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Ophthalmic Loupes Market

Ophthalmic Loupes Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 -2030

Ophthalmic Loupes Market: Introduction

  • During a medical procedure, ophthalmic loupes help to enhance and magnify the area of accuracy and precision. These are an inexpensive choice for the operating microscope during operations. This is projected to accelerate its adoption in small to medium-sized health care and ambulatory care settings. Given the interpupillary size, angle of declination, and working distance, these loupes could be modified, thereby helping to preserve the posture of ophthalmologists.
  • Ophthalmic loupes are used when conducting a procedure to improve and extend the field of precision and accuracy. The tailored magnification allows a surgeon to reduce neck tension and other major advantages. These loupes are adjustable and allow ophthalmologists to control their posture. These advantages drive the demand for ophthalmic loupes.

Key Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities of Global Ophthalmic Loupes Market

  • The need of ophthalmic surgery is increasing in eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, and refractive disorders. This is anticipated to propel the adoption of ophthalmic loupes, especially in developing countries. According to the World Health Organization, around 1 billion individuals globally had vision disorder in October 2020. This was attributed to unaddressed cataracts (66.2 million), glaucoma, and refractive errors (7.1 million and 124.6 million).
  • Companies focus on the production of sophisticated ophthalmic loupes, which will help minimize tension on the neck of the surgeon and optimize magnification. These involve the use of high-quality lenses that are free from color and optical distortion, providing higher resolutions.
  • Some of restraints of the market are tedious designs, minimal features, and high cost. The frames are designed to provide ophthalmologists with greater stability and adaptability. However, due to the high weight, some of the frames can lack this property, rendering the loupes awkward for prolonged wear. Frames with greater stability, balance, and comfort are costly. Hence, the adoption of ophthalmic loupes is likely to be decline.

North America to Capture Major Share of Global Ophthalmic Loupes Market

  • North America dominated the global ophthalmic loupes market, accounting for the largest share in terms of revenue in 2019. This is attributed to the presence of a large number of market players in the region. Most of the players such as Ocutech, Inc., SHEERVISION, and SurgiTel are based in the U.S. and develop advanced ophthalmic loupes. Additionally, these players have support projects to raise awareness about the significance of loupes, their maintenance, and their services.
  • Europe was the second largest market for ophthalmic loupes in 2019. Several players such as Keeler, ZEISS, Rudolf Riester GmbH, and Univet S.r.l. are present in the region. These players produce advanced frames and loupes of various magnification styles, such as prismatic type and Galilean type, to provide users with comfort and better vision. Additionally, rise in prevalence of eye disorders is expected to boost market growth in Europe.

Key Players Operating in Global Ophthalmic Loupes Market

Due to diverse product range, industry players hold a substantial share of the market. For the advancement of new technology, industry leaders are engaged in intensive R&D. Advanced ophthalmic loupes with greater magnification are often provided by these players to provide a better visual experience. Major players operating in the global ophthalmic loupes market are:

  • SurgiTel
  • SheerVision
  • Keeler
  • Rudolf Riester GmbH
  • Neitz Instruments Co., Ltd.
  • Orascoptic
  • Univet S.r.l.
  • Designs for Vision, Inc.
  • Ocutech, Inc.
  • Other Prominent Players

Global Ophthalmic Loupes Market: Research Scope

Global Ophthalmic Loupes Market, by Loupe Type

  • Galilean Type
  • Prismatic Type
  • Plate Loupe Type

Global Ophthalmic Loupes Market, by Loupe Design

  • Through-the-Lens
  • Flip Up

Global Ophthalmic Loupes Market, by End-use

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Others


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