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The construction sector has witnessed considerable growth worldwide. As the construction sector continues to grow at a consistent pace, the demand for different types of construction materials and compounds has also experienced positive growth. The cristobalite market is staring at a modest growth rate over the forecast period, wherein several factors are expected to play a key role in influencing the growth prospects. The soaring demand for investment casting or precision casting is expected to play an important role in boosting the growth of the market for cristobalite in the coming years, as cristobalite is one of the critical ingredients used in the production of investment powder.

The favorable properties offered by cristobalite, including improved dirt pick-up resistance is a major factor due to which, the adoption of cristobalite for investment casting applications gained notable traction. The adoption of cristobalite is on the rise, particularly in tinting systems due to the exception of tint retention properties. The uptake of cristobalite from the paint & coatings industry over the past couple of decades has propelled at a rapid pace – a trend that is likely to continue over the assessment period. While the market is expected to gain pace over the second half of the forecast period, evaluating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market during the first half of the assessment period is expected to remain the primary focus of market participants in the current market landscape.

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Surge in Adoption of Artificial Marble to Augment Demand

The demand for artificial stones or artificial demand is on the rise, as there is an uptake of new building materials in civil engineering projects across the world. Some of the most extensively used common artificial stones include compound artificial stones, cement-based artificial stones, resin-based artificial stones, and sintered artificial stones. Polyester artificial stones have gained a considerable amount of popularity in the past few years, and the adoption of the same is projected to witness consistent growth in the coming years. The rise in demand for polyester artificial stones is likely to have a direct influence on the growth of the cristobalite market during the forecast period. This can be attributed to the exceptional decorative effect, high strength & wear resistance, stain & corrosion resistance, and relatively easier production techniques and processability.

In recent times, polyester artificial is rapidly emerging as an ideal exterior and interior decorative material. The increase in demand for polyester artificial stones to construct columns, walls, architectural reliefs, and manufacture sanitary wares, including washbasins, bathtubs, stand washbasins, and toilet bowls is anticipated to witness considerable growth in the near future. The rise in demand is projected to have a direct impact on the expansion of the cristobalite market during the forecast period. Guandong, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Beijing, and Qingdao are some of the major regions in China that major hotbeds of manufacturing of polyester artificial stones. China is expected to be at the forefront in terms of the production of cristobalite during the forecast period. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the government body called for a lockdown of eight core industries to combat the pandemic.

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Impact of COVID-19

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of cristobalite in terms of volume and value. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to pose a major challenge for participants in the current cristobalite market landscape, wherein its effect on commercial activities is expected to take a major hit. Although predicting the severity of the impact of the COVID-19 on the market is a daunting task, it is safe to assume a decline in the number of construction projects worldwide over the next few years. Apart from assessing manufacturing techniques and volume, market participants are projected to address the supply chain bottlenecks that are likely to emerge in the upcoming months. Disruptions in the supply chain of construction materials and glass from Asia are likely to cause delays in construction projects that are currently funded, and can minimize spending in the upcoming projects worldwide. The subcontractors or the middle-men in the construction sector are likely to feel the immediate impact.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

The global cristobalite market is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR of ~5% during the forecast period. The market growth can be primarily attributed to the soaring demand for artificial marble, ceramics & glass, and cristobalite in the production of engineered stones. Market participants should assess the impact of the COVID-19 on their business operations and formulate new strategies wherein value addition and finding new opportunities to expand should remain the primary focus. Market players should also focus on selling their products through online platforms in to gain advantage over competitors.  

Cristobalite Market: Overview

  • Cristobalite is a polymorph of quartz, which is composed of the same chemistry as SiO2 but has different structures. It is commonly found in volcanic rocks. Good specimens of crystals are found in the crevices and cavities of host rocks.
  • Crystallite is commonly found in volcanic rocks; therefore, identification by its color and crystal habit becomes easy. It can be white, light gray, light brown, light yellow, and blue gray in color. It is formed from molten rocks at temperature above 1,470°C to the boiling point of silica.       
  • Increase in R&D activities in transparent ultrafine mineral filler technologies has created opportunities for cristobalite in artificial marble and paints & coatings industries

Key Growth Drivers of Cristobalite Market

  • Engineered stones are composed of crushed stones bounded by strong adhesives. Engineered stones include silica sand and powder, quartz grits, cristobalite, glass, polyester, and pigments of natural marble and additives.
  • Engineered stones can be combined with cristobalite. This provides high quality visual and functional results. Cristobalite improves appearance in line with design trends, including greater transparency, whiteness, and brightness. It also helps improve a surface’s hardness and durability; and resistance to scratching, staining, heat, and chemicals. Engineered stones are employed in various applications in kitchen countertops, facades, floorings, and bathrooms. Cristobalite is used as a filler in these applications.
  • According to the latest annual report published by Sibelco in 2018, demand for cristobalite once again surpassed supply, owing to the high demand from the engineered stone market. This helped manufacturers open new kilns in Belgium. In collaboration with its customers, the company continues to develop new cristobalite solutions for the market in order to help customers enhance key aspects of a surface’s visual appearance such as transparency, whiteness, and brightness.
  • Demand for cristobalite is high in the engineered stone market, as it improves the functionality of stones. Constant rise in demand for engineered stones is boosting the demand for cristobalite.
  • Thus, increase in demand for nickel-based chemicals and growth in catalysts & automotive applications are likely to boost the demand for cristobalite during the forecast period

