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Women’s Bicycle Market

Women’s Bicycle Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Women’s Bicycle Market: Overview

The women’s bicycle market is predicted to register handsome growth in the forthcoming years. Rising practice of uptake of physical activity for exercise among women is resulting in massive demand for women’s bicycle. In urban areas, middle-aged women are increasingly indulging in sport activities such as bike riding to beat work-related stress and mid-life crisis.

Product type, technology, price, distribution channel, and region are the various criteria based on which the women’s bicycle market is studied.

The report on the women’s bicycle market delves into demand drivers, restraints, and growth opportunities to provide insightful information of growth of the said market over the 2020 - 2030 forecast period. Furthermore, the report covers emerging trends, regional dimension, and competitive scenarios which makes it a useful instrument for stakeholders in the women’s bicycle market. Lastly, the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and disruptions in manufacture and sales of women’s bicycle globally is included in this report.

Women’s Bicycle Market: Competitive Landscape

The women’s bicycle market features dominance of some large players that have global presence. R&D for avant-garde products is the focus of large players to consolidate their position in the women’s bicycle market. Brand name and trust of consumers have also helped these players establish their position in the women’s bicycle market. However, competitive prices of a few small players that mostly have presence in regional markets is increasing their shares in these regions.

Top-tier players in the women’s bicycle market include Samchuly Bicycle Co. Ltd., Merida Industry Co. Ltd., Accell Group N.V., Trek Bicycle Corporation, Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Tandem Group plc, Dorel Industries Inc., Tube Investments of India Limited, and Atlas Cycles Limited.

Women’s Bicycle Market: Key Trends

Rapid rise in bike riding practices among urban women for fitness is a key factor behind the growth of women’s bicycle market. Urban women, mainly of middle-age are increasingly taking up sport activities to stay fit and beat stress. Bike riding groups, bike riding clubs are increasingly becoming popular for women to have different types of bike riding experiences.

Rising environment awareness leading to reduced use of motorized vehicles is also fuelling the women’s bicycle market. Individuals both men and women are increasingly reducing the use of motorized vehicle to curb carbon emissions. Individuals are now using bicycles to complete work that are at short distances, and sometimes even for long distances.

Availability of power bikes also known as electric bikes has led to surge in demand for women’s bicycle. Power bikes do not require hard pedaling, and are much suited for long, steep hills that make them choice of women bike enthusiasts for such terrains. Women bike groups, women biking clubs are increasingly become common in urban areas of developing countries. Trend of organized biking of these groups, some of which have annual calendars for year round biking events is attracting participation of women bikers. This further boosts women’s bicycle market.

Women’s Bicycle Market: Regional Assessment

The women’s bicycle market is studied across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific except Japan, Japan, and the Middle East & Africa. Among them, Asia Pacific is a significant region in the women’s bicycle market. Vast practices of bike riding among women in countries in Far East Asia and South Asia for fitness and physical exercise accounts for notable growth of women’s bicycle market in the region. Participation in bike riding events of various fame is common among women in these countries.

Europe is another key region in the women’s bicycle market. Practices of mountain bike riding among women, participation in bike riding spectacles are some key factors behind growth of women’s bicycle market in the region. 

Women’s Bicycle Market

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