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Global Lignosulfonates Market: Key Highlights

  • The global demand for lignosulfonates stood nearly US$ 760 Mn in 2018 and is projected to reach over US$ 1,031 Mn by 2027.  Rise in oil well exploration in the U.S. and Middle East & Africa is anticipated to propel the lignosulfonates market. Additionally, vast application of lignosulfonates is likely to boost demand for lignosulfonates in the coming years.
  • Lignosulfonates are one of the abundantly available wood chemicals. They are commonly obtained as by-products during sulfite processing of wood pulp. Lignosulfonates are primary anionic polyelectrolytes that are easily soluble in water. They are natural anionic surfactants with high molecular weight.
  • Lignosulfonates are primarily used in the ceramics, construction, chemicals, oil & gas, and animal feed additives industries. They are also employed in organic polymerization.
  • Lignosulfonates are employed extensively during oil and gas field exploration in the oil & gas industry. Stabilization of shale is a challenging task due to the presence of water-sensitive montmorillonite in shale. Sodium ammoniated lignosulfonate inhibits the swelling of montmorillonite in water. It enhances the viscosity of water-based drilling fluids at low temperatures and reduces the viscosity at relatively high temperatures. Furthermore, the filtration loss of mud decreases after the addition of sodium ammoniated lignosulfonate (NaALS). This can benefit the stabilization of shale.
fa lignosulfonates market

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Global Lignosulfonates Market: Segmental Insights

  • Lignosulfonates are employed as oil well additives in the oil & gas industry. Oil in water emulsions plays an important role in oil well drilling fluids. Lignosulfonate, a prominent stabilizing agent, has been used successfully for several years to stabilize emulsions as the lignosulfonate molecule is adsorbed at the oil-water interface, establishing a high order electrokinetic charge and also a semi-rigid film.
  • Sodium lignosulfonate is the most commercialized lignosulfonate. It is primarily used as an economical plasticizer in concrete admixtures and pellet binder in animal feed. Sodium lignosulfonate is expected to be a rapidly expanding segment of the lignosulfonates market, primarily in developing countries in Asia Pacific, due to the high demand for sodium lignosulfonate in the construction industry.
  • Calcium lignosulfonate is preferred in animal feeds and oil well additives. It is also a highly commercialized type of lignosulfonate. Magnesium lignosulfonate is primarily employed in animal feed applications owing to its antimicrobial and preservative properties, which are similar to those of sodium lignosulfonate and calcium lignosulfonate. Furthermore, magnesium lignosulfonate is used as substitute for conventional chloride materials in dust control applications.
  • Lignosulfonates are used extensively as water-reducing admixtures. These, in turn, are used in the construction of strong and high-grade infrastructure. Demand for lignosulfonates as a concrete admixture is expected to increase as they boost the density of cement paste by reducing the amount of water used in the cement. Increase in demand for lignosulfonates as water-reducing agents is one of the key factors driving the lignosulfonates market.
  • Lignosulfonates are used as effective animal feed binders as they balance the beneficial bacteria in animals, provide essential nutrients to improve their gastrointestinal health, and improve feed efficacy, which helps increase animal body weight.

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Global Lignosulfonates: Regional Insights

  • In terms of volume, Europe was the prominent region of the global lignosulfonates market in 2018. Expansion in the residential sector and rise in construction activities in Europe are driving the construction industry in the region. Europe is a leading region of the animal feed industry, led by the presence of large-scale animal feed companies and high production rate of animal feed. Thus, demand for lignosulfonates is high in the region.
  • Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a faster pace in global lignosulfonates market during the forecast period due to increase in demand for concrete admixtures in the region.
  • Middle East & Africa is projected to follow Asia Pacific, owing to the rise in demand for sodium lignosulfonate in concrete admixtures and oil well additives in the region. Lucrative applications and expansion in end-user industries in developing countries are projected to boost the attractiveness of the lignosulfonate market during the forecast period.

