Sugar derived Surfactants Market

Sugar derived Surfactants Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 - 2024


Surfactants are synthetic or natural compounds, which lowers surface tension between liquid and solid or two liquids. Surfactants include ingredients in household products such as personal care and cleaners. Surfactants can be sugar based or vegetable based or petroleum based. Due to improved biodegradability and less toxicity there has been increase in sugar based surfactants. Sugar based surfactants adds benefit to “green chemistry” as it is derived from renewable and natural sources. At commercial level, sugar based surfactants is now available from about more than a decade. Sugar derived surfactants are used in category of products for skin care, laundry and skin. Sugar based surfactants offers more sustainable and stable varieties, which can be used in consumer products, thus driving market demand for sugar derived surfactants.

Sugar derived Surfactants Market Dynamics:

Vegetable derived surfactants usually are unsuitable with polymers, traditional surfactants and conditioning ingredients. These surfactants also face issues related to the stability, foam quality and quantity and they often fail to show and exhibit desirable synthetic ingredients sensory characteristics. So in order to preserve sensory characteristics and to guarantee shelf life sugar derived surfactants were introduced, thus driving market demand. The characteristics features of sugar derived surfactants such as its low toxicity, cheapness, biodegradability, excellent cleaning and washing abilities, environmental compatibility and high surface activity is driving its market demand over synthetic chemicals and surfactants. 

Trends associated to sugar derived surfactants market are liquid laundry products used at home replaced powders since 1990 till today.

Sugar derived Surfactants Market Segmentation:

The sugar derived surfactants market is segmented on the basis of type, application and raw materials. Types of sugar derived surfactants are alkyl polyglycosides (APGs), decyl glucoside and sucrose cocoate. Alkyl polyglycosides are type of sugar derived surfactant, which are used in products like skin and hair care and laundry. Many of the sugar-derived chemicals can fall apart when exposed to acids in water because the link between the water-loving and oil-loving ends of the APG molecules is vulnerable. Also, depending on the variety of the APG produced, the manufacturing process relies on high temperature and pressure and energy-consuming purification steps. Use of alkyl polyglycosides is increasing at an alarming rate in comparison to petroleum based surfactants. Application of sugar based surfactants are in biotechnology, cosmetic and personal care, medicine, agriculture, environment protection and others. Raw materials can be segmented into monomeric (fructose, glucose and sorbitol), polymeric (cellulose, dextrins, starch, chitin and pectin) and dimeric (lactose and sucrose).

Sugar derived Surfactants Regional Outlook:

Geographically, the sugar derived surfactants industry can be divided  by major regions which include North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Japan, Middle East and Africa. In volume terms Europe is market leader for the use of sugar derived surfactants followed by North America. Asia Pacific is also expected to be the growing market for sugar derived surfactants. Asia Pacific is one of the major producer of sugar cane and thus, procurement of sugar derived surfactants is easy in that region. Countries like China and India have wide presence of personal care industries and agricultural industries, which is thus expected to increase the market demand for sugar derived surfactants. Increasing consumer demand for natural products is driving the market in developing regions. It can be inferred that the market growth of the sugar derived surfactants would be proportional in nature with the respective growth rates of end use industries as the sugar derived surfactants is a crucial aspect of their manufacturing process. Value additions by suppliers backed by maintenance & service would be a determining factor of the market.

Sugar derived Surfactants Market Players:

The major players identified across the value chain of sugar derived surfactants market include Clariant, Procter and Gamble, Stepan Company, Church and Dwight Co., Inc., Solvay, Lonza, Unilever, Cargill, Incorporated, Kao Corporation and others.


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