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Global TCD Alcohol DM Market: Snapshot

The demand for UV cured adhesives is increasing in flexible packaging and this is anticipated to boost the global TCD alcohol market. The growing demand for UV cured inks is also slated to push the growth of the global TCD alcohol market resulting in the market being worth US$ 26.7 Mn by 2027. The market was worth US$ 14.3 Mn in 2018 and is projected to expand at a 7.2% CAGR from 2019 to 2027 driven by the demand for TDM alcohol for the manufacturing of dimethacrylates. Dimethacrylates are used in various UV curing applications such as inks, electronics, coatings, and adhesives, driving the demand for TCD alcohol.  

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Patent Expiry Could Lead to Backward Integration from Buyers

At present Oxea GmbH is the sole producer of TCD alcohol DM as the technology of producing TCD alcohol DM is patented by this company. However, with the patent expiry date approaching soon, the market dynamics is expected to change. The patent expiry is scheduled for 2023, and is projected to lead to a backward integration from buyers on account of the monopolistic nature of the global TCD alcohol DM market. However, the threat is expected to be negligible.

Use of TCD Alcohol DM in Manufacturing High Performance Surface Coatings to Boost Market

TCD alcohol DM gives enhanced elasticity to final products. It imparts remarkable transparency to products and are therefore, used in the manufacturing of high performance surface coatings. However, propriety technology will pose as a major challenge for the TCD alcohol DM market. On a positive note, the extensive research and development carried out in the field of optoelectronics is estimated to bode well for the market by creating opportunities of growth in the forthcoming years. The high demand for flexible packaging, corrugated containers, commercial printing, and publication is expected to boost the growth of the market.

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Europe to Expand at Fastest Rate in Future

Europe is projected to make the fastest growth in the global TCD alcohol DM market in the coming years. The publication and commercial printing segments are highly developed in European countries and this is expected to further the demand for TCD Alcohol DM in UV inkjet inks. Since the demand is likely to remain high from the packaging market, as this market is thriving, the European TCD alcohol DM market will flourish. North America is also expected to witness a steady growth in the market in the future. Asia Pacific led in 2018, accounting for around 35% of the total market share. Some of the factors attributed to the leading status of Asia Pacific include advancements in electronics industry and rising environmental awareness.

Future Demand for UV Coatings to See an Upward Trend

On the basis of application, the global TCD alcohol DM market is segmented into UV inkjet inks, UV cure coatings, and others. The others segment comprises UV adhesives and optoelectronics. The UV cure coatings segment in 2018 accounted for a massive 45% of the market. The advancements and developments in the electronics industry are behind the growth of the UV coatings market. The market is slated to witness a growth mainly on account of the high demand from Asia Pacific and increasing efforts to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly products. As UV cure coatings offer competitive performance against traditional products, their demand will increase, which is slated to boost the global TCD Alcohol DM in coming years.

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Global TCD Alcohol DM Market: Recent Developments

  • In July 2019, OXEA GmbH announced that the company has decided to further expand its production capacities for TCD Alcohol to the growing meet market demand. The company expects the additional capacity to be available by the second half of 2021.

TCD Alcohol DM Market to Derive Gains from Increasing Applications in Optoelectronic Items

The increasing demand for flexible packaging has further propelled the need for UV cured adhesives, thereby driving the global TCD alcohol DM market. The TCD alcohol market is required to ascend at a critical speed in the coming not many years. This is for the most part because of the expanding application in a few mechanical areas. Further, considerable ascent in the quantity of school going populace in nations like India and China has given a lift to the size of this market. That is on the grounds that TCH alcohol DM is utilized in the assembling of graphite lead.

Alongside this, quick expansion in gadgets industry is relied upon to support the interest for the item. The TCD alcohol is utilized to give a defensive UV covering to the electronic contraptions. Alongside this, expanding application extent of the TCD alcohol covering in vehicles, improvements, media communications, and realistic expressions is projected to emphatically impact the development of the TCD alcohol DM market.

A few alluring properties of the TCD alcohol like higher profitability, better item quality, and eco-accommodating highlights are some different variables expected to support the development of the worldwide TCD alcohol DM market. A few progressing innovative work actuates in the market is ventures to expand a plenty of chances for this market in the impending years. Besides this, improved wetting property and higher refractive feature of the TCD alcohol DM items make them exceptionally attractive in optoelectronic items like photoresists, optical strands, and LCDs, thereby fuelling growth.

