Nutrition Bars Market – Providers Emphasize Innovations As Consumers Make Healthier yet Flavorful Choices

Nutrition bars have been fast permeating retail shelves in the recent past, with shifting priorities of consumers on healthier diets that have led the preference for ‘organic’ and ‘nutrition-rich’ food products. Nutrition bars are becoming a go-to solution for ‘deskfast’ eaters, and a boon for consumers who prefer convenient first, yet healthy snacks. Food and snack providers are spawning nutrition-rich foods by amalgamating flavor and nourishment packed in convenient formats to capitalize on growing demand.

There is a significant rise in the consumption of healthy foods and supplements, given the noteworthy measures taken by international bodies for battling health issues such as obesity and overweightness. Research shows that a poor diet consumers across the globe led to the rise in prevalence of chronic diseases worldwide, raising public health concerns and driving the radical shift toward healthy dietary patterns. This has further rubbed off on demand for nutrition-rich food products, thereby favoring adoption of nutrition bars.

A recently compiled study of TMR helps understand the present scenario of the nutrition bars market, while the forecast figures deduced allude the prospective picture. The global nutrition bars market was valued upward of US$ 1,600 Mn in 2018. The changing consumption patterns, and the rising preference towards snacks and confectionaries that promote convenience have led the industry leaders to introduce healthier, yet tastier snacks. In addition, consumers are opting for ‘better-for-you’ products, and pledging for distinct eating styles, moving from vegetarian to flexitarian to paleo and keto, thereby making food manufacturers to introduce diet-friendly product variations.

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Nutrition Bars Market: The Vegan Trend to Have a Notable Influence on Growth

In view of the ‘vegan rush’ across a large consumer base globally, food innovators and nutrition bars market competitors are concentrating on providing nutrition-rich solutions that tickle the taste buds of consumers demanding plant-based products. It comes with no surprise that the continual transition towards plant-based alternative has significantly influenced the overall nutrition bars market as food providers are adopting a full-fledged consumer-driven approach. Recent product range expansions with the introduction of the high protein plant-based nutrition bars consisting of 100% natural and gluten-free ingredients, approved as vegan are reflecting the positive impact of the trend.

Everyday snacks and food products are wearing an ultra-convenient cape lately, as consumer’s demand for convenient and ‘grab-and-go’ nutrition propagates. This is further supported by the increasing impetus gained by sports and nutrition supplements that come in portioned packs to align with the quick-paced routines of contemporary consumers. Moreover, as nutrition bars are emerging as the new ‘snack in-between the meals’, nutrition bars market players expect promising profit-gaining opportunities in the market in the near future.

‘Fresh Snacking’ to Augur Well for Nutrition Bars Business

Food freshness is observed to become a vital factor influencing the purchase decisions of consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z. The ‘fresh snacking’ concept has grown considerably over the last few years as brands are trialing different product formats and ingredients. Various nations including the US have witnessed a noteworthy rise in the launch of fresh snack products across a slew of food product lines including the nutrition bars range.

The consumer demand for fresh snacking has generated an omni-channel macro trend, allowing retainers to capitalize on these consumer requirements more predominantly than the e-commerce retailers as the former places more significance on quality and impulse purchases.

Nutrition Bars Manufacturers Focus on Opportune Potential of Untapped Markets

The nutrition bars market players are focusing on various regional expansion strategies. Local players are continuously implementing omni-channel retailing strategies along with acquisition and new product development. The key focus remains on increasing the footprint in untapped market.

Nutrition bars market players are focusing on sector specific products to address consumers that demand specific offerings. From flavor innovations to addressing specific product categories, the nutrition bars market players are continually carrying out key developments. Manufacturers of nutrition bars are introducing protein-rich bars with flavor innovations. A range of protein bars made with functional ingredients introduced in the market lately, shed light on the manufacturers’ efforts to address the healthy demand.