Key Challenges for Cristobalite Market

  • Cristobalite carries serious health hazards, when it comes in contact with humans for a prolonged time. In 1996, the International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded that cristobalite dust was carcinogenic to humans and could cause cancer.
  • Cristobalite can cause various health hazards such as irritation to eyes and nose. It can also lead to lung cancer, reproductive damage, and tuberculosis. Therefore, governments of various countries across the globe have enacted stringent government regulations on the production of cristobalite. This is restraining the market.
  • Cristobalite can be replaced by quartz and other polymorphs such as barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, diatomaceous earth, dolomite, feldspar, glass powder, kaolin, mica, microspheres, silica, and talc
  • Quartz and other polymorphs have similar chemical composition and physical and chemical properties as cristobalite. This can adversely affect the demand for cristobalite. Furthermore, quartz and other polymorphs are less expensive than cristobalite.
  • The factors mentioned above have been adversely affecting the global cristobalite market since the last few years

Lucrative Opportunities for Players in Cristobalite Market

  • Demand for cristobalite is high in the paints & coatings industry, due to its various characteristics such as relatively high Mohs hardness of 6.5, high brightness, relatively low refractive index, easy wettability, high inertness in various media, and transparency for UV-radiation (suitable for UV-curing processes)
  • According to the World Paint & Coatings Industry Association, the global paints & coatings market stood at US$ 164.9 Bn in 2018. As per the American Coatings Association, the paints & coatings market was valued at about US$ 25 Bn in 2018. Paints & coatings is one of the fastest growing industries. It includes architecture coatings, industrial coatings, and special purpose coatings (automotive refinish coatings, industrial maintenance coatings, traffic marking paints, and marine paints). This has significantly boosted the demand for cristobalite as additive and filler.
  • When added to paints and coatings, cristobalite provides abrasion, scratch resistance, and chemical resistance. It also offers excellent resistance against mechanical damage. Cristobalite is inert, and provides good chemical resistance compared to other conventional fillers. Versatility of cristobalite, along with its superior properties are key drivers of the global cristobalite market.
  • Cristobalite is one of the fillers with the highest brightness. This contributes to the visibility of road marking paints. Coarse grades of cristobalite provide a roughness to the substrate, making it less slippery in general and in wet conditions. This helps provide better visibility in wet conditions. Being resistant to UV radiation, cristobalite helps reduce the degradation of coatings.

Domination of Asia Pacific in Cristobalite Market

  • Asia Pacific is the leading consumer of cristobalite across the globe. The region is expected to lead the global cristobalite market in terms of volume and value during the forecast period. Rapid urbanization and rise in demand for cristobalite are boosting the demand for cristobalite in Asia Pacific.
  • China, India, and Japan are the major consumers of cristobalite, as these are the fastest growing countries in Asia Pacific. The region is also the leading producer of paints and coatings, plastics, and adhesives. Furthermore, glass & ceramics industries have been expanding significantly in Asia Pacific.

Leading Players in Cristobalite Market

  • Key players operating in the global cristobalite market include Sibelco, Hoben International Limited, and GoldStar Powders India
  • Based in Antwerp (Belgium), Sibelco is the largest producer of cristobalite, with the production capacity of 70,000 tons/year. In October 2017, the company officially opened its third cristobalite kiln in Belgium in order to meet the rising demand from customers across the globe. It adopts the latest technology to synthesize cristobalite. 

Cristobalite Market – Scope of Report

The latest study collated and published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) analyzes the historical and present-day scenario of the global cristobalite market to gauge its growth potential. The study presents detailed information about important growth factors, restraints, and key trends that are creating a landscape for the growth of the global cristobalite market. The study also identifies growth avenues for stakeholders. The report provides insightful information about how the global cristobalite market is likely to expand during the forecast period of 2019 to 2027.

The report offers intricate dynamics about different aspects of the global cristobalite market that aid companies operating in the market in making strategic decisions. TMR’s study also elaborates on significant changes that are highly anticipated to configure the growth of the artificial marble industry with respect to the global cristobalite market during the forecast period. It also includes a key indicator assessment to highlight growth prospects of the global cristobalite market and estimates statistics related to growth of the market in terms of volume (tons) and value (US$ Thousand).

This study covers a detailed segmentation of the global cristobalite market, along with key information and a competition landscape. The report mentions company profiles of key players operating in the global cristobalite market, wherein various developments and expansion, and winning strategies practiced and executed by leading players have been presented in detail.

Key Questions Answered in TMR’s Report on Cristobalite Market

The report provides detailed information about the global cristobalite market on the basis of a comprehensive research on various factors that are playing a key role in accelerating the growth of the market. Information mentioned in the report answers path-breaking questions for companies that are currently operating in the market and are looking for innovative methods to create a unique benchmark in the global cristobalite market that would help them design successful strategies and make target-driven decisions.

  • Which type segment of the global cristobalite market would emerge as a leading revenue generator during the forecast period?
  • What would be the Y-o-Y growth rate of the global cristobalite market between 2019 and 2027?
  • What are winning imperatives of frontrunners in the global cristobalite market?
  • Which application segment is expected to generate maximum revenue in the global market for cristobalite during the forecast period?

Research Methodology – Cristobalite Market

The research methodology adopted by analysts for compiling the report on the global cristobalite market is based on detailed primary as well as secondary research. With the help of in-depth insights of the market-affiliated information that is obtained and legitimated by market-admissible resources, analysts have offered riveting observations and authentic forecasts of the global cristobalite market.

For primary research, analysts have interviewed market stakeholders, investors, brand managers, vice presidents, and sales and marketing managers. Based on data obtained through interviews of genuine resources, analysts have emphasized the changing scenario of the global cristobalite market.

For secondary research, analysts have scrutinized numerous annual report publications, white papers, market association publications, and company websites to obtain the necessary understanding of the global cristobalite market.

Cristobalite Market – Segmentation

TMR’s research study segments the global cristobalite market in terms of type, application, and region. This report presents extensive market dynamics and growth trends associated with different segments and explains how they are influencing the growth of the global cristobalite market.


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