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Mined Anthracite Coal Market - Power Generation Applications to Chart the Growth Course

The mined anthracite coal market is tracing a pedestrian growth course, given the stringent environmental regulations in tandem with depleting coal reserves. Despite the high impact of these headwinds, the industry is underpinned by ferocious tailwinds that are likely to stabilize demand in the mined anthracite coal market space in the future.

An exclusive study on the mined anthracite coal market published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) shows that, the demand for mined anthracite coal, though rising at a sluggish rate, is attributable to power generation activities that cater to the rising electricity requisites on account of the urban sprawl. The steel manufacturing industry, in addition to the power generation industry, is deemed a key end-use industry of the mined anthracite coal market, which will continue to serve exponential growth opportunities to market players.

Success in the mined anthracite coal market could mean high CAPEX and OPEX requirements to facilitate cutting-edge technology, and, in turn, conform to the ergonomic norms regarding worker safety. High entry cost could potentially create a narrow passage for new entrants, with the competition intensifying among existing manufacturers in the mined anthracite coal market.

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Why Mined Anthracite Coal Market Players Need Technological Intelligence

Market players have ample opportunities to work on productivity, with the incorporation of IoT technology. Recent trends suggest that, the integration of IoT technology can turn out to be a thoughtful stratagem to achieve cost-cutting, and, in turn, attribute efficiency to the mining process. The prowess of IoT in enabling data integration from a number of sources could assist mined anthracite coal market players in planning precise mining operations.

Analytics, when combined with inventory management, can notify market players about the current status of stocks, and ensure timely stock keeping. GPS-powered and IoT assisted mining vehicles operate autonomously, which market players can leverage to implement mining operations and reduce fuel costs. Besides this, market players also leverage the prowess of this technology to sense the predictive maintenance of mining equipment. The technology can assist market players in reducing downtime by preventing untimely breakdown of mining equipment during their course of operations.

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Asia Pacific’s Unsurpassable Lead in the Mined Anthracite Coal Market

Asia Pacific has charted an ambitious growth course, and is sluggishly moving towards acquiring a market share of ~92% by 2027, in the global mined anthracite coal market. Countries such as China, Australia, South Korea, and Vietnam possess geographical advantage, and are among the major exporters of anthracite coal, which pressurizes market players based in these countries to leverage technological intelligence and improve production rates.

With the perpetually increasing populace in key countries of Asia Pacific, the demand for power generation has been witnessing a spike, which unlocks an opportunity for market players to partner with power generation companies. Research identifies the growth in the demand for ultra-high grade mined anthracite coal over the standard grade, owing to the surge in the demand for quality anthracite coal for the production of steel.

mined anthracite coal market segmentation

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Analysts’ View of the Mined Anthracite Coal Market

Authors of the report foresee a steady growth of the mined anthracite coal landscape, with high demand for power and steel generation activities. Market players would need to divert their attention towards addressing technological needs for improving the productivity of their mining operations. Investments made toward the production of ultra-high grade mined anthracite coal will offer exponential growth opportunities to market players, given the low carbon content that attracts high sales over high grade anthracite coal.

In the fragmented landscape, China-based participants dominate the mined anthracite coal market, with a collective share of ~21%. Since governments have a keen eye on anthracite coal mines, market majors are found strategically working with government organizations to procure profitable projects. Beside this, market players also focus on the expansion of production capacities, renovation of intelligent technology, and optimization of logistics networks to consolidate their market position.

Mined Anthracite Coal: Description

Anthracite coal is the last and most clean form of coal. It is formed when bituminous coal is subjected to high pressure in folded rocks. Anthracite coal is the oldest and cleanest form of coal, with a minimal volatile matter and ash content. Anthracite coal accounts for around 1% share of the total coal reserves, due to which, the product is very rare and more expensive than other types of coal. Anthracite coal has the maximum energy and carbon content and minimum unwanted impurities among all coal types. Anthracite coal is primarily found in old earth formations that have been underground for a very long duration.

