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Filter Integrity Test Market

Filter Integrity Test Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

Advancement in the biopharmaceutical industry, increasing purity needs in the end-user markets, and increased funding on R&D activities are driving the growth in the filter integrity test market. For the bioproduction process, the uninterrupted, as well as the controlled performance of filter components, is crucial. The filter integrity test is used in the biopharma industry. These tests verify the effectiveness of grade filters and their sterility. It is conducted not only after but also before the process of filtration to reduce defects. Pressure hold testing, bubble point test, and diffusive flow testing are some of the examples of the filter integrity test. Out of these, the bubble point test is considered simple, economical, and comes with easy applicability.

Certain regulatory guidelines have been introduced for the use of integrity tests which will drive considerable growth in the filter integrity test market. The medical industry is gradually shifting towards biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As there are speedy advancements in bioprocess engineering, the filter integrity test market will make promising growth ahead. The rise of contract service providers, the evolution of nano-biocatalysts for bioproduction improvement, and the availability of single-use technology are key advancements that will drive market growth. For the prevention of monetary damages and avoid delay in biotherapeutics launch, the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies are concentrating on integrity testing of filters. This testing will assist in the manufacturing audit litigation for biopharmaceuticals' release in the market.

Global Filter Integrity Test Market: Overview

Filter integrity test is a type of testing process, primarily used in the pharma industry. Filter testing or more commonly called as integrity testing is need to ensure the purity of grade filters. This filter integrity test can be conducted both before and after the main filtration process. Some of the most common filter integrity test are pressure hold testing, diffusive flow, and bubble point.

Global Filter Integrity Test Market: Notable Developments

The competitive landscape of the global filter integrity test market is a fragmented one due to presence of several key players. The companies in the market are consistently working towards developing more efficient products. Some of the key players in the global filter integrity test market include names such as SH-Surway (China), Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), Eaton Corporation (Ireland), Sartorius (Germany), Parker Hannifin Coprpotation(US), Merck KGaA (Germany), and Donaldson Company (US) among others.

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The leading companies in the market are catering to several other industries apart from healthcare. These firms have a huge consumer base across the globe and are working towards creating a strong brand identity. One of the key focus areas of these filter integrity test market leaders is to expand their reach and develop a strong relationship with vendors and distributors across the upcoming economies. Some of the companies act as OEMs (other equipment manufacturers) and offer products to other companies under a private label.

Some of the notable developments in the global filter integrity test market are listed below:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, in the year 2018, launched a new Bioprocess Design Center in Shanghai. The idea behind it was to design bioprocessing solution by connecting and collaborating with biologic developers.
  • Recently, Thermo Fisher Scientific took over the Advanced Bioprocessing Business from Becton, Dickinson and Company. With this takeover, Thermo Fisher was able to expand its business portfolio in life sciences solutions.
  • German giants Merck launched a new center for manufacturing and distribution for its Mumbai based life sciences business. The motive behind the move was to push up the storage of its gross domestic product and cater to future bio-production demand.

Global Filter Integrity Test Market: Drivers and Restraints

Some of the key drivers for the growth of the global filter integrity test market are listed below:

  • Multiple Benefits: These filter integrity tests offer multiple benefits such as high margin of safety, higher sensitivity, and ability to test the complete filter system (both housing and cartridge) are helping the growth of the filter integrity test market.
  • Heavy Research and Investments: Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry companies are now heavily investing to conduct more research and development activities. This increase in investments will positively affect the growth of the global integrity filter test market.
  • Strict safety guidelines: Regulatory agencies and governments across the globe are issuing strict safety guidelines about drug safety. This will also help in spurring the growth of the filter integrity test market in coming years.
  • New opportunities: Upcoming economies are now providing better infrastructure and R&D facilities for drug development. This will present newer opportunities for the growth of the market in the given forecast period.

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Global Filter Integrity Test Market: Regional Outlook

The global filter integrity test market is divided into five key regional segments, namely, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, North America, and Middle East & Africa. The market share is currently dominated by North America followed by Europe. It is estimated that Asia Pacific will grow at a significant pace over the course the given forecast period, owing growing government support, heavy investments by key players, and developing R&D infrastructure among others.

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