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Propyl Acetate Market

Propyl Acetate Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 - 2024

Propyl Acetate Market: Overview

Propyl acetate, also known as propyl ethanoate, is an ester. It is clear, colorless liquid commonly used in fragrances and as a flavor additive. Normal propyl acetate (also known as n-propyl acetate or 1-propyl acetate) is an organic compound with the molecular formula C?H??O?. It is formed by the esterification of acetic acid and 1-propanol (known as condensation reaction), often using Fischer–Speier esterification process. In this reaction, sulfuric acid acts as a catalyst and water is produced as a byproduct. Propyl acetate is found in apples. It is a flavoring agent. It belongs to the family of carboxylic acid esters. These are carboxylic acid derivatives in which a carbon atom from the carbonyl group is attached to an alkyl or oaryl moiety through an oxygen atom (forming an ester group). Propyl acetate is used primarily as a solvent for liquid, rotogravure printing inks and flexographic printing inks. Its other applications include coatings, wood lacquers, aerosol sprays, nail care products, cosmetics, and fragrances. The solvency and thinnability of propyl acetate is comparable to ethyl acetate. It dissolves several natural and synthetic resins (for example, cellulose nitrate, acrylates, alkyl resins, plasticizers, waxes, oils, and fats) and is thus an extremely suitable solvent for wood lacquers and industrial finishes.

Propyl Acetate Market: Dynamics and Trends

Propyl acetate is produced by direct esterification of the corresponding alcohol with acetic acid in the presence of sulfuric acid, p-toluenesulfonic acid, methanesulfonic acid, or a strong cationic resin used as a catalyst. 1-propanol can also undergo ester interchange with methyl acetate or ethyl acetate in the presence of a strong cationic exchange resin and produce n-propyl acetate. Propyl acetate is one of the organic solvents, collected in factories all over Japan and analyzed by gas chromatography. In liquid and vapor forms, propyl acetate is flammable. Propyl acetate vapors are explosive. They are heavier than air. They can spread across to long distances and accumulate in low-lying areas. These vapors are stable at recommended temperatures and pressures. Exposure to elevated temperatures can cause propyl acetate to decompose. Propyl acetate is incompatible with alkali metal hydroxides (such as sodium hydroxide), nitric acid, and strong oxidizers. Hence, propyl acetate should not be brought in contact with these compounds. Propyl acetate has medium evaporation rate and it is a non-HAP (hazardous air pollutant) solvent. It promotes flow and leveling in a variety of formulations. The compound is highly flammable with flash point of 14°C and flammability rating of 3. It is highly miscible with all common organic solvents (such as alcohols, ketones, glycols, esters), but has only slight miscibility with water.

Propyl Acetate Market: Segmentation

The propyl acetate market can be segmented by grade (mil spec, reagent & technical grade, agricultural & pharmaceutical grade, and optical grade), by application (food additives & ingredients, solvents, paints & coatings, and others), and by region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa).

Propyl Acetate Market: Region-wise Outlook

Currently, North America and Europe lead the global propyl acetate market. Asia Pacific and MEA are estimated to be the leading markets for propyl acetate during the forecast period. Government targets and policy support in the two regions are factors likely to drive the propyl acetate market in APAC and MEA.

Propyl Acetate Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global propyl acetate market include Eastman Chemical Company, DOW Chemical Co. Ltd., and KH Chemicals Ltd. 

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