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Dry Needling Treatment Market

Dry Needling Treatment Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Trends, Growth, and Forecast 2020 - 2030

Global Dry Needling Treatment Market: Overview

Used as treatment method for a number of conditions, dry needling is gaining prominence worldwide and this is set to drive the global dry needling treatment market on an upward growth trajectory. Over the period of 2020 to 2030, as per Transparency Market Research, a sturdy growth rate, compounded annually, will be recorded in the market.

It is worth mentioning here that more and more people across the world are looking towards alternate treatment recourses. Positive outcomes of this treatment are attracting larger population for treatment of varied diseases. In the physical therapy domain in particular, the players are finding a number of superior. It is used here for stimulating muscles to enable healing and for relaxation.

Global Dry Needling Treatment Market: Competitive Landscape

The global dry needling treatment market is growing for varied reasons and one of them is high focus of market players on opting for new and diverse measures, promising individual growth.  Most players are focusing upon training resources and marketing of the method via appropriate channels.

Well –known and proactive players in the global dry needling treatment market include the following names:

  • Tanana Valley Clinic.
  • Oregon Medical Group
  • Tallahassee Primary Care Associates
  • Hwato
  • iDryNeedle
  • Tai Chi
  • Myotech
  • APS
  • DBC
  • Seirin

Global Dry Needling Treatment Market: Key Trends and Drivers

Over the forecast period, the global dry needling treatment market will grow substantially and a number of trends will influence it positively, Enumerated in the upcoming market report prepared by the company, the factors are many and varied. Some of the top impactful ones marking the landscape, pushing the market forward are:

  • Growing awareness regarding benefits of alternate therapy is gaining ground among population across the world. This is a major growth contributor in the global dry needling treatment market over the forecast period. Increasing adoption of physiotherapy, coupled with increasing high prevalence of physical disorders is fuelling growth in the market in a big way.
  • More people joining sports and participating in other physical activities are being seen and this is leading to muscular injuries. Meniscus tear, for example, is really common. This is driving demand for physiotherapy, where dry needling is being used for stimulating muscle to induce healing.   This is therefore a notable factor contributing to growth in the global dry needling treatment market.
  • Increasing geriatric population is also an interesting growth propeller. The demographic is known to suffer from muscle pains and is susceptible to a number of injuries that might lead them to adoption of physiotherapy. By 2050, it is believed the number of people of the age 65 and above will be massive and that is a positive indication for global dry needling treatment market.

Global Dry Needling Treatment Market: Regional Analysis

Geriatric population is expanding in a pronounced manner in the regions of North America and Europe and that is set to drive growth in these regional markets for dry needling treatment over the forecast period. By 2050, one in every four people here would be in the age group of 65 ad over as per a recent study on demographics. Additionally, a large number of people are active and participating in physically strenuous exercises and this is set to be a major growth factor in the two regions. Growing awareness regarding alternate therapy is also crucial as far as adoption of this is concerned.

Dry Needling Treatment Market

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