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The evolving semiconductor industry has created new avenues for the use of electronic components in a range of devices. With growing use of electronic chips and chipsets, the demand for die-attach materials – a key constituent in the production of electronic boards – is witnessing an upsurge. High thermal conductivity, low-temperature sintering, and conducive to low costs are some of the key criterion influencing the sales of die-attach materials across the globe. An exclusive Transparency Market Research report reveals that by the end of 2026, nearly US$ 970 Mn worth of die-attach materials will be sold in the global semiconductors industry. The demand for die-attach materials, however, is estimated to incur restraints from production complexities, raw material procurement challenges and increasing technical expectations. During the forecast period, 2017-2026, the global die-attach materials market is pegged to expand at a sluggish CAGR of 3.1%.

global die attach materials market

Powdered Die-Attach Materials Set to Lose Demand in 2017 and Beyond

The report has analysed the global die-attach materials market on the basis of form, material, and product type. On the basis of the form of die-attach materials, the demand for powdered materials is expected to drop in the upcoming years. Inefficiency in the electrical flow caused by the use of powdered die-attach materials will continue to impede their demand in the global market during the forecast period. Concurrently, the global sales of paste-based die-attach materials will witness a considerable surge throughout the forecast period. In 2017, over US$ 280 Mn worth die-attach materials in the form of pastes are expected to be sold across the globe.

Polymer Adhesive Materials to Remain in Great Demand

Through 2026, the report expects a high demand for polymer adhesives in the global die-attach materials market. In 2017, more than US$ 300 Mn worth of die-attach materials developed as polymer adhesives will be sold in the global market. Since adhesion to polymer surfaces is the key functionality of die-attach materials, manufacturers are likely to focus on extending the production capacities for polymer adhesive type of die-attach materials.

The report further reveals that eutectic die-attach materials will witness a considerable dip in their contribution to the global die-attach materials market revenues over the forecast period. By the end of 2026, eutectic die-attach materials will account for a little over one-third share on the global revenues.

On the basis of product-type, the report reveals that films made of die-attach materials will be widely used in the semiconductors business across the globe. Increasing application purview of films made from die-attach materials will be instrumenting their growing demand. Over the forecast period, films are poised to register revenue growth at 3.5% CAGR. In addition, efficiency of die-attach solder products in terms of electrical conductivity will drive their demand in the global market. The report also expects that sintering products will account for just over 10% share on the global die-attach materials market value by the end of 2026.

Key Manufacturers of Die-Attach Materials

Some of the leading manufacturers of die-attach materials include, Dow Corning Corporation, Hybond Inc., Henkel, Alpha Assembly Solutions, Creative Materials Inc., Master Bond Inc., and AI Technology, among others. These companies are anticipated to remain active in the expansion of the global die-attach materials market through 2026. A majority of companies producing die-attach materials are expected to face challenges in raw material procurement, pertaining to the changing prices of pure metals and conductive polymers. 

Rising Popularity for Glue Will Bode Well for Die-Attach Materials Market

The advancing semiconductor industry has made new roads for the utilization of electronic segments in a scope of gadgets. With developing utilization of electronic chips and chipsets, the interest for kick the bucket join materials – a vital constituent in the creation of electronic sheets – is seeing an upsurge. High warm conductivity, sintering at low-temperature, and helpful for low expenses are a portion of the key measure affecting the deals of pass on join materials across the globe. The interest for pass on append materials, nonetheless, is assessed to bring about restrictions from creation intricacies, crude material acquisition challenges and expanding specialized assumptions.

On the contrary, manufacturers of the global die-attach materials market are confronting difficulties, as the providers can't get crude material at a practical cost. By and by, these limits will in the end be limited with the developing interest structure arising economies, consequently attesting that the die-attach material market will develop during the gauge time frame. Also, the accessibility of various sorts of die-attach materials like bind, films, sintering, and glues will help in expanding the interest in the worldwide market.

The interest for die-attach material is expanding at huge rate as there is a popularity for glue that are pertinent in wide scope of businesses and business use. Besides, the interest for die-attach material is likewise expanding because of expanding discretionary cashflow, expanding importance in films in bundling, and rising urbanization. The utilization of die-attach material is likewise found in die attach film, die attach glue, and utilized as sticky tape for a lead on chip. These elements are required to support the market for die-attach materials in coming years. Buyer gadgets likewise require high measure of die-attach that is utilized in fundamental pieces of electrical circuit sheets. Semiconductor industry has likewise produced openings for different electronic parts where the interest for die-attach materials has fundamentally developed.

Die-Attach Materials Market: Overview

Increasing electrification of devices and tool has driven the demand for electronic circuit boards and electrical components such as die-attach materials. The evolving semiconductors industry is exhibiting a demand-supply gap as manufacturers of die-attach materials are unable expand their production capacities in the view of raw material procurement complexities. Moreover, there is an increasing pressure on the companies to make die-attach materials at the lowest costs for reducing the overall costs of electronic component manufacturing.

Transparency Market Research has developed an exclusive forecast study on the global die-attach materials market, projecting the future of die-attach materials in the world of semiconductors. The report provides market size estimations for the assessment period, 2017-2026. Inferences provided in the report serve as key insights for die-attach material manufacturers, and can enable them in planning their steps towards future market direction.

Report Synopsis

The report provides an executive summary that outlines the key research findings and market size estimations. An overview of the global semiconductors industry, followed by an unbiased introduction to the global die-attach materials market is provided in the report. The report also classifies different types of die-attach materials present in the market. In addition, the report provides a distinct section analyzing the factors influencing the dynamic growth of the global die-attach materials market.

From industry trends to new applications, the report has analyzed every aspect of die-attach materials to depths. Analysis of supply chain, raw material sourcing strategies, and costing structure has been offered in the report. The study also offers an intensity map that reveals the presence of each market participant across global geographies. The report has provided detailed profiling of companies partaking in the growth of the global die-attach materials market. These companies have been profiled on the basis of their current market standings and strategic developments.

Scope of the Report

Transparency Market Research develops credible business documents that can help market participants form new strategies and change their traditional outlook. Through a slew of primary and secondary research methodologies, the report has been validated across multiple levels. The entire report has been quantified into US dollars (US$), wherein market size estimations have been interpreted across metrics such as compounded annual growth rates (CAGR), Year-on-Year (Y-o-Y) growth rates, and absolute dollar opportunities. Quantitative data and qualitative information have been blended to create precise forecast on the global die-attach materials market. Furthermore, the report has been developed by assessing the information procured from interviews conducted between analysts and company representatives. The scope of the report is to create new avenues for product development for the die-attach materials manufacturers by revealing valuable insights through its inferences.

Market Segmentation

Key sections of the report provide segmental analysis and forecast on the global die-attach materials market across segments namely, product-type, form-type, material-type and region. The global die-attach materials market taxonomy has been illustrated in the table below.


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • APEJ
  • MEA

Form Type

  • Powder
  • Pastes
  • Wires

Material Type

  • Polymer Adhesives
  • Eutectic Die Attach Materials
  • Other Material Type

Product Type

  • Adhesives
  • Films
  • Sintering
  • Solder
  • Other Product Type

Additional information of country-specific market size estimations and cross-segmental forecasting is also offered in the report.

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