient in these applications and thus, assisting in the global demand. Moreover, increase in health and hygiene awareness and need for disinfectants are boosting the demand for PVP across the globe. Moreover, the world is observing an increasing number of diseases related to old age. The expectations of old people of extended life have forced various healthcare businesses to focus on adequate treatments and medicines. The disinfectant properties of PVP are thus rising in demand across the world. Owing to all the mentioned factors, the global PVP market is estimated to exceed US$ 4.6 Bn by 2031, expanding at a CAGR of ~6% during the forecast period.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

The increasing growth opportunities in adhesives, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries is likely to drive the PVP market during the forecast period. The rising investments in the treatment of severe diseases such as pleural effusion implicate the growing demand scopes for the PVP, which is broadly used in the pleural fusion procedure. The PVP market is also developing its ranges with succeeding utilization in the medical industry, as a plasma volume expander for operating hemorrhagic conditions as well as in the development of several disinfectants such as pyridine and betadine. All these factors collectively with rising demand from pharmaceutical and adhesive industries are influencing the growth of the PVP market.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market: Overview

  • PVP is widely used as an antiseptic and disinfectant in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used as an antiseptic in pre- and post-operative skin cleansing, prevention of infection in wounds and vaginal infections, etc. Povidone-iodine is used as a disinfectant in contact lens, surgical instruments, endoscopes, catheters, hand washes, etc.
  • Major applications of PVP include pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and solvents
  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest research report on the global PVP market for the historical year of 2020 and the forecast period of 2021 to 2031, rise in usage of PVP in the pharmaceutical industry is a key factor that is expected to boost the global PVP market during the forecast period
  • In terms of revenue, the global PVP market is estimated to cross US$ 4.6 Bn by 2031, expanding at a CAGR of ~6% during the forecast period

Increase in Demand for Tablets and Disinfectants Products: Key Driver of Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market

  • Incidences of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are rising in developing countries. Increase in the number of HAIs can be ascribed to the lack of sanitization and precautions. Usage of disinfectants in hospitals reduces the risk of infections and prevents the entry of bacteria in patients. PVP-based disinfectants are effective in these applications, and these products are popular under the brand name of Betadine by Avrio Health.
  • Rise in awareness about hygiene and increase in need for disinfectants are boosting the demand for PVP across the globe
  • Geriatric population has been rising across the globe. Growth in geriatric population can be ascribed to the rise in life expectancy. Additionally, disposable income of the middle class has increased. These factors are projected to augment the demand for antiseptics and disinfectants, thus driving the demand for PVP.
  • PVP is employed in veterinary medicines in antiseptic surgical scrubs and solutions. PVP is a mild antiseptic; therefore, it is used for small and large animals.
  • Rise in preference of protein-rich diet by the health-conscious population is expected to boost the animal healthcare industry. Rise in disposable income allows consumers to spend on a variety of meats. This, in turn, is augmenting the demand for veterinary antiseptics products.
  • Increase in demand for high-quality animal-based products is fueling the veterinary antiseptic products market across the world. PVP-based veterinary products are used as an antiseptic due to their excellent antimicrobial efficacy and mildness.
  • Increase in adoption of pets, owing to upgrade of lifestyle in emerging economies is also one of the driving factors expected to propel the demand for animal healthcare products such as antiseptics and veterinary shampoos in the near future. This is expected to augment the global PVP market during the forecast period.

Increase in Usage of Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in Non-pharmaceutical Applications: Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market Trend

  • Diverse properties of PVP, including its solubility in water and in a broad range of liquid media, high chemical and thermal resistance, and unique wetting, binding, and film-forming properties are driving the usage of PVP in various applications
  • PVP is used in a wide number of applications in cosmetics. It acts as a binder, film former, hair fixative, dispersing agent, surfactant, viscosity enhancer, and stabilizer in different cosmetic products. Cosmetic products that are prepared with PVP as an ingredient include shampoos, hair sprays, hair setting lotions, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks, nail polishes, shaving creams, and moisturizers.
  • PVP can be used as a temporary or permanent coating for printed circuit boards. PVP is used as a special adhesive for fixation of protective colloid for noble metal suspensions.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market: Competition Landscape

  • Detailed profiles of providers of PVP have been included in the report to evaluate their financials, key product offerings, recent developments, and strategies
  • Key players operating in the global PVP market are
    • BASF SE
    • Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    • Zhangzhou HuaFu Chemical Co., Ltd.
    • JH Nanhang Life Sciences Co., Ltd.
    • Star-Tech Specialty Products Co., Ltd.
    • Dongying City Huaan Chemical Industry Co., LTD.
    • Glide Chem Private Limited

