Dye Intermediates Market

Dye Intermediates Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Dye Intermediates Market

Main function of dyes is to give colors to a surface or substance. Dye intermediates refer to raw materials utilized for manufacturing of dyes. The products consist of petrochemical products, which go through several processes in order to produce the dyes and pigments. At present, vinyl sulfone, beta naphthol, H-acid, Gamma acid, J-Acid, CPC blue, and Α-Naphthyl amine are some of the products available in the dye intermediates market. Of them, H-acid (1-amino, 8-napthol, 3,6-disulfonic acid) is considered one of the popular dye intermediate. One of the key applications of these intermediates is in the hair dyes manufacturing.

Plastics, textiles, printing inks, paper, and paints are some of the important end-user industries of dye intermediates. Thus, growth in demand for all the products from all these industries is directly proportional to the growth in demand for dye intermediates, and thereby boosting the sales of the dye intermediates market. For the production of dye intermediates, the companies make use of nitro-aromatics, which are produced using two key components, namely, toluene and benzene. As toluene and benzene are petrochemical downstream products, changes in the crude oil prices shows direct impact on the growth of the dye intermediates market.

Dyes are used to impart colors to a substance or surface. Dye intermediates are raw materials used to manufacture dyes. Dye intermediates comprise petrochemical products that are processed to manufacture the final dyes and pigments. H-acid (1-amino, 8-napthol, 3,6-disulfonic acid) is an extensively used dye intermediate. These intermediates are used in the production of hair dyes. Dye intermediates are manufactured from nitro-aromatics, which are manufactured from benzene and toluene. Benzene and toluene are petrochemical downstream products. Therefore, any change in the crude oil prices affects the dye intermediates market significantly.

Increase in demand for dye intermediates in textile and extensive use of dye intermediates in printing inks are some factors driving the dye intermediates market. This is prompting companies to increase production of dye intermediates. Additionally, easy availability of raw materials is anticipated to boost the demand for dye intermediates in the near future.

The global dye intermediates market is witnessing technological advancements. Companies are constantly striving to develop new and better ways to manufacture dye intermediates. Development of new manufacturing processes of dye intermediates and applications is estimated to propel the dye intermediates market. However, volatility in prices of raw material is projected to inhibit the market.

Based on products, the dye intermediates market can be divided into beta naphthol, vinyl sulfone, Gamma Acid, H-Acid, CPC Blue, J-Acid, Α-Naphthyl Amine, and others. The beta naphthol segment of the dye intermediates market is anticipated to expand at a significant pace owing to increasing demand from emerging economies such as India and China.

In terms of application, the dye intermediates market can be divided into textiles, plastics, paints, printing inks, paper, and others. The textiles segment of the dye intermediates market is anticipated to expand at a considerable pace due to increasing demand of appeals from the emerging economies.   

Based on geography, the dye intermediates market can be segregated into North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is anticipated to constitute a key share of the market during the forecast period. The dye intermediates market in Asia Pacific is estimated to expand a considerable pace owing to the increase in demand for dye intermediates in the paints and printing inks. Middle East & Africa is likely to be an attractive region for the dye intermediates market during the forecast period due to the rise in demand for these in the textile industry in the region.

Prominent players operating in the global dye intermediates market include Odyssey Organic Pvt. Ltd., Jay Chemical Industries Ltd., Dispo DyeChem Pvt. Ltd., and Afine Chemicals Limited, and Jiangsu YaBang Dyestuff Co.,Ltd. 


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