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Self-Care Medical Devices Market - Snapshot

Nonprofessionals make use of self-care medical devices without any intervention of physicians. Self-care devices comprise dental implants, throat lozenges, contact lens for eye, and nasal sprays. These self-care devices are used in the monitoring of body temperatures, blood pressure, nasal sprays, and daily blood glucose levels.

A rise in the prevalence of various chronic diseases has led to the growth of global self-care medical devices market. Self-care medical devices assist in better patient compliance and improvement in the disease management. The recent entry of topnotch technologies has made the invention of a smart tract with real-time health monitoring feature a reality. In addition, rising awareness amongst the common people regarding these devices has further led growth of the global self-care medical devices market in the years to come.

Wearable Technology to Open up New Opportunities for Market Growth in Near Future

Augmented knowledge of one’s condition of health and advantages pertaining to use of medical gadgets like glucose monitors and insulin pumps is further likely to pave way for the success of the global self-care medical devices market over the years of assessment. In addition to that, manufacturers of these devices are making relentless efforts to offer portable and easy to use devices. Portable and user-friendly devices are likely to encourage patients to adopt a more active role in keeping a track of their health. Furthermore, various awareness programs by medical associations are likely to assist in widening the scope of the global self-care medical devices market.

Some of the self-care medical devices are mentioned as below

  • Body Temperature Monitors
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Devices
  • Sleep Apnea Monitors
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Pedometers

Advancement in technology has always played a significant role in product innovation and has helped in the introduction of user-friendly devices. Existing trends in the global self-care medical devices market exhibit that wearable technology has made use of gadgets a lot easier on regular basis.

Self-care medical devices are used for measuring and monitoring various vital parameters of a patient. These devices play an important role in monitoring blood sugar level, heart rate, hypertension and other conditions.These devices measure, monitor, display and document physiological information obtained at regular intervals via sensors or other input devices attached to a patient.Increasingemphasis on preventive medicine is expected to widen the market for self-care medical devices. The global self-care medical devices market is estimated to be USD 10.5 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach USD 16.8 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 7.0% from 2013 to 2019. Risingincidence of chronic diseases as well as lifestyle disorders (obesity, diabetes, hypertension and others) coupled with increasing healthcare awareness are driving the demand forself-care medical devices market globally.

Self-care medical devices are further segmented as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body temperature monitors, heart rate monitors, sleep apnea monitors and others. Thesedevices are used forprimary care by patients, witnessing a paradigm shift intreatment from hospital to home based healthcare. Manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative digital blood pressure monitoring devices that are portable, easy to use and provide accurate readings instantly. Blood glucose monitors accounted for the largest market share in the year 2012 as compared to other self-care medical devices. Sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits coupled with growing geriatric population has resultedin a steady rise in the number of individuals diagnosed with diabetes.In addition, technological advancements and increasing awareness about managing diabetes are the factors accentuating the growth of the market for blood glucose monitors during the forecast period.

North America contributed the largest share, i.e. over 40%, in 2012 of the global self-care medical devices market. The rising incidence of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases isthe major driving factor for the growth of self-care medical devices market in the North American region. Preference for home based healthcare monitoring has led to reduction of frequent visits to clinics and hospitals, consequentlyincreasing the uptake of self-care medical devices.The Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness the fastest growth due to expanding population coupled with sedentary lifestyle and rising stress levels. A high prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in middle income nations,as compared to that in high-income nations,has left a largenumber of people undiagnosed and untreated. However, growing awareness among these people has triggered the demand for self-care medical devices and is expected to further grow during the forecast period.

In terms of key players, the global self-care medical devices market is highly fragmented with presence of a large number of players that include Roche, Philips Healthcare, Omron Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson, 3M Healthcare, among others. 

Global Self-care Medical Devices Market: Overview

Self-care medical devices find application in monitoring and measuring different vital parameters of a patient. They are typically employed in measuring heart rate, blood sugar level, hypertension, and other conditions. They provide crucial physiological information gathered at regular intervals through sensors or other input devices attached to a patient.

Some of the popular self-care medical devices available in the market are blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, body temperature monitors, pedometers, sleep apnea monitors, pregnancy/fertility test kits, and heart rate monitors. Among them, the blood glucose monitors hold a leading share in the market. This is because of the alarming increase in blood sugar mostly on account of sedentary lifestyle of people and their unhealthy dietary habits. The burgeoning elderly population too is responsible for the surging sales of the blood glucose monitors.

Global Self-care Medical Devices Market: Trends and Opportunities

The market for self-care medical devices has experienced a steady growth trajectory because of the increasing emphasis on preventive medicines. Such devices are mainly used for primary care by patients. This again is mainly a result of a switch to home-based healthcare from hospitals. This coupled with increasing instances of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc. and soaring awareness about healthcare are serving to catalyze growth in the market.

Another factor driving up demand in the self-care medical devices market is the constant thrust on product innovation that has led to the emergence of innovative digital blood pressure monitoring devices which are easy to use, portable, and offer instant accurate readings.

This market for self-care medical devices is also expected to be boosted by the remote communication technology that allows medical professionals to interpret the results from such devices for proper diagnosis.

Global Self-care Medical Devices Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, North America dominates the market for self-care medical devices market with maximum share. The dominance of the region has been primarily brought about by the rising instances of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases owing to the unhealthy eating habits, pressing schedule, and unhealthy lifestyle of people. Besides, growing preference for healthcare monitoring at home since it reduces the need to visit hospitals and clinics has also served to boost the market in the region.

Asia Pacific is another key market for self-care medical devices which is expected to surpass all others in terms of growth rate owing to the densely populated fast-expanding emerging economies in the region. With more people entering the workforce in the region and the subsequent growing pool of middle-class people having increasing means to spend on healthcare and who are also highly prone to lifestyle-related disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, the market is expected to progress at a healthy clip.

Companies Mentioned in the Report

Prominent companies operating in the global market for self-care medical devices profiled in the report are GE Healthcare, 3M Healthcare, Medtronic, Inc., Abbott Laboratories, Johnson and Johnson, and Philips Healthcare. The report sheds light on their winning strategies and product portfolios. It also tries to gauge their prospects in the future by gauging their current sales and revenues and market shares. It banks upon analytical tools such as SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces to uncover the opportunities and pitfalls they are likely to encounter in their race to capture greater market share.

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