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Diamond Powder Market

Diamond Powder Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 – 2030

Diamond Powder Market: Overview

Diamond powder, also known variously as lapping or polishing powder, can be made from natural diamond, synthetic diamond, and single-crystal diamond. They are usually of 10-100nm and are popularly used in high-end abrasive application in industries. The diamond powder market has made strides on the back of the industries keen on utilizing the remarkable hardness of diamond in grinding and fine polishing applications. End-use industries have benefited from the sellers sharing particle size distribution, particle morphology and chemical analysis data of diamond powder products. In the gem industry, diamond powder is utilized in imparting high surface finish to numerous precious stones.

High-end technology applications of polycrystalline micron diamond powder in electronics and aerospace include in manufacturing semiconductor wafers and laser crystals, thereby shaping the prospects in the diamond powder market.

The diamond powder market is also seeing a significant demand for the products as a feedstock for sintering large polycrystalline diamond pieces.

Diamond Powder Market: Key Trends

The study on the diamond powder market has shed light on the various growth dynamics, key demand trends, and high value-grab opportunities. It takes a closer look at the share and size of various key segments and identify emerging investment pockets in new application areas and product categories.

The diamond powder market is seeing growing traction of products with advanced characteristics. Usually, products with lower impurity and thermal stability are preferred in all industrial applications. Rise in production of synthetic diamond of attractive characteristics has also boosted the prospects of the diamond powder market. Growing number of industrial application that needs free-cutting properties is boosted the demand. The versatility of polycrystalline diamond powder is also favoring the prospects in the diamond powder market. In developed as well developing countries, growing research in nanotechnologies has paved way to innovation in the diamond powder market.

Diamond Powder Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Vendors in the diamond powder market are leaning on ensuring that end users consider this as cost-effective. In this regard, monocrystalline diamond has gathered popularity. A growing number of players are keen on meeting surface quality requirements as closely as possible. In near future, they may try their luck in commercializing on the demand for customized diamond powder. Some of the aspiring players are leaning on making more research investments in developing novel powder dispersions. Numerous companies are expanding lineup of diamond powder products for wide range of tooling application. One of the emerging application area that they may be targeting is biomedicine. Diamond powders are used in imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutic agents. Top manufacturers are focusing on unveiling novel diamond-coated substrates.

Some of the key players in the diamond powder market are  Soham Industrial Diamonds, Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, Applied Diamond Inc., Engis Corporation, and Microdiamant AG.

Diamond Powder Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, the diamond powder market has seen new avenues in North America and Europe. Rise in demand for diamond powder in the semiconductor industry has spurred the sales in these regional markets. Strides being made in the electronics industry have also fueled the prospects of these markets. Rise in uptake in machinery has also helped spur the revenue prospects.

Africa and Asia have become hotbed of opportunities for players in recent years. Presence of substantial demand reserves in Zimbabwe, Angola, and Botswana has propelled the expansion of opportunities in Africa diamond powder market. Moreover, rise in uptake in tooling industry has helped diamond powder producers see new revenue streams in Asia Pacific market. Growing demand for precision machinery has boosted the growth of the aforementioned regional market.


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