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Cutting equipment is generally used in cutting metals as well as thermoplastics. Cutting can be carried out using multi point or single point tools. There are various types of cutting technologies employed, for instance, oxy fuel cutting technology, laser cutting technology and plasma cutting technology.

Transparency Market Research, in its new research study on global manual cutting equipment market, has covered various regional and segmental insights associated with the market. Moreover, the scope of research also covers trends, developments, drivers, challenges and restraints that have an influence on the growth of the global market. The research also covers analysis of historical data along with current market position and gives a brief scrutiny on future market scenario for manual cutting equipment. The global market for manual cutting machines is expected to grow at a slow rate throughout the period of assessment. The factors that are hindering the growth of the global manual cutting equipment market include slow adoption of advanced cutting technologies, high operating costs and lack of skilled personnel and labor to operate cutting machines coupled with high training costs.

global manual cutting equipment market

According to Transparency Market Research, the global market for manual cutting equipment is estimated to reach a market valuation of about US$ 2200 Mn by the end of the year of assessment, from a value of around US$ 1700 Mn 2017 and expected to grow at a listless CAGR throughout the period of forecast, 2017-2026.

Automotive and Transportation Sector to Reflect Increased Use of Manual Cutting Equipment in the Years to Follow

The use of manual cutting equipment in automotive sector is expected to increase in the future. In automotive industry, manufacturers are adopting various cutting technologies to get high quality edges and cuts and other related assemblies. The scope for manual cutting equipment in this industry is growing as more number of manufacturers are adopting manual cutting equipment, consequently making this sector a highly lucrative one from a growth perspective. The automotive and transportation application segment is estimated to touch a large market valuation and exhibit huge market share in the coming years, thus leading the global market. Moreover, this segment is projected to grow at a significant CAGR throughout the period of assessment. In addition, another application segment that is contributing to the growth of the overall market for manual cutting equipment is the heavy equipment fabrication segment, which is expected to be the second largest. In heavy equipment fabrication, cutting equipment is typically used in mining, farming, rails and cargo transport. The use of manual cutting equipment in the construction has also been rising. However, with respect to growth rate, the shipbuilding and off shore segment is projected to rise at a relatively high value CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period.

North America and Asia Pacific Excluding Japan to Spearhead the Growth of the Global Market

In the region category, North America is expected to be the largest region with a high market value and share and is anticipated to lead the global market. However, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region has also shown increasing adoption of manual cutting equipment in various applications across various industries and is projected to be the fastest growing region in this market. The manual cutting equipment market in APEJ is projected to register a value CAGR of 3.5% throughout the period of assessment.

Competitive Landscape

The analytical research report on global manual cutting equipment market includes analysis on key players operating in the global market. Facets such as key financials, product synopsis, developments, innovations, and strategies of players like Colfax Corporation, Gentec, Messer group, Matheson tri-gas Inc., Lincoln Electric Company,  Illinois Tool Works Inc., Air Liquide, Linde group, GCE holding AB and Fronius international GMBH have been covered in the competitive analysis section in the research report.

Growing Utilization across Various Applications to Add Extra Stars of Growth to the Manual Cutting Equipment Market

A large number of manufacturers are adopting manual cutting equipment in a variety of applications. The growing popularity of manual cutting equipment across various applications in heavy equipment fabrication, construction, automotive, transportation, shipbuilding, and others will bode well for the growth. Hence, all these factors will help in increasing the growth rate of the manual cutting equipment market during the assessment period of 2017-2026.

  • Manual cutting equipment is a device used for cutting a variety of materials. The convenience and the affordability quotient play a major role in boosting the growth prospects of the manual cutting equipment market. Customized equipment is also available designed according to the requirement. The overwhelming utilization of customized equipment will serve as a vital growth generator.
  • Ongoing research and development activities play a large role in boosting the revenues of the players. The players invest heavily in research activities for discovering novel insights that lead to upgrades and improvements in the equipment. These factors attract tremendous growth opportunities for the manual cutting equipment market. Mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, and joint ventures also help in cementing the growth of the manual cutting equipment market.
  • The growing demand for manual cutting equipment across the automotive industry will bring good growth opportunities for the manual cutting equipment market. The heightening production levels in automotive industries will further help in enhancing the growth prospects of the manual cutting equipment market.
  • The novel coronavirus pandemic has impacted the growth projections of the manual cutting equipment market considerably. The growing transmission of the virus forced many countries to adopt stringent lockdown measures. These measures led to the shutting down of manufacturing facilities and production units. All these aspects hurt the growth prospects of the manual cutting equipment market. Nevertheless, the lockdown relaxations will serve as a vital growth booster for the players in the manual cutting equipment market.

Transparency Market Research uses a unique research methodology which is a strong blend of secondary and in-depth primary research. Extensive primary interviews with key market players, stakeholders, market observers and experts are carried out to collect necessary data and information pertaining to various segments and across key regions. The data crunching and statistical analysis so performed undergoes multiple layers of validation to garner appropriate market insights which could benefit business by impacting critical decisions. The exhaustive research methodology has been applied to thoroughly understand and study the market for manual cutting equipment  and the findings and insights have been skilfully crafted following a systematic structure in the new report titled “Manual Cutting Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Forecast (2017-2026)”.

Research Report on Global Manual Cutting Equipment Market Delivers Actionable Intelligence to Assist Initiate Further Moves

The market research report on global manual cutting equipment is a comprehensive market research study which focuses on the global scenario and provides actionable acumen on various factors which influence the market which is possible with the help of strong data and statistical analyses. It delivers an unbiased view of the market by including analysis on various market segments across the major geographies of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa (MEA). The global research report on manual cutting equipment market has in-depth weightage on statistics, figures, numbers and graphs which is based on a clear market definition. This will enable the reader to take informed decisions with the help of well-furnished insights. The upcoming trends and developments, new innovations in products and varying product portfolios, new acquisitions, end user analysis and much more actionable acumen give a 3600 view to the market ultimately providing the reader with necessary tools to devise strategies in order to establish firm grip in a particular region or in a particular segment in the global manual cutting equipment market.

A Detailed Competitive Analysis Covered in the Research Report

The global manual cutting equipment market research report covers competitive landscape, which covers the market shares, revenues, growth strategies applied, product portfolio analysis, distribution channels, expansion in several geographies, marketing strategies, SWOT, pricing analysis, etc., of the various key players in the global manual cutting equipment market. Such an intelligence framework can be used to devise appropriate strategies in order to gain competitive advantage in the long run.

Key Report Highlights

  • In-depth market analysis, with scrutiny across major regions
  • Market segmentation up to third level
  • Historical data, current statistics and a projected view of the market (forecasts) over a period of nine years
  • Competitive landscape including analyses on key players
  • Unbiased view of the global market slating a realistic contour of data projections
  • Strong accurate research from a strategic standpoint
  • Weighted analyses which gives justice to the market segmentation covered

The global manual cutting equipment market research report delivers valuable insights and the credibility of the research report lies in this actionable intelligence that it provides, which can be used to establish a global footprint. Just a click away, the reader can avail information on any segment, any region and any technology. Real time analysis has increased the weightage of the research giving an all-inclusive angle to the market study which assists the viewers in slating important corporate strategies pertaining to price, place and promotion along with regional forecasts.

Market Segmentation


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • APEJ
  • MEA


  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment Fabrication
  • Shipbuilding and Off shore
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Other Segment

Technology Type

  • Plasma
  • Oxy-Fuel
  • Laser Cutting
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Carbon Arc Cutting

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Manual Cutting Equipment Market

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