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North America Indoor Humidifier Market: Overview

High demand for humidifiers in North America is contributed by presence of automotive, healthcare, and IT industries in large number. Each of these industries are major shareholder in the market of North America humidifier market.

Healthcare industry is leading in the market, owing to large scale deployment rate in healthcare centers. Humidifiers assist in maintaining appropriate humidity level. Right humidity level helps in preventing skin diseases, lethargy, headaches, sore throat and eye, and cold and cough.

Lately, automotive industry is deploying sensitive mechanical and electronic component. These components perform high-precision task. There is high risk of static buildup in dry temperature which could result in substantial damage of automobile and passenger. Thus, maintaining relative humidity (RH) level of 40-60% is recommended. This avoids electro-static buildup, thus, preventing the risk of any kind of related damage.

Among all the humidifiers available, North America indoor humidifier market is dominated by evaporative humidifiers. Ease of use and cost-effective are main factors driving demand for evaporative humidifiers in the region. Automotive and IT industries are majorly contributing to high demand for the humidifiers in North America.

Also, lucrative adoption rate of indoor humidifiers in textile industry, logistics sector, wood, pulp, and paper processing units are anticipated to drive growth in the North America indoor humidifier market.

Humidifiers are equipments or systems used to add moisture and retain desired level of humidity at a given place (space). Humidifiers can be broadly classified into ultrasonic humidifiers, warm-mist humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, vaporizers and steam to steam humidifiers. These humidifiers are used across industrial and commercial applications. 
The market for humidifiers in North America was valued at USD 212.4 million in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2014 to 2020, to reach USD 300.4 million in 2020.The North America indoor humidifier market is primarily driven by increasing adoption of humidification solutions in hospitals, datacenters, retail and cold stores, and educational institutes. Additionally, the increasing awareness and stringent and promulgation of indoor air quality standards is fueling the growth of the market. Conversely, the high operational cost of humidifiers, owing to frequent maintenance requirement is hindering the growth of the market. However, with the development of energy efficient humidification solutions, it is expected that impact of this constraint will minimize over the forecast period.

Evaporative humidifiers held the largest market share, accounting for 34.2% of the North America humidifier market revenue in 2013. This dominance is attributed to the wide application of evaporative humidifiers across IT and automotive sectors.. Further, the wide adoption of vaporizers in healthcare industry is expected to augment the market growth, with vaporizers forecast to record a CAGR of 5.7% over the next 6 years.

In 2020, the healthcare application segment is expected to dominate the North America humidifier market followed by IT application segment. Rise in adoption of humidifiers for patient’s comfort is expected to boost the market growth for healthcare applications of humidifiers. Furthermore, due to the growing automotive production in North America, it is expected that automotive application segment will grow at a CAGR of 10.9% from 2014 to 2020. Moreover, standardization of indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters and guidelines by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) are expected to further drive user awareness and implementation of humidification solutions. This in turn would help swell the demand for indoor humidifiers.

Educational institutes dominated the commercial application segment of North America indoor humidifier market in 2013. This dominance is attributed to the rising awareness of sound indoor ambience to avoid absentees in schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, the adoption of indoor humidifiers in research and development centers and clean rooms to avoid any variation due to change in indoor air quality is further adding to the growth of humidifiers. However, the market for indoor humidifiers is expected to witness tremendous growth in the media and entertainment industry with a CAGR of 9.3% from 2014 to 2020.

In 2013, the West U.S. region dominated the North America indoor humidifier market. The dominance of this region is attributed to high concentration of industrial and commercial sector, which are dominant markets for humidifiers solutions. Moreover, with growth trend of using humidifiers for maintaining the indoor air quality and avoiding damages and wastage of material is propelling the humidifier market growth in the region. 
The North America indoor humidifier market is highly competitive in nature. Leading players such as DRI-STEEM Corporation, Carel Industries, S.p.A, Pure Humidifier, Armstrong International, Inc., MEE Industries, Inc. and Walter Meier Group are intensely focusing on expanding their sales and distribution network so as to expand the customer base. In order to sustain the competition, the companies are expected to offer convergence of humidification solutions with the existing HVAC solutions in near future. Additionally, the companies are expected to offer comprehensive solutions to have competitive edge over the other players.

Rising Need to Prevent Skin Infections and diseases due to Humidity Issues will Bolster Indoor Humidifier Market Growth

Humidifiers are gear or frameworks used to add dampness and hold wanted degree of mugginess at a given spot (space). Humidifiers can be comprehensively characterized into ultrasonic humidifiers, warm-fog humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, vaporizers and steam to steam humidifiers. These humidifiers are utilized across modern and business applications. Appeal for humidifiers in North America is contributed by presence of car, medical services, and IT enterprises in huge number. Every one of these enterprises is significant investor in the market of North America humidifier market.                                                                                      

The automotive industry is conveying delicate mechanical and electronic segment. These segments perform high-accuracy task. There is high danger of static development in dry temperature which could bring about generous harm of vehicle and traveler. This dodges electro-static development, accordingly, forestalling the danger of any sort of related harm. On the contrary, factors such as high price of mist humidifiers and its wide exposure to fire may challenge the growth of this market in the coming years.

