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The demand within the mortuary equipment market is set to increase over the years to follow. The need for medical analysis and post-mortems of dead bodies has created a plethora of opportunities for growth within the global market. Mortuaries are a part of the healthcare infrastructure that play a defining role in ascertaining the value and effectiveness of the healthcare industry. In recent times, several hospitals have developed dedicated mortuary facilities to preserve dead bodies for analysis. In several cases of accidents and mishaps, dead bodies retained from the spots need to kept inside mortuaries before the relatives of the deceased can claim them. For this reason, the total volume of revenues within the global mortuary equipment market is set to increase by a dramatic chase.

In this report preview, several trends operating in the global mortuary equipment market have been explained. Transparency Market Research (TMR) delves into the relevance of mortuary equipment for the healthcare industry in recent times. The development of dedicated mortuaries across several regions has created humongous demand within the global market. Furthermore, the seriousness of the healthcare industry to assist state authorities in investigating cases of unknown deaths have also given a thrust to market growth. The regional dynamics of the global mortuary equipment market have also been elucidated herein. Several people have criticized hospitals and healthcare facilities on their handling of mortuaries. For this reason, these units have become more cautious in their handling of mortuary operations.

Accountability and Responsibility of Healthcare Units

The healthcare industry has come the radar of focus for its accountability in handling affairs related to death and diseases. The development of mortuaries has been the most commendable achievement of the healthcare industry. Hospitals and healthcare units have earned accolades from state authorities for their careful handling of death-related affairs. These centers have an onus upon themselves to cater to the requirements of medical investigations post death. In light of these factors, it is safe to expect that the global mortuary equipment market would tread along a lucrative market. The use of quality-focused equipment across mortuaries holds tremendous relevance in the healthcare industry. Researchers are looking at developing new technologies to aid the development of effective and durable mortuary equipment.

Healthcare procedures are duly monitored by hospitals and healthcare bodies. This is done to ensure transparency of operations and to avoid negligence in handling medical cases. In the event of an unanticipated death of unknown persons, such as those during car accidents, it is important to preserve the dead body for further investigation. Government entities have entrusted hospitals and healthcare facilities with the responsibility of preserving these bodies. Therefore, development of mortuaries has become a matter of integrity and adherence for healthcare centers. Use of high-end mortuary equipment plays a defining role in the performance of these units. As the toll of death caused by unanticipated factors rises, the use of mortuaries has risen. This has put pressure on hospital authorities to maintain safe spaces for preserving dead bodies.

Body Bags to Attract Increased Demand

Several devices and technologies fall under the category of mortuary equipment, and each of these devices hold immense relevance across the healthcare industry. On the basis of type of equipment, the global market can be segmented into body display cabinets, dissection table, body bag, coffin trolley, embalming workstation, and embalming machines. The use of body bags has increased by leaps and bounds in recent times, creating new inlets for market growth and expansion. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has caused thousands of deaths across the world. During the initial days of the pandemic, the demand for coffin trolleys and body bags increased by a dramatic chase. It is expected that the spread of the virus to new regional territories shall drive demand within the global mortuary equipment market.

Healthcare authorities are required to collaborate and liaise with investigation authorities and forensic laboratories. The need to delve into cases of murder, homicide, and suicide makes it necessary for investigation bodies to get core insights from healthcare providers. Autopsy reports play an important role in accomplishing criminal investigations related to murder cases. Furthermore, causes of death remain unknown in several other cases, giving rise to suspicion. This also necessitates the development of autopsy reports that can determine the cause of death in otherwise healthy patients. During all of the aforementioned procedures it is vital to preserve bodies of the deceased. Therefore, the total volume of revenues within the global mortuary equipment market shall rise at a dramatic pace.

North America to Lead Market Growth

On the basis of geography, the development and handling of mortuaries is guided by differing sets of rules and ordinances. Over the course of the past few months, the demand for mortuary equipment has increased by a dramatic chase across the US. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has caused havoc across the healthcare sector of the US, causing thousands of deaths. Therefore, the total volume of revenues within the North America mortuary equipment market is set to increase at a noticeable pace. Besides, Asia Pacific has also witnessed advancements in handling of post-death medical practices. This factor has also created a plethora of avenues for market expansion in the regional market. Other regions pertaining to the global mortuary equipment market are Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa.