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market: Key Developments

  • In January 2020, ASHLAND GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC. signed a definitive agreement to acquire the personal care business of Schülke & Mayr GmbH, a portfolio company of the global investment organization EQT. The acquisition is in line with Ashland’s strategy to strengthen the company’s consumer business portfolio.
  • In the global PVP market report, we have discussed individual strategies, followed by company profiles of providers of PVP. The ‘Competition Landscape’ section has been included in the report to provide readers with a dashboard view and company market share analysis of key players operating in the global PVP market.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market – Scope of the Report

The latest study collated and published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) analyzes the historical and present-day scenario of the global PVP market in order to accurately gauge its future growth. The study presents detailed information about the important growth factors, restraints, and trends that are creating a landscape for the growth of the global PVP market to identify growth opportunities for market stakeholders. The report also provides insightful information about how the global PVP market would expand during the forecast period of 2021 to 2031.

The report offers intricate dynamics about different aspects of the global PVP market, which aids companies operating in the market in making strategic development decisions. TMR’s study also elaborates on significant changes that are highly anticipated to configure growth of the global PVP market during the forecast period. It also includes a key indicator assessment that highlights growth prospects of the global PVP market and estimates statistics related to growth of the market in terms of value (US$ Mn) and volume (kilo tons).

This study covers a detailed segmentation of the global PVP market, along with key information and a competition outlook. The report mentions company profiles of players that are currently dominating the global PVP market, wherein various development, expansion, and winning strategies practiced and implemented by leading players have been presented in detail.

Key Questions Answered in TMR’s Report on Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market

The report provides detailed information about the global PVP market on the basis of comprehensive research on various factors that are playing a key role in accelerating the growth potential of the global market. Information mentioned in the report answers path-breaking questions for companies that are currently operating in the market and are looking for innovative methods to create a unique benchmark in the global PVP market, so as to help them design successful strategies and make target-driven decisions.

  • Which application segment of the global PVP market would emerge as major revenue generator during the forecast period?
  • How are key market players successfully earning revenues out of advantages of PVP?
  • What would be the Y-o-Y growth trend of the global PVP market between 2021 and 2031?
  • What are the winning imperatives of leading players operating in the global PVP market?
  • Which segment is expected to create lucrative opportunities for the global PVP market during the forecast period?
  • Which are leading companies operating in the global PVP market?

Research Methodology – Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market

The research methodology adopted by analysts for compiling the global PVP market report is based on detailed primary as well as secondary research. With the help of in-depth insights of the market-affiliated information that is obtained and legitimated by market-admissible resources, analysts have offered riveting observations and authentic forecasts for the global PVP market.

During the primary research phase, analysts interviewed market stakeholders, investors, brand managers, vice presidents, and sales and marketing managers. Based on data obtained through interviews of genuine sources, analysts have emphasized the changing scenario of the global PVP market.

For secondary research, analysts scrutinized numerous annual report publications, white papers, market association publications, and company websites to obtain the necessary understanding of the global PVP market.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Market – Segmentation

TMR’s research study assesses the global PVP market in terms of grade, application, and region. This report presents extensive market dynamics and trends associated with different segments of the market and how they are influencing growth prospects for the global PVP market.

  • Low Molecular Weight
    • K12
    • K17
  • Medium Molecular Weight
    • K25
    • K30
  • High Molecular Weight
    • K90
    • Others (K60 and K120)
  • Crospovidone
  • Copovidone
  • Others (including XL-10, Ultra-10, and Kollidon SR)
  • Pharmaceutical
    • Tablets
    • Liquid Suspensions/Ointment
    • Injections
  • Solvents
    • Paints & Coatings
    • Inks
    • Polishing Agents
  • Electrical & Electronics
    • Batteries
    • PCBs
    • Others (Screens and CMP)
  • Adhesives
    • Skin Adhesives
    • Hot Melt Adhesives
    • Thickeners
  • Cosmetics
    • Hair Fixative Polymers
    • Skin Care
    • Perfumes
    • Oral Care
  • Food & Beverage
    • Non-alcoholic
    • Alcoholic
  • Home Care
  • Agrochemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Metal Quenching
  • Membranes
    • Hemodialysis
    • Water
  • Others (including Intermediates and Freeze Drying)
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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Polyvinylpyrrolidone Market

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