Another aspect taken into consideration by players in the nutrition bars market is the development of attractive labeling. Manufacturers of nutrition bars are focusing on detailed labeling to differentiate in the functional bar category. The labels that gain major consumer popularity are ones reading ‘70% organic’ as consumers know the real the amount of organic products, creating greater consumer retention built by trust. This has shifted the focus of nutrition bars market players towards the use of smart labeling techniques that help mask the harmful and synthetic ingredients.

Apart from these, the growing concentration of other businesses towards the nutrition bars market is likely to boost the global revenue of the nutrition bars market through the period of forecast. Leading brands investing in the protein supplement business with the acquisition of a plant-based protein supplements and nutrition bars makers is one such instance.  

Nutrition Bars Market Competition Analysis

Key developments executed by leading players in the nutrition bars market:

  • Glanbia Plc., a leading player in the nutrition bars market recently agreed to acquire SlimFast, the a leading weight management and health & wellness brand family that is primarily distributed in the food, drug, mass and club channel in the UK and US. The acquisition is aligned to the Glanbia’s strategic ambition to extend reach to potential consumers for their Glanbia Performance Nutrition portfolio.
  • Nutrition & Santé SAS, a leader in dietetic and organic foods and provider of nutrition bars based in Europe recently completed the acquisition BC Bio, an Auch-based manufacturer and seller of refrigerated organic products. The acquisition allows Nutrition & Santé SAS to enhance their vegetal ranges.
  • SternLife, another player in the nutrition bars market recently introduced a new energy bar range that combines functional value with flavors. The product is custom-made to cater to the individual requirements of the each of the company’s customers. The new nutrition bars come with high levels of protein and dietary fibers, and delivers more energy. The nutrition bars market player manufactures these from natural ingredients and also of organic, pure plant-based for vegan consumers if requested, which helps the company meet the growing demand for plant-based sources of protein in the variants of nutrition bars.

The global nutrition bars market is a consolidated landscape, with an approximate share of 40-45% accounted by regional players, while leading players account for nearly 30-35% share in the nutrition bars market. Companies operating in the nutrition bars market are considering NPD strategies to capture a significant market share by introducing clean label, organic nutrition bars. Apart from this, acquisition strategy remains the most significant strategy adopted by the nutrition bars market players.

Analyst Viewpoint

The nutrition bars market players’ focus remains directed toward the younger consumer base including the millennials and baby boomers. Moving forward with an extensive consumer-centric approach, nutrition bars market players are introducing products that are designed in cognition to these consumer bases and aligned with the evolutionary industry trends. Key nutrition bars market players emphasize on the demographics that are gym enthusiasts and health conscious. This will propel the consumption of protein-based nutrition bars over the forthcoming years. Flavor innovations will further influence the overall nutrition bars market in future, as companies are exploring new flavors for addressing changing consumer preferences.

Emerging nutrition bars market players should maintain focus on innovating in terms of the zests and textures, as established players continue to progress with the help of innovative packaging and revolutionary flavors. Companies serving the nutrition bars market, whose focus remains on conventional flavors such as vanilla and chocolate must concentrate on introducing various flavor mixes in a bid to capture a significant share in the nutrition bars market. The execution of a robust differentiation strategy would aid new and emerging providers of nutrition bars to gain a smooth entry into the nutrition bars market.

The recently presented report by TMR on the nutrition bars market offers a holistic market understanding with the help of significant analysis of the various aspects of the nutrition bars market. The TMR study evaluates the market with respect to the historical data to provide a ten-year long forecast for the period 2018–2026. The actionable insights and crucial findings of the nutrition bars market aid the clients in taking key decisions that foster long-term business growth. The comprehensive TMR study on the nutrition bars market compiles detailed evaluation of the promising industry trends, significant market dynamics, key developments carried out by leading players in the nutrition bars market, and the extensive competitive analysis of the market. To help the audience in understanding the market better, the TMR study is divided into key sections that offer insights and evaluations on independent aspects of the market.

