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Malagasy Plant Extracts Gain Visibility in Capsules for Treatment of COVID-19

The Malagasy plant extracts are gaining increased popularity during the coronavirus situation. Pharmaceutical companies in the organic herbal extracts market are capitalizing on this opportunity to produce capsules using Malagasy plant extracts that hold promising potentials to treat COVID-19. This trend is prominent in Madagascar and other African countries where there is abundance for the Malagasy plant. Thus, African manufacturers can upgrade their supply and export chains to tap into revenue opportunities during the pandemic. As such, medications with anti-malarial properties are being highly publicized for treatment of coronavirus in patients. This factor is likely to drive the organic herbal extracts market.

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Clean Labels Help Prevent Adverse Events Caused Due to Yeast Extracts

The organic herbal extracts market is slated to register a favorable CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period. Manufacturers are diversifying their production in yeast extracts that act as flavoring agents in beverages and bread. However, it has been found that many individuals experience mild flushing on their skin and headaches after consuming foods and beverages made from yeast extracts. Hence, manufacturers should incorporate clean labels on products to make people aware about the product’s ingredients. They are working with the medical community to establish the judicial use of yeast extracts in food and beverage (F&B) products.

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EU Organic Regulations Help Innovate in F&B Products

Apart from food and essential oils, manufacturers in the organic herbal extracts market are unlocking revenue opportunities in cosmetics and personal care products. This explains why the organic herbal extracts market is predicted to reach US$ 8.4 Bn by the end of 2030. Manufacturers are increasing their product portfolio in organic and certified flavors in F&B products. In order to expand their business in Europe, companies are adhering to the EU organic regulations to innovate in F&B products.

Health and Nutrition Industries Establish Stable Revenue Streams for Manufacturers

Botanical extracts are being highly publicized for innovations in the health and nutrition industries. Nexira— a supplier of acacia, natural ingredients, and botanical extracts is expanding its business streams in health, nutrition, and F&B products, owing to growing awareness about organic and herbal ingredients in products. The burgeoning demand for natural and high quality products are acting as growth drivers for the organic herbal extracts market. The clean label movement is fueling market growth, since growing awareness about dietary benefits of organic ingredients is surging in the market landscape.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

Green tea and spirulina extracts are emerging as potential ingredients for developing COVID-19 medications. Essential oil extracts are offering therapeutic benefits to individuals with insomnia and mental illnesses. However, possible side effects such as burning of eyes, nausea, and shortness of breath are likely to inhibit growth for the organic herbal extracts market. Hence, manufacturers should adopt clean label in products to educate consumers about the product’s ingredients. As such, companies are increasing the availability of safely sourced ingredients due to the consumer demand for natural and premium quality products. They are innovating in GMO-free and minimally processed F&B products to establish stable revenue streams in the market landscape.

Organic Herbal Extracts Market: Overview

  • The global organic herbal extracts market’s value stood over US$ 5.2 Bn in 2020, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a recent study. According to the report, the market is expected to cross US$ 8.4 Bn by 2030, at a CAGR of 4.8%.
  • North America holds the largest share of 34.7% of the global organic herbal extracts market, as major manufacturers of organic herbal extracts are concentrated in this region
  • The estimated 3,000 known essential oils, approximately 150 essential oils, are of commercial importance and currently traded across the globe. Essential oils commonly used for commercial and domestic purposes include lavender, chamomile, peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, geranium, jasmine, rose, lemon, orange, rosemary, frankincense, and sandalwood.
  • India is one of the largest producers and exporters of spices and herbs. Moreover, India also produces and exports various organic herbal extracts such as organic spice extracts, organic essential oils, and other organic herbal across the globe.

Organic Herbal Extracts Market: Market Frontrunners

  • The cosmetics & personal care segment holds the highest CAGR of 9% of the India organic herbal extracts market, owing to the increasing adoption and demand for organic and natural products in cosmetics and personal care
  • The spice & herbs source segment accounts for the largest share of 79.5% of the market, owing to increasing application of spice and herbs in food & beverages and cosmetics & personal care industries
  • Liquid organic herbal extracts are anticipated to witness the highest CAGR of 5.8% due to their easy adoption and accessibility of various food & beverage predations and cosmetics products

Organic Herbal Extracts Market: Key Market Trends

  • Shifting consumer preference from clean to clear label: Clean label is a macro trend that is evolving and expanding as younger generations enter the workforce and gain buying power, thus influencing trends. Understanding what consumers are looking for on their label affects almost every aspect of product development. Clean label consumers still want a short, understandable ingredient list. They also aspire for a clear label, meaning that the products they are purchasing are sustainably sourced and packaged, and are safe for the environment and people. The rapidly shifting preference of consumers from clean label herbal extracts to clear label herbal extracts is expected to boost the sales of organic herbal extracts across the globe.
  • Increased positioning of products free from GMOs, gluten, peanuts, soy, and other allergens: The precarious nature of consumers has always been the reason behind market dynamics. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, consumers are extremely careful about their choices of ingredients. This reasonable health-consciousness and prudence in consumers are favoring pure and naturally developed herbal extracts. The absence of genetically modified organisms, gluten, soy, and dairy in botanical extracts is sparking interest in new consumers all over the world. Consumers’ increasing preferences for herbal extracts that are free from any additives, preservatives, and chemicals are expected to increase the sales of organic herbal extracts across the globe.

