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Endoscope Reprocessing Market

Endoscope Reprocessing Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021-2031

Endoscope Reprocessing Market: Overview

Endoscopy-related infections are a worldwide concern for healthcare industry, with emergent risks propelling the need for robust processing protocols. Endoscopes are used extensively in the management—screening, diagnosis, and treatment—of a wide range of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases. The efficacy has grown continuously with technological advancements in designs and the materials used in the equipment. Despite this, the reprocessing protocols pose a major concern for flexible endoscopes, since the past few years have seen contamination in endoscopes key reason for rise in nosocomial infections. Need to address the concern has driven the evolution of endoscope reprocessing market. Several countries have thus gravitated toward evidence-based guidelines on endoscope reprocessing. In this regard, the demand for automated endoscope reprocessors has gained traction for high-level disinfection (HLD), further spurring investments by medical device manufacturers and OEMs.

The study on the endoscope reprocessing market scrutinizes various key trends and product developments, adoption trends in various healthcare settings, regional growth dynamics, and an in-depth competitive landscape. The report presents a detailed insight into the demand dynamics related to test strips, detergents and wipes, and automated equipment.

Endoscope Reprocessing Market: Current Prospects and Future Avenues

Past few years have seen rise in infectious disease outbreaks worldwide, especially multi-drug resistant bacteria. Variation within the flexible endoscope reprocessing practices has brought forth some genuine concerns of endoscopy related infections. The lack of uniformity of practices for endoscope reprocessing has led to rise in concerns of infectious disease outbreaks, arising out some of the glaring laspses in reprocessing of duodenoscopes, bronchoscopes, and ureteroscopes, including in automated reprocessing processes.

Updates in guidelines in high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes have spurred the number of standardized education and training programs, propelling the expansion of the endoscope reprocessing market. Complexity of designs in duodenoscopes is another aspect has intensified the need for reprocessing practices worldwide, thereby propelling the expansion of avenues in the endoscope reprocessing market. Various high-income countries have seen growing number of training programs for flexible endoscope reprocessing, engendering the value chain in the endoscope reprocessing market. Some of the key methods used are microbial cultures and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) test. The growing number of dedicated endoscope reprocessing professionals is a key trend bolstering the demand.

Product Development Avenues for Companies in Endoscope Reprocessing Market

The endoscope processing market is enriched by the constant urge to develop, launch, and market products that help healthcare facilities meet stringent quality control on infection processing plans in the use of medical equipment. Companies including Olympus and Getinge are keenly exploring technologies that endorse ‘zero tolerance’ toward endoscope processing, and are thus espousing high-level disinfection programs in healthcare facilities.

Numerous players are leaning on launching automated reprocessing products for flexible endoscopes, broadly that offers consistent operations, reliability, and also cost-effective maintenance. Technologies for high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Top players are keen on equipping reprocessing products that can meet complex handling requirements.

Some other key players in the endoscope reprocessing market are Medonica Co. LTD, Borer Chemie AG, BES Healthcare Ltd., Custom Ultrasonics, and Wassenburg Medical.

Endoscope Reprocessing Market: Key Geographical Markets and Opportunities in Emerging Economies

North America is a lucrative market. Rise in number of GI endoscope procedures has spurred the demand for reliable and efficient technologies for preventing pathogen contamination of various types of endoscopes. Advent of central endoscope reprocessing areas is expected to bolster prospects in the regional market. Further, the trend of novel product launches along with robust reprocessing programs for high-level disinfection has spurred the demand for new technologies and high-level disinfectants in flexible endoscope reprocessing.

The U.S. FDA have been at the forefront of promoting the demand for high-level disinfectants such as glutaraldehyde, peracetic acid, and peracetic acid/hydrogen peroxide blend. Asia Pacific has also emerged as a market with new revenue streams to equipment manufacturers in the endoscope reprocessing market.


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