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Machine Builders Join Fight against COVID-19 to Produce PET Disinfectant Bottles

Companies in the PET preform machines market are joining the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Sidel— a global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging, transformed its stretch-blow molding development center to a production of PET hand sanitizer bottles to support hospitals and pharmacies in France. Looking at such instances, other companies in the PET preform machines market are increasing efforts to distribute disinfectant bottles to healthcare facilities amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Due to the unprecedented demand for hand sanitizers and disinfectants in healthcare and pharmacies, PET manufacturers are increasing their production capabilities to reduce the shortage of medical products. These manufacturers are capitalizing on the COVID-19 crisis to boost their credibility by donating preforms and caps to make PET hand sanitizer bottles.

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Computer Vision Technology Systems Provide Useful Data about PET Preform Machines

Ensuring total quality control over products is boosting the credibility of companies in the PET preform machines market. For instance, SACMI— a leading manufacturer of processing machines has gained efficacy in the artificial vision technology to deploy cavity recognition and grid inspection during production processes. Companies in the PET preform machines market are increasing efforts to develop proprietary technologies that ensure total quality control over products. Such introduction of new technologies is boosting the revenue for the market, which is estimated to reach a value of ~US$ 12 Bn by the end of 2028.

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The computer vision technology is bringing about a change in the industry 4.0 revolution. Hence, companies in the market for PET preform machines are increasing their production capabilities to develop remote vision monitoring systems that allow complete inspection of products. They are increasing efforts to develop systems that provide a wealth of data about the machine status, counters, and alarms.

Full-hydraulic PET Preform Machines Bolster Production Rates for Clients in F&B Sector

Companies in the PET preform machines market are entering into strategic partnerships to accelerate the production of products. For instance, K-Tec— a provider of professional engineering services collaborated with Trexel Inc.— a specialist in placing microcellular bubbles inside injection-molded parts and Foboha GmbH, a tools manufacturer in Germany, to deploy fast cycle times and high-speed injection rates in developing PET preforms. There is the growing demand for high accuracy and high uptime PET preform machines that are capable of delivering exceptional precision and repeatability in production processes.

Novel injection molding machines that require minimum maintenance are gauging high demand in the PET preform machines market. Such innovative machines are boosting the expansion of the market for PET preform machines. Thus, equipment manufacturers are increasing the availability of machines with full hydraulic configurations to bolster production outputs. These novel machines are meeting requirements for customized solutions of clients in F&B and pharmaceutical sectors.

Special Recycling Lines Eliminate Challenges Associated with Effective PET Disposal

The circular economy is growing as a buzzword in the PET preform machines market. Hence, recyclers play a major role in successfully disposing off PET products and containers. However, technical limitations such as material losses after washing and grinding of PET bottles are affecting the process of recycling activities.

Recyclers lack the equipment to process PET fines into high-quality materials, thus resulting in inferior application of recycled PET. Thus, stringent regulations pertaining to plastic are slowing down the growth of the PET preform machines market. Hence, recyclers are increasing their R&D efforts to establish advanced recycling lines that maintain the special characteristics of PET fines. For instance, Starlinger— a supplier of machinery for producing woven plastic packaging, plastic recycling, and refinement is increasing efforts to develop special recycling lines for PET fines. As such, beverage producer Vöslauer Mineralwasser in Austria is making circular economy as part of its company philosophy and is increasing efforts to utilize 100% recycled raw materials. Thus, circular innovations are boosting the growth for the market for PET preform machines.

pet preform machines market segmentation

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

Machine builders are transforming their stretch-blow molding development centers into PET manufacturing units to distribute hand sanitizers and disinfectant bottles at hospitals and pharmacies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, they are increasing awareness about special recycling lines that maintain all properties of discarded PET bottles and containers for further use as raw materials.

The PET preform machines market is projected to advance at a favorable CAGR of 6% during the forecast period. However, clients in the F&B and pharmaceutical sectors are encountering quality defects in preforms, thus hampering the expansion of the market. Hence, machine builders should address these issues by acquiring proficiency in the computer vision technology to ensure total quality control over preforms.

