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Increasing Number of Diseases in Humans Influences Need for Medical Mattress, Beds

Sleep, other than a vital element in human functions, is a mechanism par worth replenishing energies. For people suffering from some diseases, sleep and rest are important for recovery. Medical mattresses help provide the best possible conditions for the correct rest of a patient. Moreover, a hospitalized patient spends most of his time on the bed, thus, a mattress must have certain features that allow people to stay on it for long periods without deteriorating their well-being beyond their current condition.

Professionals and medical experts also suggest that one of the essential factors for proper rest and restroom patients is the mattress. Disorders such as pressure ulcers occur due to a sequence of factors. Continued external pressure on tissues causes a lack of blood flow to the concerned area. Studies also prove that a large-scale switch-out of hospital mattresses led to a decline in hospital-acquired pressure sores. This resulted in a 66.6% reduction in stage 3 and 4 pressure ulcers, and a 50% decrease in mattress comfort complaints. Such factors and figures are likely to fuel the medical mattress market during the forecast period.

The most preferred medical mattress for a hospital bed is mostly made of water-resistant material, which has a vapor-permeable surface. The pressure points keep on switching as the patient moves on the mattress. It aids in increased circulation, and makes the patient feel fresh with changing pressure points. Furthermore, the medical mattress is incorporated with a low-air loss technology where the small holes on the mattress let a small amount of air leak and keep the surface cool for sleeping.

In addition, major problems such as dementia in some people are one of the significant causes of disability, and dependence among older people around the world is critically increasing in the number of cases. Thus, catering to healthcare needs is not easy and hence, investments in the healthcare sector by various economies around the world are seeing an upward trend. This is likely to fuel the demand for the medical mattress market during the forecast period.

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Medical Mattress: High in Demand, Low in Production & Supply

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence the growth of various industries. The critical impact of the crisis is varied, as few industries will register a decrease in demand, while several others will continue to remain unharmed and offer promising growth opportunities. The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused concerns among public and health administrations. The principal problem that many nations are facing during the crisis is a shortage of medical resources. However, there may be an expanded demand for hospital beds, stretchers, and mattresses to extend healthcare capacity in local hospitals, and healthcare systems through short expansion sites. Producers from a variety of industries that are not usually associated with medical device manufacturing are looking for resources to manufacture and market the medical mattress to fulfill the ongoing needs. The global medical mattress market is witnessing an increased demand amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which is likely to increase post-COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time when most investments are being witnessed by the healthcare sector, people are demanding innovative comforting products such as orthopedic mattress, dual mattress, etc. In addition, the present consumers are comfortable making big purchases over the Internet, which has generated an opportunity for online businesses to transform the mattress buying experience. The regulations to shut down the market places and offline sales have boosted the online product markets. By taking the market online, companies have been able to offer commodities at 40-50 percent cheaper rates than market occupants. However, constant changes in laws, healthcare policy, and guidelines can impact the size and growth potential of the medical mattress market. Limited availability and elevated cost of material might hinder the buying, and very often mattresses in hospitals are used beyond their replacement cycle.

Supply chain cycle and increase in trade barriers are some of the major restraints leading to insufficient supply of raw materials. Many producers are running out of raw materials to fulfill the consumer demand, which will most likely hamper their client base. Nevertheless, the pandemic seems to come to an end with the rapid production of vaccines and increased vaccination drives in several countries. This will help the manufacturers to intensify production and overcome the restraints, thus driving the medical mattress market.

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Manufacturers Focus on Affordable Medical Mattress for Developing Economies

Patients with a broad range of medical problems, including spinal cord injuries causing paraplegia or quadriplegia, respiratory infections such as pneumonia, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder can benefit from the appropriate medical mattress designed to assist in alleviating the symptoms and improving their experience. The healthcare facilities in developing economies mostly prefer gatch beds in hospitals, rural medical outposts, and geographic locations that typically experience economic hardships. The graded mattresses on these beds are mostly chosen for their durability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ability to be easily positioned.

