Embryo Transfer (ET) Catheters Market: Overview

The choice of embryo transfer (ET) catheters occupies a crucial role in the success rate of assisted reproduction of IVF. Several surveys, notably in Australia and the U.K., have assigned high value to ET catheter as an independent variable in assistive reproduction system. A range of catheters both for human and animal use have been developed. Most notable of them in human populations are soft ET catheters and firm ET catheters. Embryo transfer is the final step in IVF procedures and the market has seen the attention toward testing new technologies in affecting primary and secondary measure outcomes of IVF. Primary outcomes in human ET comprise implantation rate, clinical pregnancy rate, and ongoing or take-home baby rate, while secondary outcome measures include avoiding complications and traumatic events. Also the catheter used in human ET during IVF must be bereft of blood, mucus, or retained embryos, and any other contaminants. In addition to humans, they are also used in farm animal production.

Manufacturers in the ET catheters market consider different design and physical parameters to meet the requirements of IVF or assisted reproduction technologies (ART). They are focusing on ease-of-use and non-toxicity as primary considerations while designing the devices.

Embryo Transfer Catheters Market: Key Trends

Rise in number of women opting for ART is a key trend bolstering the expansion of the ET catheters market. New requirements crop up on the back of advances being made in the healthcare infrastructure offering ART or IVF. Over the past few years, people in urban spaces have not just become aware of the promising possibilities associated with IVF bur are also making discretionary spending to access the services.

The changing lifestyle has been one of the key factors for women delay their first childbirth. This has also been an important factor in shaping the contours of demand in the ET catheters market. Collaborations between clinicians and embryologists have helped improve the outcome of ET, thereby spurring the adoption of technologically advances ET catheters. Private clinics have also been generating sizable demand. Further, they have been quick to deploy better transvaginal sonography equipment to meet the rise in demand.

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Embryo Transfer Catheters Market: Competitive Dynamics and Key Developments

The ET catheters market has gained rapid momentum on the back of growing number of randomized prospective studies aimed at comparing the efficacy of different types of catheters. However, there is largely paucity of randomized clinical trials, opening a vast unmet avenue for market players and researchers. Manufactures have also benefitted from the adoption of latest embryo transfer protocols. Also the healthcare sector as a whole is emphasizing on improving the in vitro fertilization success rate. Thus, top manufacturers adopt a holistic approach toward IVF-ET cycles. This will continue to shape the growth dynamics of the ET catheters market. A growing number of companies who possess expertise in IVF are expanding their IVF portfolio. To this end, they are entering into strategic acquisitions.

Some of the key players in the ET catheters market are Fertility Technology Resources, Inc., C. R. Bard, Inc., SURGIMEDIK Healthcare India Private Limited, Rocket Medical plc., Labotect Labor-Technik-Göttingen GmbH, Laboratoire CCD, C. R. Bard, Inc., and Cooper Companies.

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Embryo Transfer Catheters Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, North America has shown vast revenue potential year-over-year over the past few years. Massive advancements in ARTs have propelled the trend of technological advances in the ET catheters also. The presence of large target population in Asia Pacific, on the other hand, has tilted the scale of new revenue streams toward this region for incumbent players in the global ET catheters market. Concurrent advances in healthcare have supported the expansion of avenues in the regional market.

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Embryo Transfer Catheters Market