PET Preform Machines Market: Overview

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest report on the global PET preform machines market for the historical period of 2014 - 2019 and forecast period of 2020 - 2028, the market is anticipated to be driven by growing demand of PET based packaging containers in the food & beverages industry. The global PET preform machines market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for PET bottles for mineral water, energy drinks, and many other products packaging further boosting growth of PET preform machines market across the globe. 

Need for Advanced Technologies for Increasing Production Efficiencies Driving PET Preform Machines Market

  • Increasing production costs results in minimized profits. Nowadays, end users are planning to reduce production cost to achieve better profits in future. Cost of PET preform machines plays an important role in making strategic decisions. 
  • Also, it is a major influencing factor in the decision-making process to adopt advanced packaging technology 
  • Key players in PET preform machines market are focusing on developing such products, which will optimize the cost of the products with increasing production rate. PET preform machines are proving to be instrumental in decreasing costs, along with significant increment in the production capabilities through increased speed, reduction of bottlenecks, and capability to run 24/7. Industries, especially in some countries, are facing high labor costs and lack of skilled labor. 
  • Adoption of new technology-based PET preform machines eliminates the need to constantly find and train a new workforce, which allows employers to allocate more value-adding tasks to the available workforce, which in turn can reduce labor turnover through improved workplace conditions 

Integration of Components and Reduction in Change-over Time

  • Change-over time is the single major challenge faced by most of the manufacturers in different end-use industries. A recent trend observed in the market is the growing demand for the PET preform machines offering less change-over time. 
  • This will not only help companies to reduce the shutdown period of the plant but also increase their production output. Significant reduction in the change-over time is encouraging manufacturers to opt for automated packaging solutions.

PET Preform Machines Market: Key Findings

  • As per orientation, linear PET preform machines remains prominent in the global market. Linear PET preform machines are expected to create incremental revenue opportunity of nearly US$ 2.7 Bn during the forecast period. PET preforms manufactured using linear machines are used for large capacity packaging products.
  • In order to increase production rate, end users have more demand for 50 to 100 mould cavity PET preform machines. This segment is anticipated to hold more than 1/3rd market share of the global PET preform machines market.
  • TMR witnessed that the PET preform machines are highly preferred for food and beverage product packaging. Therefore, by the end of 2028, these applications are expected to account for more than 30% cumulative market share. Following this, the global market of PET preform machines in pharmaceutical industries is expected to gain by 100 bps of current market share, by the end of 2028. 
  • As per screw diameter, most of the end users are preferring 61 to 120 mm diameter based PET preform machines
  • In terms of market share, Asia Pacific is a prominent region in the global PET preform machines market. Expansion of pharmaceutical and beverage industries are the key factors for the rapid growth of PET preform machines market in Asia Pacific countries. 

PET Preform Machines Market: Competition Landscape

  • TMR analyzed that the global PET preform machines market is highly competitive, owing to new start-ups and entry of local players. This completion among key players is carefully studied based on developments, strategies, and segmental revenue of the company over the past five years. 
  • In the recent study of PET preform machines market, TMR team included profiles of leading players. This includes
    • Toshiba Machine Co Ltd
    • KraussMaffei Group GmbH
    • Magnum Group
    • Polymechplast Machines Ltd.
    • Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
    • S.I.P.A. S.p.A
    • Nissei Asb Machine Co., Ltd.
    • Demark (Shanghai) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Pet All Manufacturing Inc.
    • Iboplast Srl
    • OIMA Srl
    • Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
    • CYPET Technologies
    • Huayan Americas
    • Jon Wai Machinery Works Co., Ltd.. 
  • TMR differentiated these players as Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 as per their segmental earnings. Among these players, Toshiba Machines Co. Ltd. and Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. are identified as Tier 1 players. In 2019, these companies hold a cumulative market share of ~12%-15%. The Tier 2 players are S.I.P.A. Spa, Nissei Asb Machine Co., and KraussMaffei Group GmbH. Tier 3 players are Magnum Group, Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, CYPET Technologies, and Jon Wai Machinery Works Co., Ltd., among others.