Some of the notable players operating in the global mortuary equipment market are Mortech Manufacturing Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., LEEC UK, and Flexmort. 

In a bid to ensure proper investigation of the cause of death and subsequent disposal of the body, it is essential to handle dead bodies properly. In addition, dead bodies are also donated for the purpose of further medical research, which also require handling of the body properly. These factors are likely to amplify opportunities of growth for the global mortuary equipment market in near future.

There has been a high demand for automation and topnotch technologies for various processes of mortuary such as shifting of cadavers and post mortem of dead bodies, which is likely to widen the scope of development of the global mortuary equipment market in near future. In addition, there has been a rise in the number of mortuaries all over the world, which is expected to shoot up the demand for mortuary equipment in the years to come.

Automation in Mortuary Equipment Spells Growth for the Market

Mortuary or morgue refers to a department in the hospitals where dead bodies are kept under proper and hygienic conditions for further examination of the body before burial or cremation of the body is done. Mortuary equipment finds use in dissecting, storing, shifting and lifting of dead bodies for both legal and academic purposes. are some of the equipment used in a mortuary.

In addition, freezers and refrigeration units are also used in mortuary to keep dead bodies intact for a longer period of time. Technological progress made in the associated with handling patients has led to the introduction of various types of automated equipment for use in mortuaries. Automated equipment is utilized in reducing the procedural timings and improving the efficacy of the processes, which is likely to support growth of the global mortuary equipment market. There are different types of mortuary equipment, some of which are mentioned below

  • Embalming workstations
  • Dissecting tables
  • Trolleys
  • Racking systems
  • Cadaver trays
  • Refrigeration units
  • Dissection tables

Mortuary equipment plays a crucial role in the preservation of the bodies of the deceased till the time they are transported over to cemeteries or funeral homes.

This report on mortuary equipment market analyzes the current and future prospects of the market globally. The stakeholders of this report include companies engaged in manufacturing and commercialization of a wide range of mortuary products. This report encompasses an elaborate executive summary, with a market snapshot that provides overall information of various segments and sub-segments included in the study scope. This section also provides the overall information and data analysis of the global mortuary equipment market with respect to the leading market segments based on types of products, application, and different geographic regions.

The global mortuary equipment market has been segmented on the basis of product type, application, and geography. The product type has been further segmented into refrigerators and freezers, autopsy and dissection tables, cadaver lifts, cadaver trolleys and others. The application segment has been further categorized into the use of these equipment in research and academics, forensics, and cultural. The market for each of these equipment and application has been analyzed on the basis of product types and application areas. Market revenue in terms of USD million for the period between 2013 and 2023 along with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR %) from 2015 to 2023 are provided for all the segments, considering 2014 as the base year.

The market overview section of this report explores market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities that have predominant impact on the mortuary equipment market presently and could influence the market in future as well. The market attractiveness analysis has been provided in the market overview section in order to explain the intensity of competition in the market in different geographies. Porter’s five forces analysis is also explained in this section to understand the mortuary equipment market considering different parameters that have an impact on the sustainability of the companies operating in this market. The competitive scenario between different market players is evaluated through market share analysis in the competitive landscape section of the report. All these factors would help the market players to take strategic decisions in order to strengthen their positions and expand their shares in the global market. Furthermore, a brief idea about the regulatory scenario along with the value chain analysis is also provided in the report.

Geographically, the mortuary equipment market been categorized into five major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Market revenue in terms of USD million for the period between 2013 and 2023 along with the CAGR % from 2015 to 2023 are provided for all the regions, considering 2014 as the base year. The recommendations section included in the report would assist existing market players in expanding their market share and new companies in establishing their presence in the global mortuary equipment market.

The report also profiles major players in the mortuary equipment market son the basis of various attributes such as company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolio, and recent developments. Some of the major players profiled in this report include Mopec, Kugel Medical GmbH Co. & KG., LEEC Ltd., Mortech Manufacturing, Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The global mortuary equipment market is segmented into the following categories:

  • Mortuary Equipment Market, by Product Type
    • Refrigerators and Freezers
    • Autopsy and Dissection Tables
    • Cadaver Lifts
    • Cadaver Trolleys
    • Others
  • Mortuary Equipment Market, by Application
    • Research and Academics
    • Forensics
    • Cultural
  • Mortuary Equipment Market, by Geography
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

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