Increasing instances of loss of appetite has led individuals to spend on functional and fortified food products. With the growing need for nutrition-rich food products, manufacturers are focusing on developing functional food products blended with health benefiting ingredients such as vitamin and mineral premixes. In addition, food manufacturers are utilizing vitamins and minerals as an important ingredient as it enhances the flavor, functionality, and appeal of the food products. 

global vitamin and mineral premixes market

Transparency Market Research (TMR) states that the global vitamin & mineral premixes market is expected to record a steady CAGR during the forecast period. Vitamin & mineral premixes worth more than US$ 1,000 Mn is expected to be sold by the end of 2026. Shift in preferences of health-conscious customers towards nutrition-dense food products has led to a surge in demand for vitamin and mineral premixes globally. While the outlook on vitamin and mineral premixes looks positive, growing concerns regarding side-effects such as allergic reactions can stymie market growth over the forecast period.

Demand for Vitamin & Mineral Premixes to Remain Concentrated in Food Industry

Bound to fast-paced lifestyle, consumers end up spending on food products that contain high level of calories. Due to increasing consumption of high cholesterol food products, consumers are prone to various diseases such as cardiac issues, diabetes, and obesity. Banking on the growing health requirements of individuals, leading manufacturers are focusing on developing innovative and healthy snacks. To supplement the health requirements of the customers, manufacturers are utilizing an appropriate amount of vitamin and mineral premixes in the food products.

Demand for the vitamin and mineral premixes is also likely to remain high in the animal feed industry. With the increasing adoption of pets among individuals, demand for animal feed products such as composite feed will continue to remain high globally. Surge in production of composite feed for pets, farm animals, and marine animals has led manufacturers to utilize nutritional premixes as an important ingredient. On the account of these factors, growth of the global market is likely to remain positive.

Pharmaceutical Industry to Underscore Lucrative Growth Opportunities

Besides food industry, leading manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly utilizing vitamin and mineral premixes. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly utilizing vitamin and mineral premixes in a range of medications. As vitamin and mineral premixes help in repairing cellular damages, heal wounds, and boost immune system, pharmaceutical manufacturers are utilizing these nutritional premixes in production of medications for organ transplant, heart diseases, birth control pills, and depression.

Also, increasing production of veterinary drugs in the pharmaceutical industry has fuelled demand for nutritional premixes. Veterinary medicines manufacturers are utilizing vitamin and mineral premixes for developing products such as CRD treatment medicines, disinfectants, anti-biotic feed supplements and liver tonic. Also, demand for vitamin and mineral premixes is likely to increase in the production of performance microbials to improve the efficiency of livestock.

Strategic Acquisition and Partnerships to Remain Major Strategies Among Key Players

Major market players are focusing on investing in market strategies such as product launches, collaborations, and strategic acquisitions. Leading firms such as Cargill has recently announced acquisition of Integral Animal Nutrition, which is a feed additive company. In addition, major chemical companies such as BASF SE has partnered with Vital Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. to develop a new product for feed industry. Other key companies operating in the global vitamin & mineral premixes market include Archer Daniels Mildland Company, Koninklijke DSM N.V., Glanbia Plc, Jubilant Life Sciences, and Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.

Transparency Market Research (TMR) provides valuable information on the global vitamin and mineral premixes market in recently generated report, and throws light on the major factors influencing growth of the global market. The report offers analysis for the period, 2017-2026, and in-depth insights pertaining to the growth patterns has been incorporated in this report. Also, crucial information related to the region-wise and segment-wise analysis has been provided in the report that can benefit the readers and clients.

In-depth insights encapsulated in the overview of this report offers perspectives on the current market scenario and growth patterns of the global market. In this section, the report provides important information related to the trends, restraints, and drivers that will influence growth of various segments in the market. In addition to the major factors influencing the global market growth, the report offers in-depth insights related to the cost structure, distributors, pricing analysis, and supply chains.

Also, the report offers important information related to qualitative analysis in the major drivers and recent trends influencing global market growth. On the basis of valuable insights provided in this section of the report, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers can develop informed strategies. Trade magazines and leading journals can also utilize insights offered in the report to their benefit.

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 Competitive Landscape

Crucial information encapsulated in the competitive landscape section of the report offers detailed insights pertaining to the key players in the global market of vitamin and mineral premixes. This section of the report offers detailed insights related to the major strategies that the leading players are adopting, based on which the readers and clients can benefit and understand the influence of these strategies on the global market growth. On the basis of detailed insights offered in the report, clients and readers can formulated effective business strategies.

Research Methodologies

In this section, the report provides perspectives and detailed insights derived through primary and secondary research techniques. Company press releases, interviews with the experts and influencers, industry databases, and investor briefings have been considered in the report before formulating predictions and conclusions. The report also provides quantitative analysis on the basis of extensive research techniques. In-depth insights encapsulated in the report allows the readers and clients to attain a deeper understanding of the growth patterns in global market and make better decisions.

Scope of the Report

Valuable insights offered in the report can be utilized by the readers and clients in various industries to their benefit. Based on the detailed insights offered in this report, new entrants in the global market can understand the current market scenario better, whereas the established firms in the global market can formulate strategies in pace with the recent trends. All in all, detailed insights and perspectives offered in the report can offer imperative information to the readers, investors, key players, and clients for developing effective strategies and better decisions.