Moreover, most basic hospital beds come with innerspring mattresses. This is usually the affordable option and is commonly found in most hospitals. Innerspring mattresses are suitable for patients with insignificant time in bed. Moreover, a combination of innerspring and foam can be a great option if the individual can roll over or sit up on their own, even if they spend significant time in bed. Furthermore, foam mattresses offer multiple layers of differing densities, all designed to support each part of the patient separately. A firm base layer provides overall comfort, while the other layers work together to ease pressure on joints. The easy availability of several types of medical mattress depending on the patient type and cost is driving the medical mattress market, which is estimated to exceed value of US$ 21 Bn by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of ~4% during the forecast period.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

The rise in aging population and patient pool is fueling the growth of the medical mattress market. Advancements in technology and designs for advanced mattresses with improved features provide opportunities in the global market. In addition, the growing number of healthcare facilities coupled with surging patient care services is helping in the expansion of the medical mattress market. However, strict government regulations in the manufacture of medical mattresses hinder market growth. Nevertheless, the increasing demand for services such as post-treatment patient care and home care, owing to rising healthcare situations is contributing to the growth of the global medical mattress market during the projected timeline.

Medical Mattress Market: Overview

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest research report on the global medical mattress market for the historical period of 20182020 and the forecast period of 20212030, increasing health hazards and healthcare services, and growing aging population are factors expected to boost the global medical mattress market during the forecast period
  • Medical mattresses are different in terms of quality and features to ensure that patients can comfortably sleep over it. Medical mattresses are specifically designed for much more workload, and they need to be both waterproof and antibacterial, making it an excellent choice where frequent cleaning is anticipated. Beds used in hospitals need to be not only durable and firm, but also antibacterial, antifungal, latex-free, and inflammation resistant.
  • In terms of revenue, the global medical mattress market is estimated to exceed value of US$ 21 Bn by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of ~4% during the forecast period. Foam medical mattresses are expected to dominate the global medical mattress market.

Increasing Health Hazards: Key Driver of Medical Mattress Market

  • The global population is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030 from 7.7 billion in 2019. Overall life expectancy is projected to increase from 73.7 years in 2018 to 74.7 years by 2023. Around 11.8% of the total population is anticipated to be aged 60 years or more, which will drive the global geriatric care segment, which, in turn, is expected to generate demand for medical mattresses during the forecast period.
  • Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide, and there are nearly 10 million such new cases every year. On the other hand, communicable, chronic, and non-communicable diseases are on the rise as well. Catering to healthcare needs is not easy and hence, investment in the healthcare sector by various economies around the world is seeing an upward trend.
  • COVID-19 has shown a clear picture of the healthcare system across the world, which has led to strategic investments in public health and healthcare technologies, consequently improving efficiency and accessibility to healthcare services.  Thus, the development of healthcare facilities is projected to fuel the demand for medical mattresses during the forecast period.
  • All these factors coupled with population growth, increased economic power, and efforts to expand the public health system are anticipated to drive the medical mattress market during the forecast period

IoT, Market Penetration Strategies Adopted By Manufacturers to Aid Medical Mattress Market Growth

  • Internet of Things (IoT) is serving as a communal center for the healthcare industry and is largely influencing the medical mattress market. IoT helps to work with an application that shows important information related to patients, which leads to change in mattress settings, thus ensuring optimum comfort and cure.
  • Memory foam medical mattresses are widely used in the global market, as it can distribute pressure all around the body, and ensures no single part of the body has too much pressure. Moreover, memory foam medical mattresses are economical, and hence, will continue to dominate during the forecast period.
  • Besides big hospitals and nursing care centers, all other health facilities prefer foam and innerspring medical mattresses. The home care segment is rising, and consumers prefer hybrid medical mattresses at home for utmost comfort and relief.
  • Many manufacturers are striving to increase their market share through strategic initiatives and innovation. Manufacturers are introducing technologically advanced products, which are responsible for the rise in demand for medical mattresses.
  • Manufacturers are focusing on developing their distribution, marketing, and sales channels to improve their product reach, and exploring the potential of selling medical mattresses online and through direct channels such as distributors, department stores, and specialty stores

Medical Mattress Market: Competition Landscape

  • Detailed profiles of providers of medical mattress have been provided in the report to evaluate their financials, key product offerings, recent developments, and strategies
  • Key players operating in the global medical mattress market are
    • Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.
    • Stryker Corp.
    • Medline Industries, Inc.
    • Invacare Corporation.
    • Arjo AB
    • Linet Group SE
    • Joerns Healthcare LLC.
    • Paramount Bed Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG
    • GF Health Products, Inc.

