Global Polypropylene Compound Market: An Overview

Polypropylene (PP) or polypropene, is a thermoplastic polymer created via chain-growth polymerization from the monomer propylene.

The global polypropylene compound market is expected to register a robust growth during 2018-2028. The growing opportunities in consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and packaging industries. The polypropylene compound market will also witness the emergence of various light-weight vehicle applications.  

Polypropylene is a member of polyolefins group. It is non-polar and partially crystalline. Its natural qualities are in line with polyethylene, however offers more hardness and better heat resistance. Polypropylene is white in color. It is widely used in industries as it offers high chemical resistance along with a mechanical ruggedness. Thanks to these qualities, the material offers various applications in labeling and packaging. Moreover, it is the second most used plastic after polyethylene.

Polypropylene compounds can also provide transparency for industrial applications, however it is limited in its scope as compared to other plastics like acrylic, polystyrene, and others.

The polypropylene compound market continues to grow, thanks to wide range of existing applications such as manufacturing piping systems, products for laboratory use, food containers, and clear bags. The use of polypropylene compound in manufacturing pipes is especially seeing a rising demand. The material offers high rigidity, strength, and purity for manufacturing piping systems. These systems used often in hydronic heating, portable plumbing, and reclaimed water are expected to create significant opportunities in the polypropylene compound market.

Global Polypropylene Compound Market: Notable Developments

  • Researchers from the University of Sheffield have discovered a new way to provide extra protection for homes from fires. They used old recycled materials from tires to protect concrete from damage. These materials involve fibres extracted from the polypropylene textiles. These fibres have also reduce the spall tendencies of concrete and is likely to aid the construction process. 

Many modern techniques use PP based fibers to reduce fire spalling. However, the latest technique shows that used tire fibers are more useful than raw materials. The results of the study are published in the fire journal Fire Technology. 

  • ExxonMobil has announced plans to construct a new polypropylene production plant in the US Gulf Coast in Louisiana. The plant will expand the manufacturing capacity of its local unit by 4, 50,000 tons per year. 

The polypropylene plant is expected to serve demand for enhancing the performance and safety of every consumer products. The plant will also cater to growing demand for light-weight auto parts which are projected to rise in demand, thanks to growing concerns surrounding fuel-efficiency.

Global Polypropylene Compound Market: Key Trends

The rising expansion of automotive and electronics industry are expected to drive growth of the global polypropylene compound market. The key application of plastics in reducing vehicle weight along with increased protection, and stringent demands regarding sustainability are expected to create several new opportunities for growth in the polypropylene compound market. These opportunities are expected to drive major growth in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

China is quickly emerging as a major manufacturer of automobiles. The country is upping its demand for the polymer significantly, thanks to expanding automotive and construction industry. on the other hand, the instability of prices in the raw material market can limit growth of the polypropylene compound market. Polypropylene compounds are derived from petroleum products. Due to instability in petroleum product prices, the polypropylene compound market can witness some setbacks in the near future.

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Polypropylene Compound Market

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