Increasing concerns pertaining to adverse health effects that result out of the dry air is also expected to create growth opportunities   for the humidifiers market. Poor quality of indoor air may result in bloody noses, dry cough, dry throat, sinus congestion, nose irritation, dry skin, and several other health conditions. The healthcare industry is holding the leading share in this market, on account of the high deployment rate in medical centers across the globe. Humidifiers provide assistance for maintaining the humidity level at apt level. Right humidity level helps in preventing headaches, skin diseases, lethargy, sore throat, along with cold, cough, and eye problems.

The growing awareness about indoor air purification has propelled the need for humidifiers, thereby augmenting this market growth. Humidifiers are capable of maintaining the correct level of moisture in the indoor air while preventing the risk of bacteria or mold, skin irritation, and other infectious problems. Governments as well as various international organizations are suggesting guidelines to maintain healthier living environment indoors. This is further prognosticated to aid in expansion of the global indoor humidifier market in the foreseeable future.

Humidifiers are the equipment or a system that adds moisture and increases humidity in the air so as to retain humidity at desired levels. Humidifiers are generally used in data centers, cold stores and agriculture production units, and other areas where environment (humidity) critical products are processes and packaged. Additionally, these are used for comfort and health reasons in commercial and healthcare sectors. 

The research study titled “Indoor Humidifier Market - North America Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2020” provides in-depth analysis of the market and related sub-segments. The report strategically focuses on market segments including different product types and their applications across industrial sectors. In addition, this report provides market insights and data about the size and growth of each segment. The report includes detailed analysis of prevalent market trends and competitive profiles of key players. To provide better understanding of competition in the market, the report offers high level analyses which include value chain analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis and market attractiveness analysis. The study on North America indoor humidifier market has been conducted with an objective of providing thorough coverage of the underlying technological and socio-economic issues driving the market. 

The humidifier market is expected to see consistent growth in coming years due to the rising awareness about indoor air quality, standardization of indoor air quality, and surge in industrial productivity in North America. However, high operational and maintenance cost associated with humidification systems is hindering the growth of indoor humidifier market. Conversely, with technology advancements, various energy efficient and safe products are expected to be introduced by humidifier manufacturers in near future. Thus, the impact of this factor is anticipated to be low over the forecast period.

This report studies the current scenario as well as the future market potential for indoor humidifiers in North America. The market for humidifiers has been segmented based on three major parameters, namely, product type, applications and geography. The major types of humidifiers used are ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, warm-mist humidifiers, vaporizers and steam to steam humidifiers. The steam to steam humidifiers are basically steam humidifiers that use heat exchangers to generate steam to be blown in the ambience. The vaporizers are direct steam humidifiers that are primarily used for healthcare applications. Warm-mist humidifiers blow a warm mist of water droplets in the ambience. 

The industrial applications segment is further classified into industries such as IT, automotive, food and beverage, textile, wood, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical and healthcare. The commercial applications segment includes educational institutes, media and entertainment, enterprises and retail and cold stores. The market for these applications has been extensively analyzed on the basis of factors such as technology used, geographic presence and type of humidifiers. Additionally, the report analyses and forecasts the use of humidifiers in industrial and commercial applications. The market size and forecast in terms of revenue (USD Million) for each of these segments has been provided for the period 2012 to 2020, considering 2013 as the base year and 2012 as historic data. The report also provides the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) for each segment of the market for the forecast period 2014 to 2020.

Geographically, the market for North America indoor humidifiers has been segmented into two regions, namely U.S. and Canada. The U.S. market is further categorized into West U.S., North-East U.S., South U.S. and Mid-West U.S. 

Moreover, the report provides competitive landscape, wherein the market share analysis of leading players in the North America indoor humidifier market for the year 2013, in terms of value percentage has been discussed.

North America Indoor Humidifier Market Segmentation:

North America Indoor Humidifier Market, by Product

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Warm-mist Humidifier
  • Evaporative Humidifier
  • Vaporizers
  • Steam to Steam Humidifier

North America Indoor Humidifier Market, by Application

  • Industrial

    • IT Industry

    • Automotive Industry

    • Healthcare Industry

    • Textile, Wood, paper and Pulp Industry

    • Food and Beverage Industry

  • Commercial

    • Educational Institutes

    • Retail and Cold Stores

    • Enterprises

    • Media and Entertainment

North America Indoor Humidifier Market, by Geography

  • U.S.

    • West U.S.

    • Mid-West U.S.

    • North-East U.S.

    • South U.S.

  • Canada

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North America Indoor Humidifier Market

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