Medical Mattress Market: Key Developments & Strategies

  • Some key developments and strategies adopted by manufacturers in the global medical mattress market are highlighted below:
    • Medline Industries, Inc. (May 2021): The company in the month of May announced its plan to invest US$ 500 Mn as part of the HRI (Healthcare Resilience Initiative), which will include work on nine distribution centers, supply-and-demand planning technology, and manufacturing expansion and upgrades
    • Stiegelmeyer (April 2021): The risk of falling from a bed can lead to risky scenarios. The company in April introduced the new Basano ultra low care bed for nursing homes for people with severe dementia or physical weakness.
    • Paramount Bed Co., ltd (March 2021): The company in the month of March launched a global channel on social media platform “YouTube” in order to reach a specific audience with its mattress products and expand the target market
    • Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. (February 2021): The company acquired Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring Technology from Early Sense. This technology was used in the development of Centrella Smart+ med-surg bed. Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. is focused on transforming care with technology in order to improve patient safety and ensure timely, effective clinical intervention.
    • Stryker Corp. (January 2021): The company acquired OrthoSensor, Inc., a manufacturer of medical sensor products. This acquisition will help Stryker to deliver evidence-based treatments, improve sensor technology, and strengthen the digital ecosystem.

Medical Mattress Market – Scope of Report

Transparency Market Research’s recent report on the medical mattress market, with the help of a comprehensive outlook, provides readers with an assessment of the global market landscape. This study on the global medical mattress market analyzes the scenario for the period of 2021 to 2030, wherein 2020 is the base year and 2019 and earlier is historical data. The report enables readers to make important decisions regarding their business, with the help of a wealth of information enclosed in the study.

TMR’s study on the global medical mattress market provides data on the developments of important players and stakeholders in the market, along with a competitive analysis. The report also provides an understanding of strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, along with trends and restraints in the landscape. Presented in a clear, sanctioned manner, the report on the global medical mattress market gives readers an individual understanding of the market.

Key Questions Answered in This Report on Medical Mattress Market

  • How much revenue will the global medical mattress market generate by the end of the forecast period?
  • What type of medical mattress is likely to hold the maximum market share by 2030?
  • What regions currently contribute the maximum share to the overall medical mattress market?
  • What are the indicators expected to drive the global medical mattress market?
  • Which region is likely to be a lucrative market during the forecast period?
  • What are the essential strategies incorporated by key stakeholders in the global medical mattress market to expand their geographical presence?
  • What are the major advancements witnessed in the global medical mattress market?

The report answers these questions and more about the global medical mattress market, aiding major stakeholders and key players in making the right decisions and strategizing for the advancement of their business.

Medical Mattress Market – Research Methodology

This TMR report on the global medical mattress market is based on a complete and comprehensive evaluation of the market, backed by secondary and primary sources. The competitive scenario of the global medical mattress market is supported by an assessment of different factors that influence the market on a minute and granular level. By thoroughly analyzing the historical data and current trends, researchers of the medical mattress market arrive at predictions and estimations, and calculate the forecast for the market. The report uses an analytical triangulation method to estimate numbers and figures of the global medical mattress market, with both a bottom-up and top-down approach.

The detailed assessment of the global medical mattress market, along with an overview of the landscape, has been provided based on a careful examination of the avenues related to this market. Analysts’ conclusions on how the global medical mattress market is set to grow are based on carefully vetted primary and secondary sources.

Medical Mattress Market – Segmentation

The report on the global medical mattress market provides information on the basis of product type, price category, application, distribution channel, and region.

Product Type
  • Innerspring Mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Alternating Pressure Mattress
  • Low Air Loss Mattress
  • Others
Price Category
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Hospital
  • Clinic
  • Infirmary
  • Homecare
    Nursing Home
  • Others
Distribution Channel
  • Online
    • eCommerce
    • Company Owned
  • Offline
    • Specialty Stores
    • Hypermarkets & Departmental Stores
    • Others
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
  • South America

The study discusses the underlying trends and the impact of various factors that are driving the global medical mattress market, along with their influence on the evolution of the market.

The study also offers Porter’s Five Forces analysis, value chain analysis, technology analysis, price trend analysis, and SWOT analysis of the global medical mattress market in order to elaborate crucial growth tactics and opportunities for market players.

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Medical Mattress Market

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