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Hepatitis B Vaccine Market

Hepatitis B Vaccine Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 – 2030

Hepatitis B Vaccine Market: Overview

The evolution trajectories in the hepatitis B (HBV) vaccine market is influenced and shaped by the various country-wide trends in hepatitis B vaccination in the worldwide population. The vaccine is safe for all age groups. Several countries around the world have seen the integration of HBV vaccines in routine infant immunization programs. The coverage was as high as 84% in 2017, per a recent article published in NCBI in 2020. In industrialized nations, routine childhood vaccinations have been documented for reducing the prevalence of HBV. A case in point is the reduced prevalence of HBV in children under 5 years of age. However, in some countries, HBV has been of limited public health problem, and has thus seen limited uptake, as has been documented by a report by the WHO in 2019.

A number of potent antiviral agents with high viral suppression and rate of tolerability are being tested in the HBV vaccine market. HBV drugs have also increased their presence in clinical trials. Anti-HBV immune responses are being studied extensively, which will influence the expansion of the avenues. The study on the HBV market takes a closer look at the impact of regulatory recommendations on recent research directions and the dynamic of vaccine development in developing economies.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Market: Key Trends

A key drive for the HBV vaccine market comes from the marked prevalence of HBV infected populations, especially in the WHO Western Pacific Region. Governments world over recognize HBV vaccine as the only cost-effective way to primary prevention of the infection. Both types-- monovalent and combined vaccines—are currently being marketed with the latter not recommended for pediatrics.

Growing population that are at high risk for contracting HBV infection has also spurred the use of vaccine in national immunization programs. HBV vaccine developers are keen on assessing various parameters: immunogenicity, efficacy, and safety of the currently available vaccine in the HBV vaccine market. Further, the need for and effectiveness of booster dosing has also propelled new paths of development in the market.

New strategies for improving results in HBV vaccination are also being analyzed. Some of the common ones are human anti-HBV surface antibody (anti-HBs), DNA vaccines, T cell vaccine, apoptotic cells expressing HBV antigens, and viral vectors expressing the virus proteins. These strategies also relate to catch-up strategies at later age. Advances made in recombinant DNA technology have also expanded the outlook of the HBV vaccine market.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Past decades have seen rise in studies on characteristics of anti-HBs antibodies, pertaining to neonates, infants, adults, and immune suppressed patients. Stakeholders in the HBV vaccine market are aimed at multiple objectives: meeting the most optimal as well as effective vaccine dose, deciding the schedule of vaccination, to framing an effective strategy for immune suppressed cohorts, as diverse as prisoners and liver transplanted patients. Top players have been trying to incorporate the results of multicenter studies in a bid to improve response to HBV vaccination, with a direct focus on HBV mutants. Numerous new entrants and established players also eye potential avenues in chronic HBV infected patients and intend to conduct more research on therapeutic vaccination.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Market: Regional Assessment

Regionally, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific are potentially lucrative markets. North America and Europe have presented several revenue streams to players over the past few years. The expansion of the regional markets rides on the back of extensive study on various aspects of the immunotherapies and the subsequent progress made in the safety and efficacy of antiviral agents.

Integration of the HBV vaccine in pediatric immunization programs in the healthcare sector of developing and developed economies of Asia Pacific has helped spur the prospect of the overall HBV vaccine market.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Market

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