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Optogenetics Market

Optogenetics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2026

Optogenetics Market: Overview

New techniques and approaches in disease biology always keep on surfacing, adding to the dynamism to management of diseases. Optogenetics, a unique combination of optical system and genetic engineering technologies, is viewed with profound potential. The reason underpinning the incredible potential in the optogenetics market has mainly to do with the precision that it can be used in controlling and monitoring the biological functions across all levels. Industry players have been ebullient about the application of optogenetics in neuroscience. The technique can be used to control neurons and gain an understanding of the complex neural circuitry. A spate of in vitro and in vivo animal studies have enriched the landscape of the optogenetics market. A number of in silico models have come to the fore that have some clinical relevance.

The use case of optogenetics in cardiovascular research has expanded the avenue for industry players in the market. Growing body of research on the mechanism underlying the expression of optogenetic proteins on the targeted cells and tissues is a key trend bolstering developments in the management of cardiovascular diseases. In this regard, cardiac optogenetics holds an incredible avenue. In coming years, the focus on testing novel therapies on cardiac abnormalities will boost the role of optogenetics. A case in point is cardiac abnormalities. Relentless pursuit of medical researchers on employing cutting-edge tools for cardiotoxicity screening in drug development has attracted them toward optogenetics, expanding the room of opportunities for players in the optogenetics market.

Global Optogenetics Market: Overview

Optogenetics refers to the method of regulating the activity of neuron utilizing genetic engineering and light. The procedure involved altering of information in the genetic code of any human being by deleting or adding information. Genetic engineering is also known as genetic modification sometimes. In case of optogenetic studies, researchers fetch the genetic code of the neurons that they need to study and make an addition of new code to it. Optogenetics is basically a stimulation strategy, which is dependent on the light-sensitive proteins’ expression in the neuronal cell membrane. Upon illumination, the expression changes the neuron’s electric state. The growth of the global optogenetics market is expected to be driven by its rising demand from end use sectors, thanks to the benefits offered by this process.

Optogenetics finds extensive use in the field of neuroscience for the purpose of modulation of neural circuits and it is done with very high degree of specificity and precision. Optogenetics help in facilitating an extensive range of experiments for improved comprehension of neural circuits in normal and dysfunctional behavior. The development of the global optogenetics market is likely to be driven by the advantage of optogenetics over the traditional methods. Optogenetics come with the ability to offer temporal and spatial precision when it comes to targeting of cells.

The research work pertaining to the application and development of optogenetic tool is likely to observe progress in the few years to come. Such advancement is expected to be driven by prevalence of Parkinson’s disease, social disorders, mood disorders, rising incidences of depression, and technological progress. On the other hand, technologies that are utilized in this process are cost intensive, which is likely to be impede the growth of the global optogenetics market over the tenure of analysis.

This study on the global optogenetics market offers a closer look at the significant changes that influence in the field of biological techniques. These developments are likely to shape the contours of the global optogenetics market over the assessment tenure, from 2018 to 2026. The insights offered in the report are anticipated to assist the investors and industry players to make an accurate assessment of the completive ecosystem and make effective strategies accordingly.

Global Optogenetics Market: Trends and Opportunities

Rising Geriatric Population with Eye-related Disorders Boost Market Growth

Genetic engineering is the process through which researchers are able to change the information pertaining to genetic codes. A rise in the incidences of Parkinson’s disease together with various other neurological dysfunctions across the globe is likely to play an important role in the expansion of the global optogenetics market. In addition, augmented support from the government together with technological progress is likely to drive the demand for use of the techniques of optogenetics. Furthermore, as the increasing number of people are affected by addiction, mood disorders, depression, and anxiety, the global optogenetics market is likely to observe growth in the years to come.

Global Optogenetics Market: Regional Outlook

North America is likely to account for a sizeable chunk of the global optogenetics market and the region is estimated to retain its dominance over the period assessment, from 2018 to 2026. The rising demand for light therapy treatment for the purpose of treatment of chronic pain in North America is likely to drive the regional market in the years to come. According to Montreal Neurological Institute, the process of optogenetics comes with the ability to regulate almost any type of neuron found in the brain with light pulses.

Apart from that, Asia Pacific is anticipated present lucrative growth opportunities for the players in the global optogenetics market. Such growth of the market in the region is ascribed to the augmented adoption of techniques of optogenetic and super-fast laser tools offered by many neuroscience labs.

Global Optogenetics Market: Companies Mentioned in Report

A Judges Scientific plc Company, Thomas RECORDING GmbH, Gensight Biologic, Laserglow technologies, Judges Scientific Plc , and Coherent Inc. are some of the companies that have been profiled in this report.


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