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Radar Altimeters Market

Radar Altimeters Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019 - 2027

A radar system uses radio waves to calculate the range, velocity or angle of an objects. It is used to detect aircraft, spacecraft, ships, guided missiles, and weather formations. Radar altimeter is a device that is used to calculate the altitude attained by any object above a fixed surface. A radar altimeter consists of a transmitter and a receiver. An antenna which acts as a transmitter sends a beam of radio signal towards the object. The distance is calculated by time interval between the transmitted and the received signals and it is measured either in meters or feet above a fixed surface. Radar altimeters are used by pilots for navigating their aircraft or spacecraft and to monitor their height above the earth’s surface.

Market Dynamics: Global Radar Altimeters

The global radar altimeters market is primarily driven by wide range of applications such as defense operation, commercial aircraft, and adventure sports. In military application, radar altimeters are used in fighter aircraft, ships or in vehicle for detection of objects. During war situation, to attack on enemy’s aircraft, radar altimeter is used to detect its exact location, or in naval operation to find out the exact location of suspects ship or submarine, radar altimeter is used. For safety and security applications, governments of various countries have increased their investments for deployment of more number of fighter aircraft, which is analyzed to be a prime factor supporting the growth of radar altimeters market over the globe. The use of radar altimeter for altitude measurement, has resulted in radar altimeters being an import component in the commercial aircrafts as well.

Moreover, the air passenger traffic has been reported increasing rapidly owing to increased consumer spending fueled by update in lifestyle and saving travel time. Consequently increasing the demand for commercial aircrafts, thereby propelling the growth of radar altimeters market in commercial airspace. Additionally, in adventure sports, mountaineers and sky divers also use radar altimeter as it helps in identifying their exact location. Furthermore, in spacecraft, radar altimeters are used for navigation purpose. The government of various countries, have increased their investment in space missions to explore the universe.

Hence, with increase in number of space mission demand for radar altimeter is also expected to increase, which is anticipated to offer prominent growth opportunity to the global radar altimeters market. However, in adverse climatic condition, such as bad weather, rainy condition there might be problem in radar altimeter to navigate and functioning correctly. Also, during increase in number of wind turbulence, radar altimeter may not work properly which is anticipated to be a major factor restraining the growth of the global radar altimeters market.

Market Segmentation: Global Radar Altimeters

The global radar altimeters market has been segmented based on type, component, application and region. Based on type, the global radar altimeters market can be classified into pulse radar and frequency modulated continuous wave radar. Based on component, the market can be segmented into antenna, duplexer, transmitter, receiver, and video amplifier. Based on application, the radar altimeters market can be segmented into defense operation, commercial aircraft, and environmental and weather monitoring among others. Additionally, based on geography the radar altimeters market is further segregated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. 

Key Players:

Some of the key players operating in the global radar altimeters market with significant developments include Honeywell International Inc., Garmin Ltd., Aspen Avionics, Inc., AeroControlex, Avidyne Corporation, David Clark Company, Electronics International, Inc., Aerosonic Corporation, JP Instruments, Collins Aerospace, Selex ES Inc - A Leonardo Company, and Leonardo – Società per azioni, among others. For instance, in order to provide the best end-quality for customers, Selex ES Inc - A Leonardo Company developed the digital radar altimeter which is the first based on a full digital architecture.


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