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Global Animal Healthcare Market: Snapshot

Animal husbandry and the agriculture are two of the most important industries influencing the economy of any country. It is therefore essential for the farmers and industry owners to ensure that their animals are in good health and in good shape. Due to this growing awareness of animal health, the global animal healthcare market is projected to grow substantially in the coming years. A report by Transparency Market Research provides in-depth analysis of the global animal healthcare market from 2014 to 2019. The report offers 360 degree insights on dynamics that are dominating market. It focuses on facets such as challenges, trends, opportunities, and drivers that are driving the growth of global animal healthcare market from 2014 to 2019.

Global Animal Healthcare Market: Trends and Drivers

New Diseases Affecting the Health of the Animals Boosts the Growth

There are several new diseases that are affecting the animals these days. These diseases can either make the animal seriously ill or can even kill them. It is therefore necessary for the animal’s master to have necessary medications to cure the animals. Moreover, due to such diseases, the necessity of the veterinary clinics near the places where there are animal husbandries or farms. This is also a major factor that is boosting the growth of global animal healthcare market from 2014 to 2019. Some of the active and prominent players of the global animal healthcare market are: Ceva Sante Animale S.A., Elanco Products Company, Boehringer Ingelheim Gmbh and Vetoquinol

Animal Protection Organizations Further Boosts the Growth

There are several non-government organizations that are actively opposing pharmaceutical companies and research organizations that are using live animals as their test subjects. These organizations are one of the major reasons that are boosting the growth of global animal healthcare market during the projected time-frame. However, due to these oppositions, pharmaceutical companies are not able to develop drugs that can help the animals to regain their deteriorating health. This might act as growth hampering factor for the global animal healthcare market. Nevertheless, the companies have started to examine the animals’ health via several survey and are collecting data. This data can help the players to derive effective drug and therapeutics for the animals. As a result of this development, the global animal healthcare market is projected to sustain its growth momentum over the period of 2014 to 2019.

Global Animal Healthcare Market: Segmentation

Vaccine Segment to Witness Maximum Growth in Market

Vaccination is the best protection that any animal owner can provide to its animal. These vaccines improves the immunity of the animal against several diseases. This is the reason that the segment is witnessing massive investments by pharmaceutical companies. The companies are investing a fortune to develop new vaccines that can protect the animals from diseases like hepatitis, cholera, and other viral and bacterial diseases in future. However the report classifies the global animal healthcare market on the basis of product types, animal category, and region. The product type category is segmented into, feed additive, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.

Whereas, the animal category is bifurcated into companion animals and production animals market in the report by Transparency Market Research.

Global Animal Healthcare Market: Regional Analysis

North America Continues to Dominate the Market

On geographical basis the global animal healthcare market is dominated by the North America. This is because, the region is experiencing a massive growth in the demand for better healthcare services in countries like the U.S. and Canada. These countries are investing a massive amount in their annual budget so as to offer better healthcare service in coming years. It is because of these reasons the global animal healthcare market is expected to be dominated by North America on regional front from 2014 to 2019.

This market research report provides a comprehensive overview of the global animal healthcare market in terms of demand patterns, ongoing trends, market size, and future market forecasts. The report discusses the ongoing trends in the animal healthcare market, which have a direct impact on crucial market growth factors such as plans for investment, growth strategies, and innovation. 

The information and data compiled in this research report are based on primary and secondary sources of information and also includes vital inputs from industry experts and professionals. On the basis of tabular and graphical representations presented in this market study, one can clearly understand the growth path taken by the global animal healthcare market over the past couple of years. 

The historical and present-day market data also enables us to analyze the market in terms of production capacities and resource utilization. This in turn throws light on demand and supply patterns. The report provides, with the help of qualitative and quantitative facts, a detailed account of the growing significance of animal health and the subsequent impact of various end-use segments on the global animal healthcare market. 

This report identifies the key participants in the global animal healthcare market and discusses each company in detail, covering information such as business strategies, recent developments, financial performance, product segments, strategic developments, and SWOT analysis. 

Overview of the global animal healthcare market

According to this report, rising incidence of diseases in animals and their subsequent carry-over to human beings owing to consumption of animal products and animal companionship is the main factor that is contributing to the growth of the overall animal healthcare market. Surging global demand for milk and meat and growing population of dietary and companion animals are the other factors which drive the animal healthcare market. 

Rising consumption of meat can be attributed to high income levels, changing lifestyle patterns, and a high population growth rate. The growing trend of pet adoption also fuels the demand for animal healthcare products. 

The research report segments the global animal healthcare market on the basis of animal type, product, and region. On the basis of animal type, the animal healthcare market is classified into production animals and companion animals. 

Based on product type, this market is segmented into vaccines, feed additives, and pharmaceuticals. Owing to a rapidly growing animal population, the segment of feed additives holds the highest share within the product segmentation of the animal healthcare market. 

The segment of vaccines and pharmaceuticals is expected to expand in the forthcoming years owing to high focus on animal immunization and high incidence of animal diseases. Geographically, the global animal healthcare market is led by North America.

Companies mentioned in the research report

This research report identifies and profiles the following companies in the global animal healthcare market: Vetoquinol, Elanco Products Company, Boehringer Ingelheim Gmbh, Ceva Sante Animale, Virbac SA, Novartis Animal Health Inc., Bayer AG, Merial Ltd., Merck & Co. Inc., and Zoetis Inc.

Major geographies analyzed under this research report are: 

  • Europe
  • North America 
  • Asia-Pacific 
  • Rest of the World 

This report gives you access to decisive data such as:

  • Market growth drivers 
  • Factors limiting market growth
  • Current market trends 
  • Market structure
  • Market projections for the coming years 

Key highlights of this report

  • Overview of key market forces propelling and restraining market growth 
  • Up-to-date analyses of market trends and technological improvements
  • Pin-point analyses of market competition dynamics to offer you a competitive edge
  • An analysis of strategies of major competitors 
  • An array of graphics and SWOT analysis of major industry segments 
  • Detailed analyses of industry trends
  • A well-defined technological growth map with an impact-analysis 
  • Offers a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and key product segments

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