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Global Lignosulfonates: Competition Landscape

  • The lignosulfonates market is moderately consolidated; the market is modestly dominated by key companies with strong global presence. Key players operating in the lignosulfonates market include
    • Borregaard
    • Tembec Inc. (Rayonier Advanced Materials)
    • Burgo Group
    • Wuhan Xinyingda Chemicals Co. Ltd.
    • Shenyang Xingzhenghe Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • In November 2019, Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. sold Matane, Quebec pulp mill and related assets to Sappi for a total purchase price of US$175 million.
  • In June 2018, LignoTech Florida owned by Borregaard (55%) and Rayonier Advanced Materials (45%) started plant a new lignin plant in Fernandina Beach.
  • On February, 2018, Sappi signed an agreement to acquire the speciality paper business of Cham Paper Group Holding AG (CPG) for US$ 149 Mn. The transaction includes the acquisition of CPG’s Carmignano and Condino Mills in Italy, its digital imaging business located in Cham, Switzerland, as well as all brands.

TMR’s recent publication on the global lignosulfonates market provides audiences with an overall market outlook, with the help of comprehensive assessment of the global market scenario. TMR’s study on the global lignosulfonates market analyzes the market with respect to the historical and current market scenario and offers forecast for the period from 2019 to 2027.

Report readers are able to make important decisions pertaining to their business with a wealth of information and exclusive insights on the global lignosulfonates market enclosed in the study. The report on the global lignosulfonates market also provides in-depth understanding of key market trends and advancement made by companies. This TMR report is divided into different sections to allow readers to gain individual understanding of the global lignosulfonates market.

Key Queries Addressed in Report

  • How much volume sales is expected to be generated in the global lignosulfonates market by the products during the forecast period?
  • What are key growth indicators and market dynamics that are expected to drive the global lignosulfonates market in the next five years?
  • Which regions are estimated to provide lucrative opportunities to the global lignosulfonates market during the forecast period?
  • What are the essential strategies adopted by key players operating in the global lignosulfonates market in order to expand their geographical presence?

The first section of the TMR’s report on the global lignosulfonates market begins with a premise that includes report scope, market segmentation, and research highlights. This is followed by the executive summary that highlights aspects of the global lignosulfonates market covered in the study. This section provides brief understanding of market elements and enables readers to understand the aspects covered in the study. The report also includes market dynamics on lignosulfonates that offer understanding of market drivers, restraints, and opportunities.

The next section includes segmentation analysis of the global lignosulfonates market. This evaluation includes segmentation of the global lignosulfonates market based on product, end-use and region. Furthermore, analysis of key segments, year-on-year growth projection, and basis point share analysis are included in the report. These help readers identify promising areas for growth of the market.

The TMR’s study on the global lignosulfonates market offers assessment of the geographical landscape of the market. The regional study helps market competitors make important decisions pertaining to their business. Individualized, region-wise, and segment-wise analysis helps readers decipher the growth potential for the market across various geographies. Supported by year-on-year growth projection and global market value and volume share, this section is a vital part of the lignosulfonates report.

The study on the global lignosulfonates market offers a holistic competitive value judgment, with details of leading as well as emerging market players. The dashboard view of competitors operating in the global lignosulfonates market allows readers to understand business strategies of these players along with their performance.

Research Methodology

The TMR’s report on the global lignosulfonates market is based on detailed estimation of the market, with the inclusion of comprehensive primary and secondary research inputs. Detailed investigation of the global lignosulfonates market, in terms of competition scenario, is supported by individual-level examination of different avenues related to the market. Furthermore, for secondary research, analysts scrutinized numerous annual report publications, white papers, market association publications, and company websites to obtain the required understanding of the global lignosulfonates market. This helps TMR’s analysts derive crucial predictions and forecast of the global lignosulfonates market. Readers can access the study of the global lignosulfonates market to gain projected market analysis for the period from 2019 to 2027.

Global Lignosulfonates Market: Segmentation


Calcium Lignosulfonate

Sodium Lignosulfonate

Magnesium Lignosulfonate



Oil Well Additives

Concrete Additives

Animal Feed Binder

Dust Control



North America

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Global Lignosulfonates Market

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