Citicoline Market

Citicoline Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020-2030

Citicoline Market: Overview

A substantial body of studies have demonstrated beneficial neuroprotective activity of citicoline. The International Nonproprietary Name (INN) of this pharmaceutical is cytidine-5′-diphosphocholine (CDP-choline, CDPCho). The citicoline market has made remarkable strides on the back of expanding understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics or the mode of action. The citicoline sodium salt has been active ingredient in a wide range of prescription drugs. In some regional markets, it has gained regulatory status of this as a novel food ingredient. For instance, in the EU, market players have been harnessing it for making food supplements where the target consumer is middle-aged to elderly adults, albeit the regulations on the product information are quite stringent. One of the key drivers for the rise in popularity of products in the citicoline market is it being considered as a source of choline. A number of studies have reinforced the health claims of choline. Choline has been implicated in normalizing lipid metabolism, normal liver function, and homocysteine metabolism.

Citicoline Market: Key Trends

The study on the citicoline market presents a critical assessment of the macro- and micro-economic factors, regional regulatory frameworks, and recently growing body of clinical studies. The researchers strives to evaluate the impacts of the various dynamics pertaining to these, and highlights the adoption trends. Further, the research presents insights into the imminent investment pockets in various regions and the shares and size of various key products segments.

The growing consumption of functional food products for warding off the risk of neuroprotective diseases is a key trend in the citicoline market. Over the years, researchers have highlighted the high impact of these on neurodegenerative disorders notably glaucoma and mild vascular cognitive impairment. Citicoline is a major source of choline, which is in turn have shown beneficial health impacts. This is a key driver for the trend in the citicoline market.

On the other hand, placebo-controlled trials have helped expand the understanding of the toxicity of citicoline. Ongoing animal experimental paradigms are expected to expand understanding of the neuroprotective role of citicoline in humans. Strides in magnetic resonance spectroscopy have support such research work. Growing use of choline in dietary substances is also a favorable trend in the citicoline market.

Citicoline Market: Competitive Dynamics and Key Developments

Over the years, the healthcare industry has benefitted from the growing use of citicoline in strokes, head injury, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia. Rise in geriatric population in various parts of the world is a key trend boosting the incidence of age-related memory impairment. This has bolstered the prospects of citicoline.

However, there still needs to be more studied that can conclusively confirm that the pharmaceutical is beneficial in patients with ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injuries. On the whole, pharmacological actions of citicoline are still to be in infancy stage. Hence, there is a large gap left in the research claims and the product approvals in the citicoline market.

Some of the key players in the citicoline market are Century Pharma, Chemo Biological, RPG Life Sciences Ltd., Invision Medi Sciences, and Union Korea Pharm Co Ltd.

Citicoline Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, North America and Asia Pacific are expected to be promisingly lucrative markets. The growth in the North America citicoline market is propelled by extensive research on understanding the pharmacological actions of citicoline for neuroprotective effects. Rise in incidence of neurodegenerative diseases in Asian nations has fueled the prospects of the citicoline market.


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