COVID - 19 to Slowdown Growth Opportunities of PET Preform Machines Market in 2020

  • Post COVID – 19, the global PET preform machines market is expected to decline in 2020 with a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 3.5% from 5.3% in 2019. This projection is as per the ongoing challenges in the expansion of key industries, including food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, which are the biggest consumer of PET preform machines. 
  • Besides this, the World Trade Organization (WTO) predicted that world trade is expected to fall by 14% to 31% by 2020. This is mainly due to disruption of product management, distribution network, restrictions on trading activities, and continuously changing financial conditions and tariffs in many countries amidst the COVID - 19 pandemic. The trade war between the United States and China is also impacting the demand and supply of PET preform machines. 
  • As per TMR analysis, sluggish demand for PET preform machines is expected in 2020. However, with the better planning and decisions of the regulatory authorities and key players, the PET preform machines market is expected to gain traction among end users 2021 onward. 

PET Preform Machines Market - Scope of the Report

Transparency Market Research (TMR) started a new study on the global PET preform machines market, providing forecast for the period of 2020-2028. In the study, growth opportunity for the PET preform machines market is witnessed. The report provides valuable insights, which enable readers to make winning business decisions for future growth of their businesses. The report highlights significant factors that are constantly determining the growth of the PET preform machines market, untapped opportunities for manufacturers, trends and developments, and other insights across various key segments. Macroeconomic factors that are directly or indirectly affecting market growth are also incorporated in the report.

Key Questions Answered in TMR’s PET Preform Machines Market Report

  • What will be market size for PET preform machines by the end of 2028?
  • What will be the impact of COVID 2019 on PET preform machines market?
  • Which paper grade is expected to be most preferred for PET preform machines? What was its market size in 2019?
  • Which is the most preferred mould cavity for PET preform machines in the global market?
  • Which region will remain most lucrative for market growth?
  • Which are the top five countries of PET preform machines market?
  • Which application holds maximum market share in the global PET preform machines market?
  • Who are major key players in the PET preform machines market?

Key indicators associated with the PET preform machines market have been calculated thoroughly in the report. The study enumerates vital market dynamics such as key drivers, challenges, and trends, along with opportunities in the global PET preform machines market. A comprehensive study on the value chain, which includes component suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and end users have been incorporated in the global market report. Other key aspects laid down in the market include pricing strategy of leading market players and comparative analysis of PET preform machines. Furthermore, forecast factors and forecast scenarios of the PET preform machines market have been covered in the report to understand future prospects of the market.

A comprehensive evaluation and forecast on the PET preform machines market are provided on the orientation, mould cavity, screw diameter, end use, and region.

Y-o-Y growth comparison, volume and revenue comparison, and market share comparison of various market segments are provided in the report. The PET preform machines market is analyzed at both regional and country levels.

The report delivers an exhaustive assessment on the structure of the PET preform machines market, in tandem with a dashboard view of all leading company profiles in the report. Every company’s share analysis on market players have also been presented in the report, apart from the footprint matrix of profiled market players. The report depicts the presence of PET preform machines manufacturers by leveraging an intensity map. It also highlights key end users for PET preform machines.

The report includes company overview of key players. Some of the key companies profiled in the PET preform machines market report include Toshiba Machine Co Ltd, KraussMaffei Group GmbH, Magnum Group, Polymechplast Machines Ltd., Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., S.I.P.A. S.p.A, Nissei Asb Machine Co., Ltd., Demark (Shanghai) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Pet All Manufacturing Inc., Iboplast Srl, OIMA Srl, Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., CYPET Technologies, Huayan Americas, and Jon Wai Machinery Works Co., Ltd., among others.

Research Methodology

A realistic methodology, along with a holistic approach makes the base for sharp insights, which are provided in the PET preform machines market for the study evaluation period. The TMR report comprises of detailed information on growth prospects, along with riveting insights into the forecast assessment of the market.

Extensive primary and secondary researches have been employed to garner keen insights into the forecast study of the PET preform machines market. The report has further gone through a cross-validation by in-house professionals to make the PET preform machines market report one-of-its-kind, with the highest credibility.

PET Preform Machines Market: Segmentation

The global PET preform machines market has been divided on the basis of orientation, mould cavity, screw diameter, end use, and region. Each of these segments are analyzed to provide readers with holistic view of the market.


  • Linear
  • Rotary

Mould Cavity

  • Less than 50
  • 50 to 100
  • 101 to 150
  • More than 150

Screw Diameter

  • Less than 30 mm
  • 30 to 60 mm
  • 61 to 120 mm
  • More than 120 mm

End Use

  • Food and Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Homecare
  • Others


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Middle East & Africa


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