Increase in Demand for Power to Drive Global Mined Anthracite Coal Market

  • Rapid industrialization and urbanization have resulted in an increase in power demand at an exceptional rate over the last few years. The demand for power is rapidly rising, not only in developing countries such as China and India but also in developed countries such as the U.S., though the developing nations are leading in terms of increase in demand. Expansion of grid networks and electrification of rural areas in developing and underdeveloped countries have resulted in a surge in the demand for power.
  • This rise in demand has compelled power generation companies to ramp up their production. Governments across the world are investing heavily in renewable sources for power generation, and thus, renewables have gained a significant share in the power generation mix. However, the risen power generation led by use of renewable sources is still insufficient to meet the increased power demand. This has forced utility companies to opt for coal to fill the gap between supply and demand. For the last 20 years, coal has accounted for ~38% share of the global power generation mix, even with renewables gaining a significant share in the mix.
  • Thus, increasing demand for power is likely to drive the demand for mined anthracite coal during the forecast period, as mined anthracite coal is the cleanest of all coal types, and has relatively high energy content.
  • Rising demand for steel from manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, and other sectors is likely to derive the demand for mined anthracite coal during the forecast period. Around 80% of high-grade and ultra-high-grade mined anthracite coal is used in the steel industry as a substitute for coke. Mined anthracite coal is highly preferred over coke by steel manufacturers, due to its lower price and similar carbon content. Moreover, increasing steel demand has resulted in a rise in steel production by manufacturers. This factor is anticipated to drive the demand for mined anthracite coal in the near future.

Rising Number of Environment-related Regulations Likely to Hamper Market

  • Anthracite coal mining operations negatively impact both, the society and environment on a large scale. In order to mitigate the negative impacts of mining, governments and regulatory authorities are implementing several laws to protect the environment. Moreover, increasing number of environment-related laws imposed on coal consumption are anticipated to restrain the global mined anthracite coal market during the forecast period.

Increasing Incorporation of IoT in Mining to Present New Opportunities

  • Incorporation of IoT (Internet of Things) in the mining industry has revolutionized the industry. IoT enables data integration and communication among various sources and equipment, which facilitates mining companies to plan and execute their operations with higher accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • IoT enables mining companies to achieve cost optimization by reducing their operating costs through quick decision-making with minimum errors. This is attributable to the availability of real-time data. This real-time data, with the use of data modelling and data visualization techniques, enables companies to make quick, effective, and efficient decisions in a relatively short period of time. Thus, implementation of IoT in anthracite coal mining is likely to present lucrative opportunities to the global mined anthracite coal market in the near future.

Recent Developments, Expansions, Acquisitions, and New Contracts

  • In June 2019, Atrum Coal Ltd announced to have started the ‘2019 Field Exploration Program’ at its Elan South field. The company’s geological survey team has also identified several more outcropping coal sites around Elan South.
  • In June 2019, Siberian Coal Energy Company put new machinery into operation at the Chernogorsky open-pit mine in Khakassia, Russia, to improve its production capacity and lower production time. The company commissioned two Komatsu D375A crawler bulldozers, a Liebherr L586 wheel loader, a Komatsu WD600 wheel bulldozer, and two Volvo dump trucks with TONAR trailers. Investment made for the purchase of this machinery is aimed at maintaining high production volumes at the Chernogorsky and Abakansky open-pit mines.
  • In September 2018, Blaskchak Coal Corporation announced that the company was in the process of reopening an old surface mine off Route 61 between Centralia and Mount Carmel in the Columbia County of the U.S. The state had approved US$ 1 Mn for the ‘Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program’ as funding for the project. The company signed a 20-year lease with the Helfrick family that owns the mine. It anticipates mining of around 200,000 and 300,000 tons of ready-to-burn anthracite coal from the mine every year.
  • In March 2018, Glencore entered into an agreement to acquire the Hail Creek coal mine in Australia and adjacent coal resources, as well as 71.2% interest in the Valeria coal resource in Central Queensland, Australia, for a total consideration of US$ 1.7 Bn.

Asia Pacific to be a Highly Lucrative Mined Anthracite Coal Market

  • Asia Pacific led the global mined anthracite coal market in 2018. The mined anthracite coal market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand at a significant pace during the forecast period, due to the rise in investments in anthracite coal mining, primarily in China and Vietnam. The two countries are leading producers of anthracite coal in the region.
  • Europe followed the Asia Pacific region, in terms of mined anthracite coal market share, in 2018. Increasing demand for anthracite coal as a clean power source is likely to drive its production in the region in the near future.
  • The mined anthracite coal market in North America is expected to expand significantly during the forecast period, due to increase in investments toward the exploration of anthracite coal mines in the region.

