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Cardiovascular Needle Market

Cardiovascular Needle Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2021-2031

Cardiovascular Needle Market: Overview

Cardiovascular needles have come a long way in terms of design advancements, materials used, and suturing techniques employed. Over the years, biomechanical performance has increased considerably. The demand for these devices is growing in open-heart surgeries, heart transplantation, cardiac valve procedures, and coronary artery (CA) bypass graft surgeries. Manufacturers in the cardiovascular devices market are evaluating various suture variables to innovate in their offerings, thus opening doors to new opportunities to market players.

Key parameters used are needle diameter and length, suture size, needle and suture coating, needle curvature, and needle-tip geometry. For surgeons, apt needle to suture ratio also holds significance. Over the years, improvement of suture configuration has set the tone for innovations in the cardiovascular needles market. Growing demand for minimally invasive surgery techniques for treatments has driven the evolution of the market.

Cardiovascular Needle Market: Drivers, Current Growth Dynamics, Lucrative Avenues

Demand for products with better penetration properties to meet the requirements of cardiac/vascular surgery is a key driver for the cardiovascular needles market. The prevalence of cardiovascular diseases globally is a key trend fueling the growth avenues for players in the market. They have been considered as the major cause of health loss, especially in elderly, and a key cause of morality in young adults around the world. Indeed, the substantial cost of management has posed high burden especially to patients from low- and middle-income countries. The high operating-suite time has led to patient’s discomfort and reducing operating-suite time.

The incorporation of new materials and designs have paved the way to state-of-the-art technologies, thereby enriching the prospects of the cardiovascular needles market. for instance, newly launched devices have led to reduced needle-hole bleeding in vascular anastomoses. Advancements in materials have led needles that are remarkably sharp, resist bending, and are ductile, all of which improve the performance of the devices in various cardiovascular procedures. The rise in demand for cardiovascular needles in clinics and hospitals is likely to add sizable revenues to the players in the cardiovascular needles market.

Cardiovascular Needle Market: Competition Landscape and Key Developments

Manufacturers in the cardiovascular needle market are keen on incorporating high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel and use of alloy combinations to unveil innovative products that reduces tissue trauma. Top players are offering needles in variety of length, designs, and styles. Various medical device companies in the cardiovascular needle market are cardiovascular needle holders. A few players are translating the results of newer cardiopulmonary bypass models for bettering the designs.

Some of the key strategies adopted by players in the cardiovascular needle market are acquisitions, collaborations and partnerships, innovative product launches, and expansions of manufacturing and distribution into new geographies.

Some of the key players in the cardiovascular needle market are SMB Corporation of India, CP Medical, Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Teleflex Incorporated, Aurolab, Medtronic, FSSB surgical needles GmbH, Barber of Sheffield, Mani, Inc., and Ethicon.

Cardiovascular Needle Market: Regional Landscape

Globally, North America and Europe are lucrative regional markets. The evolution is driven by the rise in demand for products in various patient groups. The prevalence of high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, and other heart conditions in these regions is fueled the prospects of the cardiovascular needle market.

Enormous advancements in physical characteristics of the suture material and advancements in suture techniques have been made by players in these regional markets. Asia Pacific has recently emerged as a market with hotbed of opportunities. The demand for surgical procedures that help reduce the morbidity and mortality due to prevalence of cardiovascular disease is bolstering the prospects of the Asia Pacific cardiovascular needle market.


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