Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs Market

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 – 2030

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs Market: Overview

The popularity of various formulations in the fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs market stems largely from the fact that they hold great promise in improving adherence to long-term multi-drug therapies. A variety of therapeutic categories with single ailment or multiple comorbid conditions have seen the demand for FDCs. Key ones are hypertension, diabetes mellitus, human immunodeficiency virus, and tuberculosis (TB). Especially in infectious diseases, they reduce the risk of resistance development.

Despite the obvious pharmacokinetic advantage, the market has made relatively moderate growth as they are difficult to prepare. Some of other disease categories where pharma companies hope to harness for unique combinations in the FDC drugs market are cough and cold, fever, analgesics, muscle relaxants; antimicrobials. FDC drugs are also being made for hypertension, dyslipidemia, and psychiatric disorders.

Some of the key benefits of FDCs that keep FDC drugs market lucrative are reduce cost of packaging and retail distribution, reduced pill burden, and decreased dose of individual drugs. As many as five different ingredients have been combined in some of the popular FDCs in the FDC drugs market. 

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs Market: Key Trends

The FDC drugs market is making remarkable advances on the back of strides made in the design of individualized dosing regimens. Pediatric anti-tuberculosis therapy is emerging as a highly attractive area for companies in the market. However, attaining the required pharmacokinetic properties is a complex task. This may lead to several risks such as potential risk of medication errors. Several new approaches are being researched in the FDC drugs market, apart from constant milligram/kilogram-based dosing. These approaches have been prospered on the back of expanding knowledge of pharmacokinetics. Their easy availability in drug stores has also fueled the uptake of FDC drug medications.

Remarkable revenue streams are likely to come from the demand for pediatric FDCs. A case in point is first-line anti-TB drugs. The advent of new pharmacometric models has also boosted the growth of the FDC drugs market. Numerous guidelines by WHO-recommended FDC have emerged in recent years.

However, some key markets have seen losing faith in the currently available fixed-dose combinations. An instance is banning of at least 80 FDCs in Indian Government in India in 2018 and 2019. However, pharmaceutical companies have vouched for stronger healthcare policy to come out better-acting and low-risk FDCs for the FDC drugs market.

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs Market: Competitive Development Analysis and Key Developments

A number of studies have emerged including retrospective observational studies by healthcare companies which have strengthened the prospects in the fixed dose combination drugs market. A study by Irish Primary Care Reimbursement Service have demonstrated through observational studies that FDCs may be safer and more effacious option in reducing the pill burden in hypertension. FDCs drugs are thus proving to me more advantageous than monotherapy.

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs Market: Regional Assessment

Some of the key regions in the FDC drugs market are North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and Oceania. Of these, North America has been highly attractive regional market and is rising on the back of the presence of robust healthcare systems. The growth of opportunities in the regional market are fueled by intense research on FDCs efficacy and risk assessment. A number of treatment regimens have also been studied in European nations, thus making the region another lucrative market in the FDC drugs market. Progress made in design of fixed-dose combinations is boosting the revenue potential of these regional markets.


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