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Disposable Hospital Gowns Market

Disposable Hospital Gowns Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021-2031

Disposable Hospital Gowns Market: Evolution Contours

Disposable hospital gowns have grown in medical necessity for healthcare workers, considered as the one of the most important personal protective equipment, next only to gloves. A growing body of studies have underscored the benefits of hospital gowns in reducing the infection rate. Healthcare workers are routinely exposed to contact with blood, bodily fluids, secretions and excretions, and clothing of the patient. In this backdrop, the healthcare industry has witnessed widespread use of disposable hospital gowns, especially during patient-care activities and in between the medical and surgical procedures. Disposable gowns are also used extensively for inpatients and patients undergoing some medical and surgical procedure.

Over the years, isolation gowns have proliferated in number, the variety in design, the materials used, expanding the choice for users. The increasing implementation of disease control and prevention’s guidelines in various countries has driven the evolution of the disposable gowns market. healthcare industry is offering steady revenue growth to manufacturers.

The study of the disposable gowns market offers a data-driven scrutiny of the potential opportunities, key trends shaping adoption, technological advancements in the materials used, and value-grab opportunities in the global market. The research authors make a detailed assessment of the current and emerging revenue streams by segmenting the entire market into various segments. Furthermore, the insights in the market study takes an incisive look on the value propositions adopted by companies to meet the demands in various segments in best possible way.

Disposable Hospital Gowns Market: Current Avenues and Growth Boosters

Increasing incidence of infectious diseases and mounting threat of emerging infections have bolstered the widespread adoption of products in the disposable hospital gowns. Hospitals are becoming increasingly conscious of the implementation of concern over exposure to pathogens in diseases such as Ebola, hemorrhagic fever, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), SARS, and in recent times Covid-19.

Another completely different but interrelated aspect in patient care experience is expanding the availability of dignified hospital clothing for patients. Interestingly and paradoxically, a growing number of studies have reiterated that hospitals need to adopt practice of offering necessity-driven and dignified hospital gowns to their adult patients. One of the recent cases in point is the critical role of PPE in reducing the instances of hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) The factor will open up new opportunities in the disposable hospital gowns market. Rise in hospitalization of patients with lifelong chronic health condition is a key trend boosting the demand. Furthermore, hospitals have warmed up to the role of hospital gowns as a part of cultural norms in health care, which has opened manufacturers to consider new design parameters.

Disposable Hospital Gowns Market: Competitive Scenario

Prominent manufacturers of isolation and disposable hospital gowns are increasingly leaning on strengthening their production capacity and constantly spending on R&D for product innovation. Key focus on innovation is the incorporation of high-performance materials have high impermeability to pathogens. A growing number of players in the disposable gowns market are offering sturdy materials to protect it from wear and tear. Another key area is aiming at various designs that can improving the fitting characteristics in patients with different anatomy.

Some of the key players in the disposable gowns market are Priontex, Sara Health Care, Bellcross Industries Private Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Petoskey Plastics, Medline Industries, Inc., Standard Textile Co., Inc., and Cardinal Health.

Disposable Hospital Gowns Market: Regional Growth Dynamics

Regulations pertaining to occupational exposure in the healthcare industry are constantly being upgraded in developed nations. North America and Europe have been lucrative markets. The economies in the regions have witnessed lucrative demand on the back of the growing implementation of the latest regulations for use of PPE to prevent hospital acquired infections. Asia Pacific market has been witnessing rise in revenue potential on the back of advancements made in textile used for PPE in various clinical settings.

Disposable Hospital Gowns Market

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