Organic Herbal Extracts Market: Strategies

  • Leading manufacturers of organic herbal extracts are taking a structured approach for the production and development of new products using appropriate analytical methodologies to ensure quality control
  • Manufacturers in the global organic herbal extracts market are focusing on cutting-edge technology and sophisticated processes in order to help their innovation capabilities. They are investing in the research and development of new products in order to provide to changing preferences of its consumers.

Organic Herbal Extracts Market: Market Players

  • Some of the market participants operating in the global organic herbal extracts market identified across the value chain include
    • Ransom Naturals Ltd.
    • Nature's Way Products, LLC
    • Synergy Flavors
    • Döhler
    • Gaia Herbs
    • Natrol, LLC
    • Oregon’s Wild Harvest
    • Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd.
    • Herb Pharm
    • Arjuna Natural Pvt. Ltd.
    • Nutra Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    • Select Botanical
    • Blue Sky Botanics
    • Sabinsa Corporation
    • Martin Bauer Group
    • Banyan Botanicals
    • Naturalin Bio-Resources Co. Ltd
    • Sanat Products LTD.
    • Kalsec Inc.
    • Carrubba INC.
    • Prakruti Products
    • Nej Biotech
    • Vital Herbs
    • Himalayan Herbaria Inc.
    • Venkatesh Natural Extract Pvt. Ltd.
    • Shree Ambika Naturals Pvt. Ltd.
    • Vidya Herbs
    • Acara Bioherb
    • Herbal Creative
    • among others

Organic Herbal Extracts Market – Scope of the Report

Transparency Market Research (TMR) has recently published a market study on the global organic herbal extracts market. It provides a detailed assessment of key market dynamics, including drivers, trends, opportunities & restraints, and detailed information about the global herbal extracts market structure. The market study presents exclusive information about how the global organic herbal extracts market will grow during the forecast period of 2020-2030.

Key indicators of market growth, which include year-on-year (Y-o-Y) growth of the market, value chain, supply chain analysis, and compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) are elaborated in the study in a comprehensive manner. This information is intended to help readers understand the quantitative growth prospects of the global organic herbal extracts market during the forecast period.

The study is intended to offer a holistic market overview to stakeholders in the global herbal extracts, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, cultivators, brands and investors, and to help them develop winning growth strategies. Stakeholders in the global organic herbal extracts market, which include investors, industry experts, researchers, and journalists, and business researchers can leverage the information and data presented in TMR’s study.

The study also includes statistics and facts related to the macro as well as microeconomic factors that are impacting expansion of the market. It also offers actionable insights into the future trends in the global organic herbal extracts market. Furthermore, small businesses and new entrants in the global organic herbal extracts market can make use of the information presented in this study based on which, they can make appropriate business decisions in order to gain momentum in the market. 

Key Questions Answered in TMR’s Global Organic Herbal Extracts Market Report

  • Which segment will continue to remain the most profitable regional market for global organic herbal extracts market players?
  • Which factors will induce a change in the demand for global herbal extracts during the assessment period?
  • How will the changing trends impact the global organic herbal extracts market?
  • How can market players capitalize on the low-hanging opportunities in the global organic herbal extracts market in developed regions?
  • Which companies are key in the global organic herbal extracts market?
  • What are the winning strategies of stakeholders in the global organic herbal extracts market to catapult their position at the forefront?

Organic Herbal Extracts Market – Research Methodology

In TMR’s study, a unique research methodology is used to conduct extensive research on the growth of the global organic herbal extracts market and identify future growth parameters. This research methodology is a combination of primary and secondary research, to help analysts ensure the accuracy and reliability of the conclusions.

Secondary sources referred to by analysts for compiling the global organic herbal extracts market study include statistics from governmental organizations, trade journals, white papers, and internal and external proprietary databases. Analysts have interviewed senior managers, product portfolio managers, CEOs, VPs, marketing/product managers, and market intelligence managers, who contributed to the development of this report as a primary source.

Information acquired from primary sources and secondary sources is compiled in a comprehensive manner. This also acts as a validation from companies in the global organic herbal extracts market, which makes TMR’s projections more accurate and reliable.

Organic Herbal Extracts Market – Segmentation

TMR’s study on the global organic herbal extracts market offers information divided into important segments — type, form, source, end use, and region. This report offers comprehensive data and information about the important market dynamics and growth parameters associated with these categories.


  • Essential Oil
  • Flavors & Fragrances
  • Spices
  • Others
  • Powder
  • Liquid
  • Oil
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Spices & Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Others
End Use
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Others
  • Global
  • India

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Organic Herbal Extracts Market

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