On the contrary, factors such as the exhausting oil saves and expanding climate concern relating to the utilization of TCD alcohol DM is a critical factor expected to obstruct the development of the market in the coming not many years. By the by, utilization of TCD alcohol DM for the assembling of UV relieved inks and coatings is ultimately projected to aid in expansion of the global market in the forthcoming years.

TCD Alcohol DM Market - Snapshot

TCD-alcohol DM {3(4),8(9)-dihydroxymethyltricyclo[,6]decane}is popularly used to manufacture of dimethacrylates, which are then commercially utilized in UV curing in various end-use industries. The TCD-alcohol DM market is making strides on the back of growing use of UV curing inks in the food and beverages packaging. They are also being preferred for inks, coatings, adhesives, and electronics. Players who seek a prominent hold over the supply and consumption of the products are relying on backward integration. Rise in demand for specialty coatings that are used in the electronics industry is a key driver for the expansion of the market. Strides in the demand for flexible packaging are projected to spur the growth momentum. Developed world has seen the utilization of TCD-alcohol DM in UV inkjet inks. Thus, vast growth potential of the packaging sector in developed as well as developing economies across the world is a key trend bolstering the revenue prospects in the market. Another promising industry that might spur new opportunity generation is the electronics and semiconductor industry. A great deal of this is recently emanating from the rise in shipping of enterprise electronics and consumer devices in developing regions of the world. However, there is a need for improving the synthesis of the compound for meeting the prevailing environmental regulations of various economies. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has stirred new dynamics in the economic models that have been staple for major economies of the world for so long. Industry players were quick to understand the need for new consumer propositions in the wake of pandemic. In the post-Covid world, businesses are not just shifting their operations to different models for connecting with customers, but also becoming more conscious toward their employees. A growing number of forward looking companies across sectors are keen on adopting new human resource management models to reduce the psychological stresses that have arisen with the fallout of the pandemic. Further, this will help improve the retention of talent and boost economic growth. All these trends will also play a crucial role in shaping the contours of the TCD-alcohol DM market.

TCD Alcohol DM Market – Scope of the Report

Transparency Market Research’s recent report on the global TCD alcohol DM market, with the help of a comprehensive outlook, provides readers with an assessment of the global market landscape. This study on the global TCD alcohol DM market analyzes the market scenario for the period from 2018 to 2027, wherein 2018 is the base year. This report enables readers to make important decisions with regard to their business, with the help of a wealth of information enclosed in the study.

This TMR study on the global TCD alcohol DM market also provides data on developments made by important players and stakeholders operating in the market, along with competition analysis. The report also provides an understanding of strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, along with market trends and restraints in the competition landscape section.

This study also discusses the underlying trends and the impact of various factors on the global TCD alcohol DM market along with their influence on evolution of the market

This study also offers Porter’s five forces analysis, value chain analysis, and regulatory scenario of the global TCD alcohol DM market, in order to elaborate crucial growth strategies of and opportunities for players operating in the market

Key Questions Answered in Global TCD Alcohol DM Market Report

  • How much value does the global TCD alcohol DM market is expected to reach by the end of the forecast period?
  • Which segment currently account for the maximum share of the global TCD alcohol DM market?
  • What are the key factors expected to drive the global TCD alcohol DM market?
  • Which region is likely to be a lucrative market for TCD alcohol DM during the forecast period?
  • What are the essential strategies adopted by key players operating in the global TCD alcohol DM market to expand their geographical presence?
  • What are major advancements in the global TCD alcohol DM market?

This report answers these questions about the global TCD alcohol DM market, aiding major stakeholders and key players in making the right decisions and strategizing for growth of their business

Global TCD Alcohol DM Market: Research Methodology

This TMR report on the global TCD alcohol DM market is based on a complete and comprehensive evaluation of the market, backed by secondary and primary sources. The competition scenario of the global TCD alcohol DM market is supported by an assessment of different factors that influence the market on a minute and granular level. By thoroughly analyzing the historical data and the current trends, researchers of the global TCD alcohol DM market arrived at predictions and estimations, and calculated the market forecast.

This report uses an analytical triangulation method to estimate the numbers of the global TCD alcohol DM market, by using both bottom-up and top-down approaches

This detailed assessment of the global TCD alcohol DM market, along with an overview of the market, is provided based on a careful examination of avenues related to the market. Analysts’ conclusions on how the global TCD alcohol DM market is set to expand are based on carefully vetted primary and secondary sources.

Global TCD Alcohol DM Market: Segmentation

This report on the global TCD alcohol DM market provides segmentation of the market based on application and region


  • UV Cure Coatings
  • UV Inkjet Inks
  • Others


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America

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Tcd Alcohol Dm Market

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