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Europe and Israel Mobile Applications for Melanoma Detection Market: Snapshot

Melanoma is primarily linked to prolonged exposure to UV radiation during childhood and this preventable skin condition has been on a rise in recent years. A significant spike in the incidence rate of melanoma has driven the need for effective and swift detection tools and techniques. Early detection of melanoma is crucial for improved prognosis and this can be achieved by skin surveillance and screening. This growing need, coupled with an increase in efforts to improve the awareness levels about this skin condition, has spurred the trend of early diagnosis. This has, in turn, driven the demand for mobile applications used for the detection of melanoma in Europe as well as Israel.

Impressive Performance of Greece Market despite Economic Volatility

Regionally, the market for mobile applications for melanoma detection is split into Europe and Israel. Europe accounts for the dominant share and the opportunity in this market is slated to be worth US$1.4 mn by 2022. While the mobile application market for melanoma detection in Europe is fueled by the surge in mHealth trends and rising incidence of melanoma, it is significantly driven by the performance of the market in Greece.

Despite the economic volatility in Greece, the market for mobile applications for melanoma detection will continue to witness growth owing to the development of eHealth infrastructure in the country and rising number of melanoma cases. Growing smartphone penetration is also a key factor driving the Greece market for mobile applications for melanoma detection. In addition to this, a high doctor-patient ratio has enabled the establishment of a strong network of doctors dedicated toward the detection of melanoma through mobile health services.

The Rest of Europe comprises several key markets for mobile applications for melanoma detection: Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the U.K., Norway, and Sweden. High internet and smartphone penetration and rising incidence rate and mortality rate of melanoma are the major growth boosters.

Strong Penetration of Smartphones and Expanding 3G, 4G Networks Supporting Market in Israel

Israel is anticipated to witness impressive growth during the forecast period, exhibiting a 61.2% CAGR from 2014 to 2022. The rising prevalence of melanoma has been the primary driving factor in this region, especially based on information provided by the Israel Cancer Association. The organization states that in 2012 alone, nearly 1,300 new cases of malignant melanoma were reported in the country. This has resulted in increasing awareness among the general population regarding self-screening and early detection of cancer.

Rapid expansion of 3G and 4G networks and several government initiatives have also supported the development of the mobile applications market for melanoma detection in Israel. Google Inc.’s research titled ‘Our Mobile Planet’ finds that the smartphone penetration rate in the country crossed 56.0% in 2013. These factors are slated to drive the regional market to reach a value of US$77,765.3 by 2022.

Some of the leading mobile applications for melanoma detection in Europe and Israel are Dermatology Planet, UMSkinCheck, Mole Check, Skin Tagger, Track-A-Mole, SkinVision, Spot Mole, Skin Scanner, NÄ“vus, SpotCheck, Mole Monitor, Mole Checker, Mole Checker/Stroika, FotoSKin, Melanoma Watch, Skin Mole Analysis, YourSkinDiary, OnlineDermClinic, Dr. Mole, Mollie’s Fund, MoleQuest, Skin Analytics, Spot Mole Plus, Skin Cancer, Skin Doctor, Skin Of Mine, iSkin, MoleTrac, Mole Doctor, Skin Prevention, and LovemySkin.

Mobile Applications Melanoma Detection Market - Snapshot

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that has observed a substantial rise amongst the population across the globe in recent years. At the backdrop of augmented incidences of melanoma, there has been a rise in the number of mobile applications that help in the detection of melanoma. This factor is likely to drive the global mobile applications for melanoma detection market over the period of assessment. There are different types of mobile-based applications that are available on different platforms such as Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile OS, Android, and iOS.

Increased Penetration of Smartphones and Internet Paves Way for Market Growth

Melanoma is regarded as one of the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It attacks the cells that generate melanin. This pigment or melanin adds color to one’s skin. It is generally found in eyes, on skin, in eyes and in rare cases in the internal organs. It generally attacks men and women below the age of 40 years. If the detection of the disease is made in the early stages, the treatment can be initiated quickly to prevent its spread to other parts of the body. Detection of melanoma is done through the following methods

  • Skin surveillance and screening performed by healthcare experts
  • Self examination of skin

Utilization of various mobile applications for the detection of melanoma assists in providing better guidance with regards to self examination for melanoma detection. This can reduce the rate of mortality, which is likely to support expansion of the global mobile applications for melanoma detection market in the years to come.

There has been a rise in the prevalence of skin cancer and melanoma, which plays a vital role in triggering growth of the global mobile applications for melanoma detection market. In addition to that, increased propensity toward use of internet and smartphone is driving the utilization of mHealth. In addition to that, use of mobile applications for the detection of melanoma is quite simple, which is estimated to boost the global mobile applications for melanoma detection market over period of assessment. It is a cost effective method of melanoma detection and this acts in favor of the market growth.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that is increasing among population across the globe. During the recent years, there has been a considerable growth in the number of mobile applications for melanoma detection. There are various types of mobile applications available on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile OS and Blackberry OS. Further, these mobile applications can be categorized into algorithm analysis applications, educational applications, mole tracking and reminder applications and interactive teaching applications. Algorithm analysis applications provide features for analysis of the moles using image processing. The educational and interactive teaching applications provide information regarding ABCDEs of melanoma detection and help in self-screening of melanoma. Mole tracking and reminder applications offer tracking of such moles that can potentially lead to melanoma and remind patients regarding clinical visits.

This research report provides in-depth analysis of mobile applications for melanoma detection market in Europe. Along with the overall Europe market, country level analyses for Greece and Israel have also been included in the study. Furthermore, the report analyzes the factors that drive and restrain the growth of mobile applications for melanoma detection market in Europe. The report also discusses the prevailing market trends, prospective growth opportunities, and major strategies increasing the popularity of mobile applications for melanoma detection. It also provides the market estimates and forecasts for Europe, Greece and Israel in terms of revenue. Also provided is the market positioning of key players providing mobile applications for melanoma detection in Europe market.

Additionally, the report includes competitive profiling of major mobile application developer companies developing applications for melanoma detection. These profiles includes information such as developer/company information, country of origin, type of application, total number of downloads by platform, application features and price of the application. The key mobile applications for melanoma detection profiled in this study include Dr. Mole, LovemySkin, Mole Monitor, MoleTrac, SkinVision, FotoSKin, Dermatology Planet, Mole Check, Mollie’s Fund, NÄ“vus, OnlineDermClinic, Skin Analytics, Skin Cancer, Skin Doctor, Spot Mole, Spot Mole Plus, SpotCheck, iSkin, Melanoma Watch, Mole Checker, Mole Checker/Stroika, MoleQuest, Mole Doctor, Skin Of Mine, Skin Prevention, Skin Scanner, Skin Tagger, Skin Mole Analysis, Track-A-Mole, YourSkinDiary and UMSkinCheck.

Mobile Applications for Melanoma Detection Market

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Mobile Applications Melanoma Detection Market

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