China-based Players Dominating Global Mined Anthracite Coal Market

  • The global mined anthracite coal market is highly competitive, with players based in China and Vietnam dominating the global market.

Key players operating in the global mined anthracite coal are

  • Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Coal Mining Group Co., Ltd.
  • Vinacomin
  • Glencore
  • Siberian Coal Energy Company
  • Feishang Anthracite Resources Limited
  • Sadovaya Group
  • Blaschak Coal Corporation
  • Reading Anthracite Coal
  • Atrum Coal NL
  • Celtic Energy Ltd
  • Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
  • Zululand Anthracite Colliery (Pty) Ltd.

Mined Anthracite Coal Market - Scope of the Study

Transparency Market Research (TMR), in its latest business report, brings to the fore the growth course of the mined anthracite coal market for the forecast period of 2019-2027. This comprehensive business study highlights the crucial trends and significant developments that are present in the mined anthracite coal market. Additionally, this exclusive global study also offer market intelligence about the mined anthracite coal landscape, by taking into consideration the key drivers, threats, restraints, and opportunities.

This comprehensive guide offers an incisive view of the demand and supply of mined anthracite coal. This comprehensive business study also offers information regarding the macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that could aid in comprehending the growth potential of the mined anthracite coal market during the forecast period of 2019-2027.

The size of the mined anthracite coal market is evaluated in terms of value (US$ Mn) and volume (Kilo Tons). Information covered in this study on the mined anthracite coal market will help stakeholders identify lucrative opportunities for business advancement. This comprehensive guide outlines the key market players operating in the mined anthracite coal market, in order to offer key actionable insights regarding the strategies adopted by them, so as to aid stakeholders in gaining an upper hand in the competitive landscape. This exclusive research report also offers a detailed overview of the market players, along with their financials, strategies, and notable developments.

Mined Anthracite Coal Market - Key Questions Answered

The global study on the mined anthracite coal market encapsulates an overview, presenting rare and distinguishing insights that cover information culled from a microscopic as well as macroscopic level of the market study. This exclusive research report also provides salient answers to crucial questions concerning stakeholders in the mined anthracite coal market. Some of the crucial questions answered in this comprehensive research report are:

  • What is the mined anthracite coal demand scenario in terms of volume and value?
  • How will the mined anthracite coal market evolve during the forecast period of 2019-2027?
  • What are the key restraints and threats observed by market players operating in the mined anthracite coal market?
  • What are the crucial macroeconomic as well as microeconomic trends catapulting the growth of the mined anthracite coal market?

Mined Anthracite Coal Market - Research Methodology

A robust research methodology, combining primary and secondary research, was employed to compile the study on the mined anthracite coal market. With a view of conducting primary research, key opinion leaders, significant market players, key manufacturers, distributors, and business heads were consulted. In order to conduct secondary research on the mined anthracite coal market, company annual reports, financial reports, publications, and press releases were referred to.

Mined Anthracite Coal Market - Segmentation

This comprehensive market study on the mined anthracite coal market offers a comprehensive assessment of the attractiveness of the mined anthracite coal market by assessing the key segments. The global business study also covers a country-wise assessment, in order to present information regarding the demand and supply ratio of the mined anthracite coal market.

Each of these segments have been analyzed and studied in this comprehensive report, with a view of offering actionable insights regarding the future growth of the mined anthracite coal market. This detailed guide on the mined anthracite coal market offers the historical, current, and futuristic trends shaping the growth of the landscape. In addition to this, this detailed guide also presents crucial information on the value chain, Y-o-Y growth, and supply chain. The business study assesses the mined anthracite coal market on the basis of grade, mining, application, and region.


Standard Grade

High Grade

Ultra-high Grade


Surface Mining

Underground Mining


Power Generation

Steel Production

Fertilizer Production



North America


Asia Pacific

Middle East and Africa

Latin America


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Mined Anthracite Coal Market

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