Key Questions Answered in the Nutrition Bars Market Report

  1. What will be the value of the nutrition bars market by the end of 2026?
  2. Which type of the nutrition bars will reflect promising growth over the course of the forecast period?
  3. What are the key industry trends shaping the nutrition bars market in the coming years?
  4. Which notable strategies are being implemented by the companies operating in the nutrition bars market?
  5. Which sales channel in the nutrition bars market is likely to perform well throughout the forecast period?
  6. Which regions are expected to offer growth opportunities to the players in the nutrition bars market?

The extensive report on the nutrition bars market commences with an executive summary that provides the reader with a brief understanding of the market. The executive summary section includes the market value overview and analysis along with the exclusive TMR recommendations and assessment pertaining to the market that boosts the credibility of the nutrition bars market study. The section of the report on nutrition bars market involves the market introduction. The section defines the market in detail with the help of the extensive and comprehensive market taxonomy. This section sheds light on the various aspects of the nutrition bars market.

This section of the nutrition bars market report offers an assessment of the background of the nutrition bars market. The study showcases the key factors that are likely to drive the growth of the nutrition bars market. The study identifies the nutrition bars market dynamics including market drivers, opportunities, and restraints that are likely to influence the market in the forthcoming years. The TMR study scrutinizes the key trends in the nutrition bars market that help the report audience in effective decision-making. The report states the macro- and micro-economic factors that are expected to indirectly impact the global nutrition bars market, and the inclusion of the exclusive trend analysis helps in gaining a better understanding.

After the detailed evaluation of background of the nutrition bars market, the report provides a historical market analysis and a significant market forecast ion terms of both market value and volume. Furthermore, the compilation of the Y-o-Y growth projections and absolute $ opportunity analysis within the nutrition bars market report makes it a must-have business intelligence study. The section following this discusses the nutrition bars market pricing evaluation in accordance to the market segments.

The next section of the comprehensive study includes the segmentation of the nutrition bars market on the basis of product type, format, function, nature, packaging, and sales channel. The assessment of the nutrition bars market segmentation with the help of a Y-o-Y growth projection and basis point share analysis. Furthermore, the market attractiveness analysis included in this section allows the readers to gain a holistic understanding of the key segments.

Following the segmentation analysis of the nutrition bars market, the TMR study provides a detailed assessment of the regional landscape. This section showcases the nutrition bars market performance in key regions across the globe. The individual regional evaluation with Y-o-Y growth predictions helps the report audience in tracing key opportunities in the respective regions.

The final section in the nutrition bars market study offers a detailed analysis of the nutrition bars market players. The section begins with a competitive dashboard that provides a brief overview of the key competitors serving the nutrition bars market. In addition, the competitive structure, key developments made by nutrition bars market competitors, analysis of their strategies and the factors driving the business are discussed in this section.

Research Methodology

The TMR study is based on a detailed nutrition bars market assessment with an extensive primary and desk research and a thorough company analysis. The key aspects taken into consideration while formulating the report on the nutrition bars market include the average selling point, market segments, qualitative inputs, and regional evaluation which are amalgamated to derive key market predictions. Based on historical and current nutrition bars market study TMR analysts have formulated an exclusive market forecast for the forecast period 2018–2026. The current market size forms the basis of the nutrition bars market forecast.

Nutrition Bars Market Taxonomy

Product type

  • Energy Bars
  • Protein-rich  Bars
  • Meal  Replacement  Bars
  • Low  Carbohydrate  Bars


  • Extruded
  • Co-  Extruded
  • Double  Layer
  • Multilayer


  • Weight  Management
  • Sports &  Fitness
  • Functional  Food
  • Diabetes
  • Others


  • Wrappers
    • Clear Wrappers
    • Matte Wrappers
    • Metallic Films
    • Paper Wrappers
  • Boxes
  • Others



  • Organic
  • Conventional

Sales Channel

  • Institutional  Sales
  • Modern  Retail
  • Specialty  Stores
  • Departmental  Stores
  • Online Retail
  • Others

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