Isostearic Acid Market: Introduction

Isostearic acid is a clear yellow, liquid fatty acid produced by the reaction of oleic acid with a natural mineral catalyst. It is soluble in many oils; therefore, it is used as an emulsifier or dispersant. It is also used as an additive in various adhesives, coatings & paints, finishing agents, lubricants, sealants, solvents, viscosity adjusters, and surfactant formulations. Majorly it is used as an emulsifiers in personal care and cosmetic products.

Global Isostearic Acid Market: Market Dynamics

The cosmetics and personal care industry are major consumers of isostearic acid globally. It is a key ingredient used to produce a broad range of cosmetic and personal care products such as skin care, hair care, bath & shower products, liquid soaps, and sun protection creams. Growing purchasing power, and increasing consciousness about personal grooming is expected to drive the sales of cosmetic and personal care products. This, in turn, indirectly drives the isostearic acid market. Substitutes such as palmitic acid, lauric acid, oleic acid, ricinoleic acid, and coconut fatty acid are readily available in the market at lower prices. This is likely to restrain the global market.

Global Isostearic Acid Market: Segmentation

Based on application, the global isostearic acid market can be segmented into personal care, cosmetics, chemical esters, lubricants & greases, and others. Isostearic acid is used in various personal care formulations, as it functions as an emollient and co-emulsifier. It replenishes the moisture in the skin by functioning as an emollient, hence it is used in moisturizing creams, skin creams, lotions, sunscreen preparations, and shower gel formulations. Use of isostearic acid in the preparation of cosmetic formulations protects the skin from oxidative damage. This acid is used in industrial application for stabilizing pigments in oils and solvents. It is used as a surface treating agent, plating agent, lubricant additive, corrosion inhibitor, and grease thickener. Isostearic acid is used in automotive care products and industrial cleaning & furnishing products.

Global Isostearic Acid Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of region, the global isostearic acid market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific dominates the global isostearic acid market in terms of volume. China is a key producer isostearic acid in Asia Pacific owing to the presence of a large number of chemical manufacturing companies in the region. China is considered as a chemical manufacturing hub and a large number of Europe- and U.S.-based multinational corporations are establishing their manufacturing bases in the country. Easily available raw materials, abundance of skilled labor, and increase in foreign direct investment have made China a lucrative country for the isostearic acid market. Japan, India, and South Korea are major countries for the market in Asia Pacific.

Global Isostearic Acid Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global isostearic acid market include Kraton Corporation, Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc., Croda International Plc., BOC Sciences, SysKem Chemie Ltd., Jarchem Industries Inc., Sigma-Aldrich Co., Oleo Solutions Ltd., Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc., and Foreverest Resources Ltd.

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Isostearic Acid Market